How Do You Stop Loving Someone? – Tips 

Love and romance is a beautiful emotional connection and bond when it is mutual, and it requires deep understanding. You feel joyful, happy, and secure when it is safe and healthy. However, when love fades away because of a number of reasons, then it causes conflicts, disagreements, and stress. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how do you stop loving someone.

How Do You Stop Loving Someone? – Tips 

Let’s discuss some of the main tips on how do you stop loving someone; they’re as follows;

Acknowledge Love

The step and most important step to stop loving someone are to acknowledge the fact that you love them very deeply and intimately. You have had very deep and intimate feelings for them. When you completely avoid your feelings and love emotions for them, then it would become difficult for you to change your mind and thought pattern.

In order to change your emotional loving feelings, you should accept your love for this particular person. Now, analyze your love that why you have loved that person and how they have made you feel. You don’t have to judge yourself that you’re still loving them.

Recognize the Truth of Relationship

After accepting your love for that particular person; now, you should create a list of facts about your emotional bond and relationship. It would help you to explore other elements of the relationship.

  • What type of things have made you love them
  • Type of things that you wish would have been different
  • Your unsatisfied and unmet needs and wants in the love relationship

Those things could be about anything like they didn’t want you to spend time with your friends and family. They remind you about something that you need to avoid and move on in your life.

Accept Love Is Out Of Table

Here, you should recognize your core values like passion, honesty, or truthfulness that you can’t compromise on for any reason. When you love this person, then you have to compromise on your values; that’s how your loving relationship is not aligning with your core values.

For instance, your core value is to live your life based on your terms, choices, and conditions; but it doesn’t align with the person that you are in love with. It is significant to know the reason why love is out of the table, and how it doesn’t match with core values and standards.

Contrary to Love

When you love someone, it creates emotional urges in you that make you behave in a certain way. It could be in the form of checking out their pictures and reaching out to them and other affectionate gestures. When you have the urge to do a particular thing, you should take the opposite action mindfully.

It could be in the form of reaching out to a friend and spending time with them rather than checking out their pictures and videos. It is a continuous process that you need to perform repetitively to change your pattern. You should engage in healthy activities in order to manage your urges, and avoid unhealthy activities.

Get Rid of Reminding Memories

In order to stop loving someone, you need to get rid of all the memories that serve as a reminder of your beloved. For instance, it could be in the form of pictures, memories, clothes, a particular routine, a walking track, or the house that you have bought together.

When you intentionally make efforts of minimizing the reminding memories of your beloved person, then it becomes easier to change your feelings. You should recognize the trigger point of their memories, and carefully change them with new memories with new people.

Have Distance

It is important that you should set some boundaries and create a physical distance between you and them. Sometimes, it is difficult to create distance when you’re living in a small town, have kids, and have many mutual friends. In such a case, you should create your own safe space and don’t intentionally look at their face and body while identifying them from a distance. You should accept the fact in your mind that you’re living a life without them.

No Contact At All

Along with creating physical distance, you should also limit and stop the communication line between you and them. It means that you should unfollow, unfriend, and block them on social media platforms; also delete their cell number from your phone. However, these are necessary steps when you’re making an intentional effort to stop loving them. When you still see them on social media platforms and have their phone number, then it would encourage you to contact them.

Focus on Other Family & Friends

In order to feel loved, valued, and important, you should spend time with your friends and family members. They would redirect your passion for love to something productive and meaningful, change your mind and shift your attention and focus. The more time you spend with your loved ones and family members, it becomes much easier for you to stop loving them.

Develop New Passion

Since you’re free and have got extra time from the relationship, you should utilize this time in building new passions and hobbies. It could be in the form of learning music, painting, skating, or anything that you love and enjoy. When you do the things that you love and enjoy, they would help you to shift your attention, and rebuild your self-esteem and your confidence level.

Self Love

You should put all the focus and attention on yourself, and avoid taking yourself for granted and becoming a tool for someone else. Self-love means taking care of yourself, eating a healthy and balanced diet, 7 to 8 hours of sleep, bathing regularly, wearing the best dress, exercising, and enjoying your time with fun-loving activities. It is important to remind yourself that there is nothing wrong with you, it is his loss if he is not with you.

Believe in Love

It is possible that you would come across the notion of giving up on love. You don’t have to become a cynic, love comes in many forms like love for your career, profession, parents, friends, family, siblings, pet, or something else. You’ll find your romantic love someday again in your life; just be hopeful and keep believing in love.

Volunteer Activities

In order to shift your attention and change your mind, you should engage yourself in the volunteer activities of society. It would help you in many ways like distracting your mind, self-development, believing in something bigger and expanding your social network.

Conclusion: How Do You Stop Loving Someone? – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how do you stop loving someone; we have realized that shifting your attention and stop loving someone requires intentional effort. If you’re going through a similar phase in your life, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and guidelines.