4 Month Relationship Stage – Guide 

When it comes to building 4 month relationship stage, there is no right answer or any strategy that works for everybody. Every relationship is different just like the mood and attitude of everyone, but there are things common in every relationship. Today, we’ll discuss the guide on 4 month relationship stage.

4 Month Relationship Stage – Guide 

Let’s discuss the guide on 4 month relationship stage as follows;

Self Care

First of all, you should take care of yourself before doing anything else, and you don’t have to do it for anyone, only do it for the sake of yourself. It means putting on your best dress, nice haircut, exercising, eating a balanced diet, and meeting all of your needs. When you’re healthy both mentally and physically, then you are in a better position to present yourself and it would boost your morale and self-confidence level.

Patient & Take Things Slow

It is important to mention here that building love and intimacy in your relationship takes time and you should avoid rushing into things. For instance, if you don’t know in 4 months of a relationship whether you love this person and going to marry them or not, it’s okay if you are unsure about your feelings. The sky won’t fall over you if you are taking things slow, and it is absolutely normal and okay.

Do What You Like

Usually, things start in autopilot mode in every relationship, because you allow them to have whatever they like. When it comes to redefining the relationship, then you should reanalyze everything in the relationship and do things however you like it. For instance, if you want more romantic date nights, more texting, and open communication; then you should tell your partner how you want things to be from now on. You don’t have to feel embarrassed about it, because these steps would pave the way for more open communication in the future.

Introduction To Friends

When things are going well in the relationship, then it is normal to introduce your partner or date your friends and other people in your social circle. You would always find common things between your friends and your partner, and they would find a way to connect with each other and share their thoughts and ideas on common things.

Blessing of Parents

It is a bit of a classic custom and still exists in some cultures of the world where the guy has to ask the hand of marriage from the girl’s parents. If you are seeing someone and you are serious about them, then you should introduce them to your parents and family members only if it is convenient and possible. However, I completely understand that it depends on various factors like family traditions, the type of relationship you have with your parents, and social setup. You should avoid putting pressure on yourself about these things, when the time is right, then it would happen automatically.

Go On a Vacation

A trip and vacation plan doesn’t have to be highly expensive which would empty your bank account and make you sell your house. The purpose of the trip and vacation is to take a break from your monotonous routine life and change your atmosphere and have some fun in your life. Going on a trip would show your partner’s commitment and investment in building a healthy relationship with you.

Discuss Things

A point comes in the relationship when couples and partners discuss things as “we” and I completely understand if you are feeling awkward about it. Once you have a discussion with your partner about “what we are going to do as couples and partners,” then a lot of pressure would go off your mind. It could be about anything like discussing future plans, marriage, kids, residence, date nights, and many other things.

Let Things Flow Naturally

You should avoid comparing yourself with other couples and partners because relationship is different for different people. For instance, your friend and his girlfriend moved in with him right after two weeks of dating; but you don’t know how their relationship is healthy or toxic, and their relationship boundaries. If living together and moving in together quickly has worked for them, it doesn’t mean that it works for everyone else.

Say No If Busy

A relationship doesn’t mean that you have to be together all the time and say yes to everything your partner says. Let’s say your partner or date has planned a romantic date night, but you have got other plans in your mind or not feeling well. In such a case, you should say no and tell them you are busy and learn to speak up for yourself. If a guy or girl loves you and considers you the love of their life, then they would understand and rearrange the plan based on the mutually decided dates.

Don’t Push Yourself

Sometimes, the negative thoughts in our mind consume our energy so much that makes us do more. It reaches a point when we put extra pressure on ourselves. It is significant that you should get rid of all those negative thoughts in your mind, and avoid worrying about what they would say or think. However, if they love you, then they would accept you in any form you are in, and you should be yourself.

Conclusion: 4 Month Relationship Stage – Guide 

After an in-depth study of the guide on 4 month relationship stage; we have realized that building a healthy relationship takes time. If you are learning about the four months relationship stage guide, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and guidelines.