Boyfriend is Distant After Argument – Reasons Why 

Every relationship is different and every man follows a different strategy toward the resolution of the conflict and argument. If you have had an argument with your boyfriend and he seems off after that and you are wondering what made him change his mood. Today, we’ll discuss the top reasons why your boyfriend is distant after argument.

Boyfriend is Distant After Argument – Reasons Why 

Some of the main reasons why your boyfriend is distant after argument are as follows;

Busy with Other Engagements

It is difficult to understand the silent treatment of your partner because it happens for various reasons. Before jumping to any conclusion, it is significant to keep in mind that he is simply busy with his life and other family and work engagements. If he is silent after the argument, then it means that he has got other important issues to deal with, and he would come to when his mind is free. Don’t be anxious to jump to conclusions and start thinking badly.

Needs Space to Analyze

If you have had a bad argument and fight with your partner, then both partners should be careful about it because the situation could aggravate. If your partner is not talking to you after the fight, then it means that he needs a space to figure things out and calm down his mood. Sometimes, it is significant to have space in order to calm down. When you would calm down, then you can better deal with the situation, clarify misunderstandings, and understand each other. If you rush toward him, then both partners would exchange more harsh words.

Made Him Upset

If your boyfriend is avoiding you and not talking to you after the fight, then it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. It means that he still loves you, but what you said to him in the heat of the argument has made him upset. However, it is significant to mention here that not all people are compatible in every situation. It is possible that you have said something unintentionally and unknowingly and that has upset you because different people are sensitive to different things.

Have No Idea About the Situation

Often men have no idea what the argument was about and don’t know how to manage and deal with the situation, they just simply become quiet. Once he calms down and is ready to talk, then you should let him know about the seriousness of the fight and don’t simply expect him to figure it out all by himself, because he won’t. You should simply remain patient with your boyfriend while clarifying things with him.

Fear of Breakup

If he is not talking to you for three days after the fight, and he is mature and confident by nature, then he is giving you the time and space to calm down. It is because he has realized the seriousness of the situation and he fears the break and that’s why he is giving you the time. However, he fears that if things aggravate, then he would say something out of anger and it would further create tension. In such a case, both partners should talk to each other when they have calmed down.

Misunderstanding Confused Him

Some women have got an argumentative nature and they discuss things on every small matter, and he is the type of person that doesn’t like arguments. If your boyfriend is not talking to you and maintaining no contact, then he is probably wondering whether he should stay in the relationship with the argumentative person. However, it is also possible that they both have different perceptions. If one thing seems normal to her and he would consider it disrespectful, vice versa.

Emotionally Unavailable

Some men are not as emotionally intelligent and emotionally available as women. When conflicts and arguments arise in the relationship, they follow the passive approach of becoming unavailable and silent. However, it is because they don’t want to show off their weak side and their insecurities. If your man doesn’t have an open nature, then he would shut himself out.

Wants to be With Someone Else

It is possible that your boyfriend was already flirting with some other girl. Argument with you has given him an excuse to give you the silent treatment and changed his attention towards the other partner. However, if you completely don’t know about his whereabouts, not replying to your texts, not answering your call, and change in his appearance, attitude, and behavior. Your gut feelings and intuition tell you he has been having an affair, and then you should follow your intuition.

No Commitment

If your boyfriend is a player and he has not officially recognized you as his girlfriend and boyfriend, then it means that he is a player and won’t commit to the relationship. Such types of men can’t become happy with one woman and no woman in the world could satisfy them. However, when you pressurize them to move forward in the relationship, they create a wall and block you out of their life.

Consistent Argument

It is possible that consistent arguments with you in the daily routine life have confused and he doesn’t know how to handle the situation. He is taking time to figure things out and you should remain calm in the meantime.

Conclusion: Boyfriend is Distant After Argument – Reasons Why 

After an in-depth study of the top reasons why your boyfriend is distant after argument; we have realized that establishing a relationship is a very subtle art. If you are through some distant time in your relationship, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned reasons.