Guys You Should Avoid – Top Types 

Before finding the mister perfect, women go through a series of trials and errors of finding the right guy. You can find a lot of dating tips that would help you to win hearts and minds. But there are certain types of good guys and bad guys that you should beware of before getting your heart broken. Today, we’ll discuss the top types of guys you should avoid.

Guys You Should Avoid – Top Types 

Some of the top types of guys you should avoid are as follows;

Selfish & Egotistic Guys

Selfish and egotistical guys are difficult to identify, and it takes a lot of time for them to show their true colors. They are the type of people that are full of themselves and they give themselves top priority over everyone including their true love. They will never acknowledge the fact that they are egotistical and selfish, rather than they disguise it under the impression of self-love. However, their selfish nature makes them arrogant and they are always in an effort of proving that they’re great.


As the name implies, they are the type of people that say something and do the opposite. They are always making up stories and making processes, but they won’t fulfill them and their stories are far from transparent. You would start seeing the pattern of lies, deceit, and dishonesty with the passage of time. They aren’t the guys for a healthy relationship.

Player & Unfaithful

They are the type of guys that would do their best to keep their relationship neutral, and it gives them a lot of opportunities to do their other shenanigans. You can’t expect to have a healthy and long-lasting relationship with them. When you ask them to define their relationship with you, they won’t define it. They are highly protective of their phone, and they won’t introduce you to their friends and family members.


They are the type of guys that would have fun with you and they would go away. They would only contact you when they are feeling lonely, bored, or want to hook up. However, they are good and you feel happy with them, but you won’t hear from them once they go away. Instead, you should go out with a guy that gives you the top priority in their life. They would only consider you mere entertainment rather than a living and breathing human being.

Idle & Lazy

They are the most annoying type of guy that would hardly do everything right on time. When you are in a relationship with them, then it would make you feel that you are the one keeping the relationship like making plans, remembering dates, and doing everything. The relationship would only become successful when both partners play their part.

Emotionally Disconnected

As we are aware of the fact that women are more emotionally intelligent than men and it is absolutely true. But it is not an excuse for men to become emotionally disconnected, they need to open up to some extent. However, if they feel something, then it is very difficult for them to express it, and it would make it difficult for you to relate it with them. They would hurt you unintentionally by keeping an emotional distance from you.


They are the controlling type of guys that would always impose things on you. They would try to control your personal life, professional life, and social life; they would tell you where to go and what to do. You feel intimidation by accompanying them or doing things against their wishes. Control freaks are insecure and that’s why they are jealous and they would try to control you. However, if you don’t feel safe and secure around them, and feel manipulated, then you should leave them.

Single Forever

They are the type of guys that have got all the qualities of a good guy like intelligence, charm, funny, attractive, and mannered. But they are not ready to commit, and you find them with a lot of ladies. However, when you go on a date with them, their charm impresses you; then it would make you wonder why they are still single because not a single woman is enough for them. They want to remain single forever, and you should stay away from them forever.

Quick “Marrying” Guys

They are the opposite of single guys and they are always in a hast of getting married. Marriage is a way of getting excitement and romance, but they can’t deal with the responsibilities of marriage. They would give up on marriage as soon as the spark of excitement fades away. They start looking for a new wife to fill the spark that is missing in their life. It is never their fault, and they would always blame you for the problems in their life.

Gold diggers

They are the type of guys that are financially unstable and they make no effort to change their situation. I completely understand that you should stay with a man when he going through a difficult time, especially when you are with them. However, gold diggers are charming and smooth talkers and they feel confident that any woman would fall for their charm, and she would take care of them. They think that a woman should clothe them, feed them, and make their life comfortable. They are aware of the women’s instincts and they know how to manipulate them.

Mommy’s Boys

They are the type of guys that have the traits of good men like understanding women’s sentiments and emotions, calm, and thoughtful. But the problem is that you can’t win their heart, one other woman has got their heart and soul and that is their mother. However, their mom decides their color scheme, dress, finances, and everything about their life. Developing a relationship with such men is highly risky because their mother would decide how they should live a life together.


They are the type of guys that have the mind of a child or teenager, even when they are in their 30s and 40s. They would love to have fun and live a life of adventure by completely avoiding their responsibilities. When you are going through a difficult time, then they won’t be there for you.


 They are the type of guys that are decisive, confident, and disciplined, and women could easily get attracted to them. They think that the world revolves around them and they want all the focus and attention on every situation. While accompanying them, you would notice that they would always be talking about themselves and their greatness.

Conclusion: Guys You Should Avoid – Top Types 

After an in-depth study of the top type of guys you should avoid; we have realized that it is difficult to find the right and stable guy. If you are through the process of finding the right partner for you, then you should keep in mind various types of guys as mentioned above.