Can Social Media Ruin Relationships – How 

According to an estimate, an average person uses social media roundabout 2.27 hours daily; you spend 5 years of your life on social media in total. Along with many advantages of connectivity and easy communication with friends across the world, it has also become a main source of conflict and tension among couples and partners in the relationship. Today, we’ll discuss the top ways how can social media ruin relationships.

Can Social Media Ruin Relationships – How 

Some of the top ways how can social media ruin relationships are as follows;

Tricky to Start a Relationship

It is difficult and tricky to start online dating and develop a relationship, and that’s why many people employ social media platforms to break the ice and start the interaction. Social media is a type of mixed platform where you can check out the number of valid mutual friends with a potential match. However, social media platforms are the perfect place to start the conversation and break the ice, but developing a relationship is a completely different game.

Face-to-Face Interaction

If you are having a serious committed relationship, then you are aware of the fact that virtual communication can never replace physical and face-to-face interaction. If social media is not directly ruining the relationship, then it is definitely creating communication issues among partners. However, it happens when one of the partners is not paying heed, making eye contact, or observing the small expressions. Scrolling up and down on social media, texting, commenting, and replying are easy distractions on social media.

Making Comparison

Every couple, partner, and relationship is different; they all are facing different sets of challenges. When it comes to sharing and posting on social media, people often share only the best version of themselves and their relationships. For instance, if some of your acquaintances are sharing pictures of the luxury trip, dining, beautiful photos of their bodies, and other extravagant of their lives, then you should avoid making comparisons.

Random Posting

People share stories, comments, and captions along with their posts and photos without putting a lot of thought into it. But when you are in a relationship, then you should be careful about your comments and posts, because they would impact the feelings of your partner. It would show a higher level of maturity in the partner. You can’t control what other people are posting on social media, but what you can control is your own activity of posting.

Excessive Mobile Usage

You can easily become distracted by social media notifications, post reminders, and comments. Your activity and constant engagement on the mobile device would impact your partner in the bedroom. Instead of spending time with your partner on date night or movie night, you are typing and scrolling your phone up and down, and it is not good for the relationship. Therefore, couples and partners should limit their mobile user activity or declare the bedroom mobile device-free zone.

Paying Heed on People around You

It has become acceptable in the modern world to check out your phone now and then when you are accompanying other people. But constantly staring at the mobile screen would distract you and send a negative impression on the people around you. However, I completely understand that the mobile device performs various functions like casual surfing, ordering, booking your appointment, and entertainment. If you are staring at your phone and not talking to the person sitting beside you, then it means that they are the second priority in your life.


One of the main disadvantages of social media is that it makes you highly addicted and users start avoiding and ignoring the people around them unknowingly. Often, couples and partners complain that their partner doesn’t give them sufficient time, because they’re scrolling up and down on social media. If you keep on avoiding your partner, then it would ruin your relationship.


Excessive usage of social media would give rise to your own insecurities and confusion. Once it sneaks into the relationship, then it would create problems in the relationship in the long term. For instance, if your partner is active on social media, commenting, and replying constantly, then it would create suspicion in the other partner.

High PDA

Excessively posting on social media about the happiness of your relationship won’t prove the fact that your relationship is happy in reality. In fact, it raises another concern about your insecurity and confusion about the relationship in that you are seeking validation from strangers.

Obsession of Sharing

It has become highly difficult for some users to distinguish between what to share and what not to do on social media. Sometimes, their posts and sharing badly impact their personal and intimate relationships. Social media usage may seem like a harmless and innocent activity, but it becomes an obsession in no time.

Conclusion: Can Social Media Ruin Relationships – How 

After an in-depth study of the top ways how can social media ruin relationships; we have realized that social media could badly disturb your life. If you are studying how social media platforms ruin relationships, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned points.