Don’t Text Your Ex – Top Reason Why 

Let alone break up is frustrating and painful, but getting over your ex that you loved very deeply and intimately is even more difficult. If you want the breakup to go smoothly, you should stop texting your ex. Today, we’ll discuss the top reasons why you don’t text your ex.

Don’t Text Your Ex – Top Reason Why 

Some of the top reasons why you don’t text your ex are as follows;

Healing Takes Time

In order to fully recover from the impact of the breakup, it is significant that you need time and space to fully heal because the healing process takes time. It is tempting to start friends and romance right after the breakup, but you should avoid the urge to text your ex and start any type of relationship.

You should give yourself time and space, take care of yourself, and let yourself heal naturally over time. It is significant that you should maintain a no-contact rule for 30 days before contacting them. It would help you to develop a better and more stable relationship in the future after healing.

Texting Aggravates Things

I completely understand breakup makes you feel betrayed, and rejected, and invoked feelings of insecurity, but texting your ex won’t fix anything. In fact, it would bring up a lot of other insecurities like why they said this, why they aren’t replying, etc.

You should honestly ask yourself why the relationship ended, and the type of problems you have added to the relationship. How you can become a better person in the future, because you deserve love, but you need to change from inside and not by getting back to them.

Regret It Later

You may be thinking that you want closure and a reunion with your ex. Once you text them, it makes you feel even more bad, frustrated, upset, sad, and angry. It is because you may say something that you don’t mean out of emotion, or they say something that you don’t like. You would regret it later.

Instead, you should use your emotions and energy on something recreational and productive like swimming, running, and learning something. Make sure that you’re eating a balanced diet after the breakup and have a sufficient amount of sleep. However, if you want to say something, then you should write it down in the diary.

Issues Caused Break up

The feelings of nostalgia would make you forget about the problems that you were facing in your relationship, and you would only remember the good things. In such a state of mind, you may think that the breakup was a bad idea and it shouldn’t have happened. You should remind yourself that the problems in your relationship caused the breakup.

Check Out Other Options

The reason you are thinking about your ex and want to reconnect with them is that you are feeling sad, and lonely, and don’t have a partner. You should take this time as an opportunity and visualize the ideal partner that you won’t have in the future. In order to loneliness, you should accompany friends, relatives, and family members that would make your feel loved. You should focus on the bright future ahead of you with your ideal future.

Move On

In order to move on in your life, you should remind yourself that you would have more love options in the future and you will find someone better. Once you overcome the urge of texting them, then you would feel happy and joyful later, and it would open your mind to new possibilities.

Jeopardize Peace of Mind

Once you text them, then it would open your mind to a series of texts and possibilities. For instance, why they aren’t replying, why they said this, and you would lose control over the situation and your life. You should wait that they would text eventually and you would then talk to them, if they don’t contact you, then you would have a quiet breakup without any contact or drama.

Focus Future Relationships

If you want to see someone else and someone better, or perhaps you’re seeing someone. But you are also texting your ex at the same time, it would create a conflict in your mind. Eventually, you would jeopardize your potential future relationship by texting your ex. It is not fair either to your new partner or the old one. Once you fully moved on in your life with someone else, then you can be friends with your ex.

Gets Difficult to Get Over Them

If you’re constantly thinking about them, texting them back and forth, then you aren’t thinking about your future. Instead, you should use this energy and urge to think about your ideal future partner and kick your ex out of your mind. It would help you to move on in your life, otherwise, it is very difficult for you to move on in your life.

Can’t Get Back With Texting

If you keep on texting and calling them repetitively, you’re showing your desperation and obsession with them. By doing so, you’re killing your charm and appeal in them. The best strategy is to give them their needed time and space and let them come back to you whenever they’re ready based on mutual terms. You should avoid texting them in your moment of weakness, they may exploit it.

No Text Makes Them Curious

If you keep on living your life by not texting and calling them, they would wonder about you why you haven’t contacted them and how you have been doing. If you text them repetitively, they would lose interest in you. In order to keep the keep curiosity alive in their mind, you should avoid contacting them.

Conclusion: Don’t Text Your Ex – Top Reason Why 

After an in-depth study of the top reasons why you don’t text your ex; we have realized that texting your ex after a breakup would jeopardize your peace of mind in you. If you’re going through a similar situation in your life, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and guidelines.