How Do You Know a Guy is Playing You – Signs 

If you like a guy and you want to build a relationship, but you aren’t sure about his feelings about you, then it creates a lot of stress and tension in your mind. Especially, when you aren’t sure whether you are on the same page or not, whether he is playing with you or has got real emotions and feelings for you. Today, we’ll discuss the top signs on how do you know a guy is playing you.

How Do You Know a Guy is Playing You – Signs 

Some of the main signs of how do you know a guy is playing you are as follows;

Accompanies You in Some Areas

One thing you should observe is that he is always accompanying you in certain areas of the town, where you won’t run into your and his friends and acquaintances. He would call it that we are going on an adventure, but you don’t meet any of your known people in your adventure. If you want to make sure that he is playing with you or not, then you should ask to visit your known place where you and his friends are there and see his reaction.

Not Meeting Yours or His Friends

None of your friends and his friends are aware of the fact that you are dating each other. in fact, when you ask him to meet your friends and family members, then he would dismiss this idea by saying we’ll do it. If he agrees to meet your friends and family members, then something would always come up at the last and he won’t come. However, you don’t know about his friends and family members, and when you ask about them, he would reject the idea.

Behaves Awkward Publically

When you get to see him publically, then he would behave awkwardly like he doesn’t know you. In fact, he would do his best not to catch your eyes and avoid making eye contact. His public contact with you would be very formal and short like you do with strangers. Here, you should make the comparison like when he is alone with you, then he is very intimate. But publically he doesn’t like to give the impression that he knows you at all.

Not Affectionate in Public

It is normal and casual for couples and partners to hold each others’ hands, kiss, wrap an arm around each other, and perform other affection gestures publically. He is very kind and affectionate with you when you are alone, but he would avoid any type of affectionate gesture in public spaces. In fact, he would avoid holding hands with you or letting you wrap his or her around each other. In such a case, this guy is playing you if he doesn’t show any type of loving or caring gesture publically.

Mood Changes

The other thing you would observe about him is the abrupt change in his behavior and attitude. For instance, he is kind and loving at one moment, and the next moment he behaves like he doesn’t know you at all. He would keep the relationship with you confused, and he would never give you the right and correct answer about his feelings.

Prioritizing His Friends

He is always spending time with his friends and buddies, whenever you ask him to spend the day, afternoon, or evening with you; then he has always got plans with his friends. He would only meet you whenever it is convenient for him, and he won’t care about your wishes and your plans. However, he has got a lot of work and a busy schedule when you plan something, but he has got all the free time for his friends and acquaintances. If a guy is serious about you, then he would make time for you.

Locked Phones

He would always lock his phone with a very strict password. When he has to make calls or receive calls, then he would go outside. He won’t reply to text messages when you are around because he needs to answer you. You would find him very secretive and cautious about his phone, the most obvious is that he is hiding things from you.

No Commitment

He would stay with you and keep seeing you for weeks. But when you ask him for commitment in order to develop any type of relationship, then he would give you a plethora. He would always keep the relationship with you on air without any commitment. If he is serious about you, then he would love to discuss and make future plans with you because he wants you.

Not Recognizing You As His Girlfriend

When you question him to identify and recognize the type of relationship you are having, then he would say like we are having and life is too short to worry about. But he would avoid recognizing you as his girlfriend either in person or publically. In fact, no one knows about your relationship whether you are seeing each other or not, because he makes sure that no one finds out.

Flirting With Other Ladies

If you follow him around when he leaves you, the correct word would be stalking, then you would find out he is flirting, accompanying, and hanging out with other women. If he sees you by any chance or you come across somehow, then he would behave like you just know each other. However, when you question him in person like what he was doing with those ladies, then he would say that they were his friends whom he has never mentioned.

Making Excuses

He is always either lying or making excuses when it comes to discussing future plans with you, making your relationship, seeing your friends or family, or something else. Something would always come up and he won’t be able to make it on your plan and schedule.

Nervous When You Question Him

When you ask him questions about his life, routine activities, what he does for a living, where he goes for weeks without calling, and question after question; then he won’t give you any satisfactory answer. It is because he doesn’t have any, in reality, he is a fake person and he is just playing with your feelings and emotions and you should avoid such guys.

Trust Your Gut Feelings

 If somehow you can’t find any proof against him, but your gut feelings tell you that he is a fake person and he is serious about you, then you should trust your gut feelings. Your gut feelings and inner instinct are always right.

Conclusion: How Do You Know a Guy is Playing You – Signs 

After an in-depth study of top signs on how do you know a guy is playing you; we have realized that finding the right guy requires a lot of mindful effort. If you are going through the process of finding a partner, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and guidelines.