Female Psychopaths – Signs & How to Identify Them 

Dangerous criminals and violent nature are traits of male psychopaths and they don’t feel remorse or empathy. But the profile of female psychopaths doesn’t exhibit such traits; because they commit fewer crimes, are less physically violent, and their psychopathic traits are completely different than men. Therefore, it’s difficult to identify them because they’re social and emotional and display less antisocial traits. Today, we’ll discuss signs of how to identify female psychopaths.

What is a Psychopath? 

The term “psychopath” means that the person is experiencing a severe form of ASPD (anti-social personality disorder). They lack emotional and social capability either to feel remorse and empathy for their actions or experience emotions. Due to such traits, they are abusive, violent, and fall under the category of most dangerous people in society.

Female Psychopaths – Sings & How to Identify Them 

Violent nature, not feeling remorse or empathy, or antisocial are some of the common traits among both men and women psychopaths. But the strategy of victimizing other people both men and women psychopaths is completely different. However, women tend to be less aggressive and less violent than men. The psychopathic traits of women vary in terms of social interests, irritability, and impulsivity. Some of the main signs of how to identify female psychopaths are as follows;

Good at Pretending

Like sociopaths and psychopaths, they have the superficial effect of displaying charismatic and charming personalities to attract the attention of others, and women are better at it than men. The men psychopath would tend to be more narcissistic. But the women psychopath would be passive at first, having a charming, and friendly nature.

That’s why it becomes highly difficult to recognize woman psychopath and they’re excellent at developing relationships. They use relationships to take advantage of those they get close to, abusive, and end up manipulating them.

Emotionally Unstable

Women psychopath has an unstable emotional attitude. On other hand, men psychopath has limited to no emotions at all and it makes them emotionally detached and cool. The emotional instability among women psychopath is because of their struggle with mood issues and depression. They also experience jealousy and anger.

Making Others Do their Dirty Work

Women psychopath has the capability to develop a strategic relationship with people in order to make them do things for them, especially their dirty work. They don’t want to get their hand dirty. Usually, they don’t have a physical nature, and they do commit crimes along with the company of psychopathic men and making them deal with the physical violence. In fact, they persuade others to do immoral and illegal activity on their behalf, and that’s why they get away with crime and are declared innocent.

Leveraging Information & Secretes

The most common relational aggression among women psychopaths is to use secrets and personal information of others to their advantage in terms of gaining control, manipulation, and bribery. For instance, they threaten their boss to leak the information about the substance they used and information about their previous affair unless they pay them money or promotion. The other technique of relational aggression technique is spreading lies and rumors by gossiping to discredit others.

Sabotaging Relationship

In antisocial personality disorder, people don’t want to connect with others and need the acceptance of others; they only make a strategic relationships to get what they want. Women psychopath has the desire to be social, connect with others, and want to be accepted by others.

However, it’s difficult for them to maintain their health, stable, and long lasting relationship with them, because of their cruel and impulsive nature. They sabotage their relationships and victimize their closest person.

Become Detective

Men psychopath follows the direct approach and becomes violent in order to get what they want, and women psychopath follows an indirect and deceptive approach. For instance, the arrest of women psychopaths is due to the extortion and fraud cases, and men psychopaths are involved in the sexual and physical assault cases.

Women psychopath gets involved in cunning and deceptive crime. If caught, they lie and fabricate cover-up stories to manipulate the mind of people.

Not Keeping Their Anger Long

Men psychopath remains calculated, cool, and calm; and women psychopath faces difficulty controlling and holding their anger inside for a long time. They have an anger outburst and they feel good after the emotional lash out, and they don’t feel guilty afterward.

 Women psychopath also feels that they have an entitlement to blame others, have an aggressive response, and lash out their anger. The angry impulsive nature is one of the top reasons for women psychopaths that make it difficult for them to function and maintain their social life.

Playing Victim Card

Women psychopath has the capability to play the victim card in order to attract others’ attention and manipulate them and make them believe whatever they want. They would play the victim card to such people that have a generous, caring, and empathic nature in order to touch the heartstrings. However, the other reason for playing the victim card is to get away from the accountability and troubling situation. They’re more deceitful and manipulative than man psychopath.

Indirect Aggression

The aggressiveness of both man/woman psychopath is the same, but woman psychopath follow the indirect approach. By indirect aggressive approach, I mean they employ relational aggression like developing an alliance against someone, excluding people, and gossiping. However, they would threaten to self-harm themselves in order to manipulate others, become verbally abusive, name calling, and upset people by lashing out.

Relationships with Victims

Unlike men psychopath, women psychopath develops a relationship with their victims and they victimize the people they already know. They use sex and flirtation to attract the attention of powerful and well-off people to get their attention and manipulate them. However, it shows the coldhearted nature of a woman psychopath and how they hurt the closest people without feeling bad.

Conclusion: Female Psychopaths – Sings & How to Identify Them 

After an in-depth study of signs of how to identify female psychopaths; we have realized that women psychopath follows different strategy but have the same manipulative and aggressive nature. If you experiencing the abovementioned signs in any of the people you know, then you should know that you’re dealing with a women psychopath.