Dating Multiple People at Once – Rules & Guidelines 

Dating various people at one time is more common than you think. It’s possible that you have got interested in more one people, and you want to take your time and know them before making any decision. Today, we’ll discuss rules and guidelines for dating multiple people at once.

Differentiation b/w Dating & Polyamory 

Often people confuse dating with polyamory, where you’d have sexual and romantic relationships with more than one person. In fact, dating multiple people means seeing different people in order to know them and figure out the one that attracts you the most. It’s also possible that you may not have a relationship with any of the people you’re dating.

Dating Multiple People at Once – Rules & Guidelines 

Some of the main rules and guidelines that you should keep in mind while dating multiple people at once are as follows;

Know Why You Want to Date More People

If you want to have fun in life, there’s nothing wrong with it. But you should know your reason for dating different people and what you’re looking for. You shouldn’t simply go out and see various people just because other people are also doing it. It’s important to know that some people avoid relationship commitment because of their previous bad experiences.

Therefore, you should have a valid reason for seeing various people like you want to choose one of the best persons in order to have a long-term relationship.

Be Honest with Everyone

Your date doesn’t have to know the detail about the other people you’re dating, but they deserve to know the truth. You should be honest and truthful with them and tell them that you’re seeing other people as well. It’s morally and ethically wrong when you let them know that they’re exclusive when they are not.

It may be a difficult and weird conversation at first, but it would become normal later. You should clearly tell them about your goals of seeing various people. Whether you want to have a casual relationship or a serious committed relationship, be truthful with it.

Respect their Privacy

When you’re dating someone in-exclusively, then you should respect their privacy by not disclosing their personal details with everyone else. When you’re out on a date with someone, then no one likes to hear about your previous dating experience regardless of the jealousy or not. However, when you tell them that you’re seeing other people, then you don’t owe them anything about the name of your other dates.

Respect their Choice

You have to accept the fact that the people you’re dating won’t like the idea of dating multiple people. If they don’t like it, then you have to respect their choice. It’s completely possible that your relationship goals may not match up with your date. For instance, you want to have a relationship and children, and your date wants to have things casual.

Everyone has a right to set goals and objectives for their life and think whatever they want. The goals, objectives and wants may or may not match with you. There are many people who would like to have things casual, and others want to have a serious committed relationship.

Don’t Expect them To Only Date You

It’s possible that your date is also following the same ideology of dating different people to find the one. If they are also seeing other people, then you don’t have to be angry for doing what you’re doing. You should make it clear that your date isn’t exclusive, and both of you are free to date anyone they want.

You shouldn’t make anyone only to date you, and vice versa. If you want to avoid the heartbreak situation, then you should avoid assumptions.

Relationship Not Guarantee

You’re seeing different people, and more than two people have shown a clear interest. Whoever you choose, you’ll end up in a relationship. You should tell yourself that your dates don’t have the obligation to be in a relationship with you. It’s possible that you won’t have a relationship with anyone.

Avoid assuming things that many people are crazy about and they would be willing to be in the relationship with you. In fact, the reality is that they’re dating other people and they’re also thinking about other options in order to choose the right option for them.

When you see someone, then it doesn’t offer you any promises. I understand that you’ll get a goosebump by seeing various people at the same time. But you should tell yourself that these people have also got other choices.

When To Stop

You should keep in mind that you can’t date forever; it means that you should know your goal of selecting a person and ending up in a relationship. In order to know your stopping points, you should know what type of person you want and don’t want. It means you should be with the right person of your choice when you spend more time together, then it would develop feelings towards each other.

You shouldn’t take a lot of time to make up your mind and don’t make them wait forever, you should let them know soon whatever you decide. If you want to be in an open relationship with your date with a mutual agreement, then you should end things up with other dates. However, if you don’t want to be with someone, then you should tell them that you aren’t on the same page with them.

Have Life Outside of Dating

If you’re trying to maintain a balance by giving all of your dates the same time, then it would take a lot of your time and energy. You won’t have time for your other relationship. Therefore, you should date a limited number of people, so that your love life won’t impact your personal relationships like friends, family, hobbies, and passions.

Your personal life shouldn’t revolve around dating and a love triangle. Other relationships and areas of life are equally important, and they also require your attention for your mental health and peace of mind. Therefore, you shouldn’t put all of your thoughts and energy into dating.

Sex Complicate Things

When you meet someone and go out with them, it doesn’t that it would end up in the form of physical sexual intercourse. Usually, people consider that going on a date means that they would have a discussion on sex. It’s possible that you may or may not have sexual intercourse with any of your dates. It’s important to keep in mind that sex dangerously makes things complicated and you should avoid that in casual dating.

Some people say that they can separate their feelings from sex. In fact, the reality is that it’s easier said than done. However, if you’re having sexual intercourse with your dates, then you should use the protection.

Don’t Play with One’s Emotions

The goal of seeing people is to find the person of your choice that you like. When you have deep feelings for one person and you’re seeing other people, it would complicate things. If any of your dates have fallen in love with you, then you shouldn’t date them anymore. The point is that you shouldn’t play with anyone’s emotions and set boundaries.

Know what you want

Finally, you should know what you’re looking for out of dating. Like whether you want an open relationship, casual dating, have fun, love of life, or a committed person; and you should know it precisely before seeing anyone. It would help you to determine your attitude how you should approach different people. When you decide what you want, think about it, and don’t make the decision based on your past experiences.

Conclusion: Dating Multiple People at Once – Rules & Guidelines 

After an in-depth study of dating multiple people at once; we’ve realized that seeing various people at the same time could take away all of your time and energy. If you want to maintain a balance in your life, then follow and practice the abovementioned suggestions in your life.