Best Relationship Advice

 You are excited about your new relationship and don’t want things to be messed up. If you have such feelings, then you’re not. However, it’s okay to be nervous, confused and has so many questions. It’s because every new relationship comes up with a lot of possibilities not only for our partner but also for us in terms of desires, wants, and needs. Today, we’ll discuss best relationship advice in terms of expert tips and suggestions in detail. 

Best Relationship Advice-Expert Tips 

In order to make sure for a healthy and long-lasting relationship, I have gathered some of the best relationship advice by countless hours of research from various experts. They’re as follows; 

Listen & Be Curious 

Carefully listening with undivided attention is one of the most significant elements in communication. Sadly to say that many partners and couples are involved in biased listening. However, when you openly listen, then your partner would feel appreciated and heard. 

Furthermore, when you show curiosity about what they’re saying and going to do, it means that you’re showing interest in your partner’s life, and it would make him/her feel special and unique. 

Give time to your Friends & Family 

It’s common among new couples that they don’t give time to their friends and family members. It’s significant to keep in mind that distancing would increase the anticipation of seeing the partners even more in you. 

However, when you cancel all of your family and friends’ engagements in order to be with your partner, then it sends a signal that your previous engagements are secondary when you’re dating. Therefore, your commitment with your friends and family should go as scheduled. 

Don’t Be Needy

A little bit of jealousy is acceptable and it may seem as cute. When you start demanding things from your partner and restricting him/her from doing/not doing certain things, then you send a red signal. 

Many experts and matchmakers say that it’s common among new couples that they give less time to their friends and spend a lot of free time together. Therefore, it’s significant to maintain a balance. When you either start making demands or avoiding your partners’ calls and messages, then it would make your partner get back and rethink. 

Live in the Moment

You should perceive the new relationship with curiosity, discovery, and new possibilities. Your focus should be on the present moment and don’t get carried away from your future relationship thoughts. Most importantly, you should trust your instinctive gut feelings. Remember there’s a difference between being the right person for you in reality and the right person on the paper. 

Don’t Brag/Best Relationship Advice

You should avoid bragging about things when it’s unnecessary. It means that you don’t have to impress your partner all the time, especially when he/she already likes you. You can be a proud person without telling a list of your accomplishments to your partner. 

Be Vulnerable 

Admitting your insecurities and vulnerabilities to your partner is not an easy thing for many people. It involves a risk of hurting yourself with your truest feelings. At the same time, it establishes the foundation of trust and deepening the new connection and relationship. It’s a gift when your partner wants to know more about you. 

Actions speak louder than words 

It doesn’t matter however high you speak of your plans and trips. Reality is your actions speak louder than your words. However, when a partner introduces you to his/her family, it’s possible they would like to you see who you are rather than your verbal description. 

Don’t make Comparison 

New couples and spouses start comparing themselves with other partners and relations. You should remember that it won’t do any good to your relationship and your partner. Instead, you should answer the following questions like you’re in a relationship in order to compete with other people. You’re in the relationship to impress other people and partners, or you’re in the relationship because you like the person the way he is. 

Keep past in the Past 

One of the common mistakes in the relationship is that they apply all the bad experiences, concerns, and fears from the previous relationships to their current relationship. Several studies based on the interviews of many single people showed that your date doesn’t want to hear about your previous relationship details on the first and second date. Therefore, your focus should be on the person you’re meeting now, and not on your previous relationships. 

Develop a Fulfilling Life

A common perception is that you have to sacrifice yourself in order to make the relationship work. The reality is that you have to create a different perception that your responsibilities aren’t sacrifices; they’re to make you joyful and fulfilling. It’s easier said than done. Remember, your relationship should be mutually beneficial rather than the sacrifice of one person. 

Don’t abandon yourself 

There are many ways that people abandon themselves; some of them are as follows; 

  • Spiritual abandonment: overly relying on your partner to make you happy 
  • Relational abandonment: conflicts in your various relationships 
  • Physical abandonment: no diet and health care, carelessly eating, and no exercising 
  • Organizational abandonment: getting late, not performing well, etc. 
  • Financial abandonment: carelessly spending money 
  • Emotional abandonment: avoiding your feelings 

When you give yourself a “me time” and love yourself, then you would have a better relationship with your partner. 

Give yourself a Space 

It doesn’t matter however loving relationship you’re in. You should always give yourself “me time” in the form of hanging out with your friends and family and taking a trip with them. It would recharge your passion again for your relationship. 

Recognize Good Conflicts 

There’s a good conflict and a bad conflict. When we talk about a relationship in terms of the long term, there may be things that you want from your partner, but he doesn’t give them to you. It doesn’t mean the end of a loving relationship. 

In fact, it’s the initiation of true love. You shouldn’t run away from such conflicts. Instead, both partners should work things out and satisfy each others’ needs. They shouldn’t approach it with bad conflict like contempt, bitterness, blaming, etc. 

Best relationship advice

Be Nice

Many research studies on relationships have shown that the problems among partners and spouses arise when they blame and criticize each other. For instance, you should avoid saying things like you always don’t clean the dishes, why don’t you clean them up. You can say the same things with a positive and requesting attitude. Like dirty dishes don’t make me feel good, would you please clean them up? 

How you Argue matters 

It’s not what you’re fighting about; it’s how you fight matters. Some conflict messages like defensiveness, withdrawal, criticizing, and contempt tell whether couples would be together or get separated. They should avoid using such conflicting messages and approaches in their fights. The fight should be fair and follow the “I” approach rather than the “you” approach. 

Remove Performance Pressure 

The notion of idea intercourse among partners brings a lot of pressure because it requires that the ejaculation and the orgasm should happen at the same time. Instead, they should broaden the definition of sex and intimacy. It can comprise of various things like foreplay, reading exotic and erotic stories, having a shower together, sensual massage, etc. 

When partners and couples have a broader definition of sexual intercourse and intimacy, then it would reduce the pressure. It won’t be a big deal whether they ejaculate and orgasm at the same time or not. The main thing is that they can satisfy and please each others’ needs. 

Keep things Hot 

Some partners are shy and they want more in the relationship. Since their shyness revokes them from it in words, and the other partner forgets to do seduction the way their partner wanted. Therefore, both partners should openly discuss these things and keep hot in the relationship. 

Don’t expect too much all the time 

As I said earlier, sex isn’t just orgasm and ejaculation. It is more than that and involves various other functions like releasing hormones due to the physical touch, emotional bonding with your partner, better immune system, improved health, stress release, emotional intimacy, and sensual feelings. 

Meeting Partners’ Needs 

Love is more than just feelings. In fact, it’s a form of social exchange where both partners satisfy each others’ needs. Things would go smooth and normal as long as both partners keep on satisfying each other’s needs. Therefore, it’s significant to know what you and your partner want in the relationship, other than just sharing feelings. 

Admire & Appreciate 

A small token of appreciation and gratitude plays a very important role in the relationship. It means that you’re recognizing the worth of your partner and you’re happy in the relationship. However, you should also give small gifts, fixing his/her things up, send them a card, holding hands, hug, kiss, and tell him/her that he/she is great. 

Don’t be everything 

Some people try to be everything in the relationship, and it’s the worst strategy ever. For instance, you can’t be perfect in everything like painting, art, poetry, music, composing, etc. Therefore, you should develop a relationship outside of doing everything type of relationship. 

Don’t take your partner for granted 

Everyone has their limits and breaking point of tolerating. When you keep on doing things the way your partner hates, then it would collapse eventually. However, it means when you don’t satisfy the needs of your partner, then the other partner would find solace somewhere else. 

Same Values 

If you want a long-lasting relationship, then you should get involved with a person that has the same values as you do in terms of age, education, passion, interests, personality, values). It’s because that you can tolerate some of the differences, but you can’t compromise on values. Most importantly, both partners should make a commitment to working out the relationship. 

Conclusion: Best Relationship Advice 

After an in-depth study of the best relationship advice and professional tips and suggestions, we’ve realized that relationship advice and tips are important both for new couples and old couples. If you’ve got yourself in a relationship, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned suggestions in your relationship.