Believe in Love At First Sight – Top Reasons 

According to an estimate by Elite Singles (a dating site), approximately 72% of males and 61% of females believe in the fact that love, at first sight, is a real thing. It is a significantly higher percentage of people. It is unrealistic to make a comparison between two types of love; one that takes years to build and being there for your beloved in the good and bad times; the second is connecting with the person at the moment. However, there is a strong possibility that you can develop a connection with a person the moment you meet. Today, we’ll discuss the top reason why people believe in love at first sight.

Believe in Love At First Sight – Top Reasons 

Some of the top reasons why people believe in love at first sight, and are as follows;

Halo Effect

Some happy and joyful couples and partners add a fictional element in their love story of how they met. While doing so, they include their current feelings in their past memories. Keeping in mind the halo effect, when you remember your precious memories with the effect of current feelings and fictional elements, then it gives you a positive experience.

Open to Love

Some people are passionately looking for love or to find love, and it results in the form of intense feelings. In other words, it is their strong desire for love. When you have the mindset of involving in the love bond and relationship and are open towards the idea of love, then it creates a space in your mind that love, at first sight, is possible.

Infatuation & Confusing With Love  

Infatuation means that you have got strong feelings towards a particular person, and fixate your mind on them without knowing them at all. Since you are visualizing things and living in the world of fantasy, you ignore things like you know them for a very short time or don’t know them at all. In short, often people confuse infatuation with love because of the fantasy they have in their minds.

Without Guarantee

I completely understand that first impression is highly significant, and some people are good at making the first impression, but it doesn’t guarantee that they would have a long-lasting relationship. When it comes to establishing a long-lasting relationship, then it requires you to have a strong and deep connection. However, it means that you need to show interest in the spiritual and emotional growth of the person. The relationship is much more than first impressions and physical appearance.

Immediate Attention

Research studies have shown that people would know immediately whether they find someone attractive or not. The notion of love at first sight to happen would require you to have the first interaction and look at the person. Your brain knows immediately within seconds whether the person you’re seeing is worth interacting with or not. In other words, you can say that love, at first sight, means attraction at the first meeting, and it is equally important. If the first interaction and meeting go well, then you would end up having a long-lasting relationship with them.

Positive Illusion

The concept of positive illusion is similar to the halo effect. Many research studies have shown that love, at first sight, is more like a positive illusion. It means that you feel like you fell in love at first sight based on the positive feelings that you have for each other years later. Those later and current feelings have manipulated your memories, and psychologists call it confirmation bias. Talking about your first meeting with your partner would help you to develop a deeper connection with them.

Chemical Reaction in Your Brain

When you feel like you are falling in love, then it triggers a chemical reaction in your brain and it makes you feel fuzzy and warm feelings. The chemicals your brain releases are serotonin and dopamine level, and those chemicals make you feel immediately attracted to a particular person, it is like you are high on any addictive drug.

Love at First Sight, Is It Real? 

According to a survey conducted by Match (a dating site), 34% of people claim that they have experienced love at first; out of which 29% are females and 41% are males. Many relationship experts and marriage counselors and therapists don’t seem to convince by these statistics and surveys.

In fact, they have said that people often confuse their first intense passionate interaction with love. We like the idea of love working like magic and it just happens, but love is a choice in reality. Now, the question is how long it takes for a person to fall in love. Usually, romantic love comprises knowing yourself and your partner, and it is nearly impossible if you just look at the person.

If love means affection, support, understanding, and caring; then how you can fall in love if you just look at the person and don’t talk to them at all? It is no doubt that the initial chemistry works like magic that two people could develop a strong attraction and deep connection in their first meeting. But it won’t guarantee that those feelings would last forever.

Conclusion: Believe in Love At First Sight – Top Reasons 

After an in-depth study of the top reasons why people believe in love at first sight; we have realized that love, at first sight, depends on various factors. If you are learning about love at first sight whether it is real or not, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and guidelines.