Boost Immune System Meditation – Is it Real?  

We all have nagging voices inside our minds, and those voices talk about negativity, failures, fear, and struggles that you’re experiencing in your life. They would give you negative feedback that you would fail in your life and mess things up. People meditate to control the nagging voices inside of them. Today, we’ll discuss boost immune system meditation; its benefits, how it works, and how it helps in addiction recovery.

Those negative voices are so loud and persistent, even though they aren’t right, and often your subconscious mind develops those voices. Sometimes, those voices trick you into believing the lies and deception of those voices, and they manipulate your perception of negative self-fulfilling prophecies.

They don’t tell you that you have the capabilities to achieve great things in life when you’re properly motivated. Those nagging voices and negative self-talk are more dangerous than addiction because they give you a false sense of security.

When you learn to quiet those negative self-talk and negative voices in your head, then it’s not only necessary to be sober, but it also amplifies your mental and physical health. Practicing meditation and mindfulness exercises are the best way to quiet those voices. If addiction or any other mental health disease has weakened your physical body, then meditation helps you to repair the damage in the long-term recovery process.

Benefits of Meditation 

Many research studies have proven that meditation has a great impact on your work performance and your health, and also on your body’s immunity. It improves your cognitive function by lowering your blood pressure.

When you meditate and practice mindfulness by paying heed to the small things without judging them. It has the capability to calm down your body, and your body responds to it. It allows your body’s immunity to perform certain actions to repair your body.

A study published in “Perspective on Psychological Science” journal focuses on the current scientific literature to explain the positive impact of meditating. The objective was to simplify the conceptual complications of meditating by integrating various findings.

Many people have experienced the positive impact of the four key elements of mindfulness, and they would help you to quiet your mind if you allocate time to it. The main components are as follows;

  • Sense of self
  • Emotional regulations
  • Awareness of your body
  • Regularizing your attention

The components help your body to manage stress and allow your body/mind to behave in such a way that would start the process of physical rejuvenation and spiritual healing. Some of the main direct benefits of meditation are as follows;

  • Lower the aging of cells
  • Decreasing the pro-inflammatory gene-expression
  • Boosting your natural antibodies
  • Lowering the cognitive decline
  • Amplifying the functionality of your heart


Recent research studies have proven the boost in your body’s immunity in the abovementioned area. That’s why people have been meditating and practicing mindfulness for thousands of years. These all are very strong evidence that meditating boosts your body’s defensive mechanism to fight against viruses and diseases

Boost Immune System Meditation – Is It Real? 

A study has found great impacts of mindfulness and meditating on your body’s immunity system. They’re as follows;

  • Amplifying the activity of telomerase, and telomerase prevents the deterioration of chromosomes and promotes their stability. The deterioration of telomerase could lead your body to premature aging and cancer.
  • Decreasing the markers of inflammation; its higher level would lower the immunity functions of your body and cause diseases.
  • Amplifying the total CD-4 cells, and they’re the helper cells of your body’s immunity system and they comprise of transmitting signals to the other cells in order to destroy the infections or the infected cells

A study was conducted in UCLA for 8 weeks, and researchers asked the HIV patients to practice mediation for 30 to 45 minutes daily. They compared the results of the study with other controlled groups and found that the men attended the meditating session; they had higher CD-4 cells. However, CD-4 improves the helper cells of your immunity system.

Several other research studies have found that meditating regularly would amplify the immunity system and make your body healthy and function properly.

Meditation Boosts Immune System in Addiction Recovery 

It’s no doubt meditating improves the mental and physical health of your body. Along with having a great impact on your body’s immunity system; it has got the capability to develop a detailed recovery plan for people struggling with addiction. It helps them to improve the health of their mind, body, and soul.

Substance abuse has a catastrophic impact on your physical health and body, especially when you leave it unchecked. If you combine the modern method of treatment with centuries-old meditating techniques, then it would help you to achieve health and happiness in the most effective way.

Conclusion: Boost Immune System Meditation – Is It Real? 

After an in-depth study of boost immune system meditation; we’ve realized that mindfulness meditating has a great impact on your physical health and immunity system. Various research studies help us to see the connection between meditating and the immunity system of your body.