He Wants You to Leave Him Alone – Top Signs 

If you’re having a difficult time with your partner, husband, or boyfriend; he finds a reason to storm at you and shuts you out intentionally. Today, we’ll discuss the top signs that would help you to know that he wants you to leave him alone.

He Wants You to Leave Him Alone – Top Signs 

Some of the top signs that he wants you to leave him alone are as follows;

Not Starting the Conversation First

If you analyze your messaging and interaction history, then you would realize that you’re the one who always starts the conversation with you. He doesn’t start the conversation with you, and he only answers whatever you ask him without smiling or making any type of eye contact.

Avoiding to Open Up

He behaves like everything is normal and cool. But when it comes to talking about real questions and discussing your feelings and emotions, then you would find him far away. However, if you insist on it, then he withdraws from the communication.

Difficulty in Relationship

For some people that have got a difficult and traumatic childhood, then it is difficult for them to develop and maintain a relationship. He would point out on various occasions that he finds relationships difficult. When it comes to serious commitment, then he would withdraw and pull away from the relationship.

Trip Without You

He attends various types of gatherings; parties, friends’ reunions and family get together without you. It suggests that he is developing a real physical boundary between you and him by showing you that spending time with you is not his priority.

Leaves You Read

You can easily know when the person has read your message or not on WhatsApp and Messenger. If he is reading your text messages and not replying back, it means that he doesn’t care about talking to you or replying to you back because you aren’t his priority.

Uncomfortable Feelings

You have got gut feelings and they tell you whether something is good or bad. You feel good and have got good vibes while accompanying a person, and that particular person is good. However, if you have got uncomfortable vibes and feelings and you wonder whether he would fit in your environment or not; a lot of things about him make you feel uncomfortable.

Passionate About Something You Don’t Like

We all have passion, interests, and hobbies; and we pursue them in our lives now and then. But if he has started pursuing such passion and interest that consumes all of his time, and you don’t get to see him or talk to him. It means that his priority is his passion and interests, and not you.

Giving Work Priority

Your partner is spending a lot of time on building his professional life and work; like late night office, work on the weekends, and long business calls at home while accompanying you. He doesn’t try to maintain a balance between work and the relationship. In such a case, you and the relationship aren’t his priority. If you were, then he would have given time and attention.

Making Plans Excluding You

He makes plans about business, career, profession, job, education, and relationship; but all of them don’t involve you. If you have been together for some time, then it is obvious that you should move to the next step in the relationship. If he is making all of those plans without including you in them, then it means you aren’t his priority.

Not Invested In Relationship

If you have an interest in building a relationship, then you would make plans with your partner and spend time with her. The time you spend with your partner is an investment for your future relationship. However, if he is not spending time with you and not giving your priority over his work and routine or anything, then it means that he has got no interest in you or simply using you.

Avoiding Eye Contact

Long eye contact is the top sign of a deep, intimate, and romantic relationship. If your partner avoids making eye contact and looks away while talking to you, then it means that he doesn’t want to connect with you at an intimate level. He would only make long eye contact with you if he has got interested in you.

Spending Time Alone

If he wants you to leave him alone, then he would find an opportunity and excuse to move to the other city; or he would find an apartment far away so that he could spend some time alone. If he is living in the same house, but he is spending a lot of time in the study room and the work room, and you don’t get to see him or talk to him often.

No Physical Intercourse

Sexual intercourse is a great way to connect with your partner at the most intimate and romantic level. If he is not having physical intercourse or any type of romantic connection with you like hugging, kissing, or affectionate gesture, then it means that he is intentionally pushing you away.

Thinking About the Relationship

When you talk to him about the nature of your relationship; whether it is just a hook or a serious committed relationship; he replies by saying that he needs to think about the relationship. It means that he isn’t sure about his feelings for you; because leaving you won’t be a problem for him in such a case.

Not Discussing Personal Issues With You

When you ask him about his off mood, then he would say that he has been facing some personal issues and he has to deal with them alone. He uses the word personal to shut you out of his life. It would make you feel like he is living a completely separate life different from you.

Limited Contact on Social Media

You’re following him on social media, but you aren’t sure whether he is following you back or not. It is because he never likes, comments, or responds to any of your activities and post. You would realize that he remains online often on social media, but you don’t get to see any type of response from him.

Hardly Talk To You

When we talk about the real conversation about your deepest thoughts and insecure feelings and the things you can’t talk about with anyone else, but you only talk to your partners. It is because they offer you insight into your inner self if he is not doing so and his conversation only comprises of few words. It would suggest that he doesn’t want to share his feeling with you because he doesn’t trust you or gives you any type of importance.

Rarely Reply to Your Text

The other thing you would notice is that he rarely calls you or replies to your text messages. All of your text messages and voice calls would go unanswered. When you ask him why he hasn’t been answering your calls or text messages, then he would simply shrug it off or roll his eyes like it was nothing.

Argues With You A lot

You would notice that he finds reasons to start arguments with you; whether it is a big thing or small. You start to avoid talking to him because it always ends up in a fight. If you try to smooth things out, then he would push you away like you’re the cause of the problem.

Accompanying Friends

He is always spending time with his friends and colleagues for any type of reason at any time. When you ask him to give you the time, then he has got no time for you, because he is simply busy or something comes up at that time.

Conclusion: He Wants You to Leave Him Alone – Top Signs 

After an in-depth study of he wants you to leave him alone; we have realized that building a relationship requires a lot of your time and effort. If you’re experiencing any of the abovementioned signs, it suggests that he is not serious about his relationship with you.