Closure Talk After Break up – Guide 

When you think about your previous relationship and breakup, then it fills your heart with pain and sorrow, and teary eyes. You just want to have one sit down with your ex and find answers about what went wrong in the relationship. However, if you don’t have a closure conversation, then you would feel the same way months after the breakup. The lingering phase could go on for months and years after the break. Today, we’ll discuss closure talk after break up.

Closure Talk After Break up – Guide 

Let’s discuss a step-by-step guide to closure talk after break up, and they’re as follows;

Start Simple

When you approach your ex, you should start with a simple method of saying “hi, how are you” in order to make them feel at ease. You don’t have to scare them away by starting the ending conversation at first. The small and casual talk would ease the tension and allow you to catch up.

Formal Approach

It is important that you should follow the formal approach to the closure with a specific time schedule of starting and ending times. Rather than letting heated emotions ride the conversation and decide the flow of the communication. However, it is significant that both partners should remain calm and cool throughout the conversation.

Thank Them

After the introductory catch-up, you should thank your partner for coming and agreeing to meet you. While thanking her, you should mention the positive elements of your partner in the relationship, and that you are grateful for them.

Closure Meeting Communication

You should make sure that this is the climax of your story and that you are not looking for the revival of your broken relationship. It is important that you should choose a neutral location point where you could have open and honest communication without any interruption. You should avoid intimate and romantic settings like candlelight and music because it would be inappropriate in the context of closure.

Know What to Discuss

Getting closure from the person that has hurt you; means that you must have got a lot of unanswered questions that you want their answers to. You should keep on checking your emotions and create a list of questions that you want to discuss. When you’re meeting for closure with your ex, then you should discuss all the questions. If you still want to be friends with your ex, then you should discuss the terms and conditions of your friendship.

Finish After Reaching End Time

You can’t run into their house and throw all the questions at them, that’s not how closure works. You need to give time and space to your partner and understand the fact that things aren’t casual anymore when you were together. However, the healing process is different for different people, some people may heal very fast, and others keep the resentments in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

If the relationship you have been through was toxic and abusive, then your closure is cutting off all the ties with your ex and focusing on yourself. If partners have broken up based on mutual terms and conditions, then it won’t have a bad impact on the partners. They can meet at parties, catch up, and could have many common and mutual friends.


After the closure meeting, you should clear out your mind and remember the good things that have happened in the relationship and focus on them. You should create a list of things that have caused the division between you two, try to forgive each other, and focus on the good vibes. Forgiving them doesn’t mean that they are right, it simply means that you’re letting go of the grudges in your heart that are costing you your peace of mind.

Let Go Of the Past

I know it is difficult, but you have to let go of the past and get out of the previous relationship. The more you linger on to the feelings and pains of the previous relationship and the breakup, you can’t move on in your life. In order for you to move on in your life, you should let go of the past and stop living in the past memories. Just focus on the present and the future, and it would bring your solace.

No Rebound Relationship

After finding closure and making peace with your ex, it doesn’t mean that you should start dating again and get into the next relationship. You would need time to fully heal yourself and focus on building your self-esteem and self-confidence level, it would boost your morale. You may think that you’re ready to start dating again, but you do not mind because you have been through a lot.

If You Don’t Speak, Forgive

If you and your ex aren’t speaking and you don’t know how to reach out to him, then you should forgive him for peace of your mind. This is the only way to find closure with them if you can’t speak to them and can’t reach out to them.

Conclusion: Closure Talk After Break up – Guide 

After an in-depth study of closure talk after break up; we have realized that closure talk gives you peace of mind. If you’re lingering on something from the previous relationship, then you should follow the abovementioned steps and find closure in your life.