He Doesn’t Want a Relationship – Signs 

Different people perceive the idea of dating and relationships differently, and it is difficult for you to know your position where you stand. If you like a guy and want to develop a serious relationship with him, and you think that he doesn’t have an interest in developing a serious relationship with you. The simplest thing you can do is to ask them directly how things are going to be in terms of a relationship. Today, we’ll discuss the signs that he doesn’t want a relationship.

He Doesn’t Want a Relationship – Signs 

Some of the main signs that you should be aware of that he doesn’t want a relationship with you are as follows;

Not mentioning to be in Relationship

The guy you’re seeing and going out with, how many times he has mentioned being in the relationship, and being with one committed partner. If he has not mentioned any such thing with you; and he laughs it away when you talk about the ideal relationship and being with one person. For instance, if you have a gut feeling that he is not a relationship type of guy, and his interests seem at odds, then these are the clear signs. If the relationship subject hasn’t come up, then you should ask him directly.

Unclear what he wants

When you open the subject about both of you together and what you are doing, then he won’t be specific about what he wants and looking for. He would make excuses like it’s too early to talk about these things, he has got so much going on, and time to slow things down. He can be right that he’s busy, but these things work out well when the relationship is your priority and on the table.

When a person is serious and wants to build something with you, then they won’t hesitate to answer you about the relationship. If he isn’t talking to you clearly about his wants, then it’s a clear sign that he doesn’t have an interest in you. However, when people aren’t serious, then they don’t give clear answers.

Short term Previous Relationships

If you look at the relationship history of the person, then all of his previous relationships are short-term, unclear, and undefined. All of these factors suggest that the relationship won’t go anywhere, because he doesn’t have an interest in changing his behavior.

Seeing Others

Nowadays, people are using various dating platforms to explore different options until finding the one perfect partner or one true love. If you’re together and he’s pursuing other options, then it means that you aren’t the one person for him that he wants. You can ask him directly whether he’s still on the dating platform and looking for other options or not. If you want to have a polygamous relationship, then both partners should be on the same page.

No Long Term Plans

He won’t show interest in making long-term plans together that involve you. When he talks about his future plans, then it only focuses on him and he doesn’t want you in it. If a person has got interested in you, then he would be willing to commit and make long-term plans with you.

No Interest in Meetings your Friends & Family

If he doesn’t like seeing you or hanging out with you, then he would keep on canceling plans when it comes to meeting your friends and family members. It’s because he doesn’t have an interest in seeing your world and perceiving things from your perspective. However, he only considers your relationship from the short-term perspective.

Hang out Late at Night

He only plans to hang out with you late at night in order to become physically intimate. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, he has always got an interest in becoming sexually intimate with you. However, it’s not good if this is the case. If a person has got a serious interest in you, then he would like to share nonsexual activities with you and hang out with you during the day along with the night. They could be like small things like going out for a walk or grabbing coffee.

Texting but Not Meeting

Some people are only texting friends and good only on mobile phones, but they aren’t the relationship type. He would only text you all the time, but when you ask him to meet up, then he won’t show up. It means that he doesn’t have an interest in establishing a relationship with you. If he hasn’t floated the idea of meeting you in person, then you should ask him out. If he’s avoiding it, then he is not going to date you.

Only Physical

His only interest in becoming physically intimate with you, when it comes to doing some other activity together, then you won’t see him. Some people are very good and affectionate when they’re with you, and unable to hang out when they’re away. If he has a real interest in you, then he would make an effort to be with you and make time for you.

Don’t Want to Know You

How many times he has asked you about your career, job, profession, goals, friends, family, and objectives of life. Or he was simply nodding the head when you were talking about yourself, or he changed the topic. When it comes to having a deeper conversation with you, then he won’t connect with you at that level. In other words, he doesn’t know anything about your life.

Not Affectionate

He doesn’t share his feelings and emotions with you in terms of doing any romantic and caring gesture. You don’t know his social media activity and he isn’t affectionate with you publically like holding hands, hugging, and kissing. However, if he doesn’t accept you publically and make any type of gesture, then it is better that you should stay away from him.

You aren’t the Priority

He doesn’t always reach you on time and his project work and friends always get in the way. It means that you aren’t the priority to him. However, he says that he is very much busy and over-occupied only with you, but he seems to be having fun with his friends. He is the type of person that you can’t rely on him, and he lets you down every single time.

Don’t want to be Serious

What more proof do you want when he tells you that he doesn’t want anything serious. If he says that, you should take his words for it. I know that you may like him and would like to stick around in order to change their mind that he would start liking you. It’s not going to happen if he isn’t serious from the day first.

Conclusion: He Doesn’t Want a Relationship – Signs 

After an in-depth study of signs that he doesn’t want a relationship; we have realized that developing the relationship is a mutual effort. If you observe any of the abovementioned signs and you want something serious, then you should become cautious and rethink things.