Dating a Serial Monogamist – Top Signs 

A serial monogamist is a type of person who prefers to stay in committed relationships. They would go on a series of committed monogamous relationships without taking any breaks and not staying single for a while. A committed relationship or marriage means a relationship that would last 20 to 30 years or longer. But now this type of long-term committed relationship scares the heck out of people. They would rather go on a series of committed relationships instead of committing to one single relationship. Today, we’ll discuss the top signs of dating a serial monogamist.

Dating a Serial Monogamist – Top Signs 

Some of the top signs of dating a serial monogamist are as follows;

Caught in the Moment

Dating a serial monogamist has the nature of bringing passion, energy, and excitement into the relationship, but it doesn’t last long. They are very intimate, sensual, and seductive, but it is much more than a temporary romance. However, it is no doubt that passion and intimacy play a significant role in the development of any relationship. But if they are the only foundation of the relationship, then it could be highly problematic. Many relationship experts say that the passion and energy they bring into the relationship are not sustainable in the long term.

Indifferent of Your Views

One of the main signs you should keep in mind is that they won’t show interest in your views. It doesn’t matter to them what your views are on religion, politics, history, and any other topic of your interest, and it makes you think and question their intentions. The things you can not compromise on are your values because your values build up your character and personality. It is significant to have such a partner that would discuss and share your views with you on the topics of your interests.

Career Oriented

There is nothing wrong with having a career-oriented mindset and being passionate about your professional goals and objectives. Things become problematic when you put an overemphasis on your career and profession and neglect other areas and interests in life. However, the serial monogamist would only discuss professional objectives and not the goals and objectives of personal and family life.

Not Interested in Your History

It is normal to know about the person’s past and their relationship history if you date them. If your date doesn’t have an interest in learning about your relationship history, then they are serial monogamist and a superficial person. However, when you are building a future with a person, then you learn about them and their past in order to get to know them better. If your date doesn’t want to know you, then it means they aren’t ready to commit in the long term.

Zero Intentions of Meeting Your Family

The other sign of serial monogamists is that they have got a strong bond with their friends and family members. When partners are dating and seeing each other, then it is important for them to connect with each other’s friends and family members. However, if your partner doesn’t have an interest in meeting your friends and family members, then it would make you question their mindset and tell you about their serial monogamist nature.

Limited Independence

One of the main signs of serial monogamists is their limited or no independence, and you see them living with multiple roommates or with their parents. Shared spacing and living with multiple roommates are often necessary when you are living in big cities because the rental cost is too big to afford it. If they are living with their parents under normal circumstances, then it is a red flag of their monogamist nature. Normal people plan to settle down and don’t live with various roommates and their parents, because their focus is on making them independent.

Record of Long-Term Relationships

Serial monogamist has the characteristic of establishing and staying in a long-term relationship, but not becoming engaged or married. They enjoy developing a strong bond and intimacy with their partners, rather than keeping things light and casual. However, it doesn’t mean that they would keep jumping into the next relationship whenever they come across any potential mate; rather you would see the pattern of temporary relationship commitment.

Dismissing Your Feelings

Normally, couples and partners have got disagreements, fights, and conflicts, and they find a way to resolve their issues. If your partner is consistently dismissing your feelings, emotions, and views and doesn’t care what you have to say or what you are going through in your life. However, if a person is not caring the thoughts and feelings of their partner, then it would jeopardize the health of their relationship in the long term.


When you are entering a new relationship, then it is possible that you become carried away in romantic ties. Things become worrisome when you lose yourself in the situation of pleasing your partner and overly care about the views of your partner and how they think about you. However, it means that you are overly reliant on your partner for your emotional well-being. It doesn’t happen in every relationship, but when it happens, then it is very harmful.

Rushing Into Things

Building a love bond and a relationship with your potential partner is a step-by-step process and you take your time to think about various things. When you are rushing into things, then it means that you are dating a serial monogamist. Things would start quickly and they would fall apart after some time when you realize the compatibility issues.

Conclusion: Dating a Serial Monogamist – Top Signs 

After an in-depth study of the top signs of dating a serial monogamist; we have realized that building a relationship with the right person requires a lot of carefulness. If you are wondering about dating a serial monogamist, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned signs.