How Long Do Couples Date Before Getting Engaged 

When you have been dating for a few months, the very first question that pops into your mind is to take your relationship to the next level and that is engagement. It is lovely to call each other a fiancé and tell others about your engagement story and how it happened. Today, we’ll discuss how long do couples date before getting engaged; the type of things they should consider before.

How Long Do Couples Date Before Getting Engaged 

Average Time to Become Engaged

Perhaps, you may have come across a story post over social media where a couple becomes engaged after a year of dating. The other type of high school lover doesn’t become engaged while seeing and living together for decades. Such types of conflicting stories baffle your mind and you would wonder about the ideal time for dating and becoming engaged.

In fact, the truth is that there is no such thing as the ideal time for dating before becoming engaged. It is because every relationship is different and the nature of every person is also different. However, some people know on the first date that they have found their ideal partner and they don’t waste any time in the engagement. The other types of people keep on dating for years and still don’t know when to become engaged.

When to Engage – Advice

Many experts suggest that couples and partners should date a particular person for the whole season. It is significant that partners should make up their minds after going through the honeymoon phase. However, many people bring the version of themselves in the first few months, the question is to check how long the best behavior last.

In the earlier stages of dating and relationships, couples and partners don’t face any types of problems and challenges. For instance, you don’t know the reaction of your partner after the loss of theirs or your family member, vacation planning, traveling attitude, and behavior in routine life.

One Step At a Time

The purpose of engagement is to select a person for marriage and make it a long-lasting relationship. In order to do this, you should take one step at a time and get to fully know your partner’s attitude and behavior before engagement. No one is better aware of your circumstances and partner than you are, and you should avoid rushing into things and making a comparison with others.

Lasting Relationship – Research Study

A research study conducted at Emron University in Atlanta showed that for couples and partners that date roundabout three years, their divorce rate is lower approximately 39% of the time than those people that become engaged in the first year.

When we talk about long-lasting relationships and happy marriages, then partners and couples should fully know each other before the engagement. Whether they have the capability to face the challenges of the relationship, or not.

Things to Consider – How Long Do Couples Date Before becoming Engaged 

Some of the key factors that you should keep in mind in the questions of “how long do couples date before getting married” are as follows;

Open Communication

In order to deal with the challenges of life after marriage, couples and partners should check how open they are in their communication. Open communication would outline many things, like their capability to resolve conflict and disagreement and share concerns for the improvement of the relationship

What about the attitude of your partner after nasty fights, how often your partner talks about the issues or simply leave them behind as if nothing happened? You should avoid the passive-aggressive person.

Interest & Values

When we talk about living the rest of your with a particular person, then there should be an alignment between their interests and values. Both partners should be on the same page regarding their spiritual beliefs and religious values. The opposite is believing people may fall in love with each other and it seems cool and interesting, but it causes a lot of conflicts and issues later after marriage.

Financial Management

It is significant to discuss a person that would pay the bills, or share expenses, a total spending estimate, and the person managing all the finances. Both partners should make their financial decisions together rather than separately. Finances are highly important in the growth of the relationship, and they would jeopardize the peace of your mind and ruin your relationship.

Physical Intimacy

One of the most important elements of the relationship is physical and sexual intimacy. The satisfaction level of both partners should be on the same page. However, sexually active partners tend to be happier in their relationships than those that are not.

Balanced Life

A happy relationship doesn’t mean spending all the time with your partner; rather it is about living a balanced life. When we say balanced life, then it means the separate allocation of time for friends, family, work, colleagues, and your partner. You won’t be happy in your relationship if you are not giving time to your friends and family.

Conclusion: How Long Do Couples Date Before Getting Engaged 

After an in-depth study of how long do couples date before getting engaged; we have realized that there is no specific formula to measure the time that you should date. Every relationship and every partner is different; they all have different circumstances and situations to deal with.