How Long To Be Engaged Before Marriage 

The engagement comprises enthusiasm, excitement, and romantic feelings among partners along with a lot of responsibilities and planning for the wedding. Many relationship experts suggest that you should plan everything if you want to maintain a balance between routine life and enjoying the beautiful moments of your life. Today, we’ll discuss how long to be engaged before marriage; the average engagement time period; shorter engagements, and longer engagements.

How Long To Be Engaged Before Marriage 

No Specific Formula

It is significant to mention here that there is no specific formula to measure the duration of your engagement time duration. It is because the nature and circumstances of every partner and relationship are different. However, the long or short engagement comprises various factors; like how much planning the couple has required; their work scheduling and allocating time for the big day; availability of the dream or ideal venue or hall, or place.

Neither Too Long Nor Too Short

If you keep the engagement time period short, then it would be difficult for you to manage everything on time. The limited-time deadline would stress you out and make you exhausted. However, if you take a lot of time, then you would end up overthinking the whole planning process. The engagement should be reasonably good for you to manage and plan everything on time without the feeling of stress.

Standard or Average Engagement Time Duration 

Average Time in the USA

The average engagement time in the US comprises 12 to 18 months; where many partners prefer to become engaged in the winter, and married in the summer. A vast majority of Americans remain engaged from one to one and a half years before becoming married and an exception is there. However, it is ideal and sufficient time for the partner to manage and organize everything about the wedding preparations. On such occasions, many small things need our attention.

Don’t Carry Away in the Process

Engagement is the time before marriage. It is significant that partners should enjoy the excitement and romantic feeling that it involves. Rather they should avoid becoming carried away in the process of planning, organizing, preparation, and other things. It is important to enjoy daydreaming about the wedding day, visualize the whole experience, hold that thought, and enjoy it.

Short Engagements 

Time Duration

The short engagements usually have a short time before the wedding as the name implies. The average time duration for short engagement comprises 3 to 5 months. However, they are the type of people that think that once you commit to become married, there is no point in waiting. If you prolong the engagement time period, then would state to question your instinctive decision.

Small Wedding

Short-time engagements are great for small weddings because you have limited guests, a small budget, and few things to manage and organize. A person has to be highly flexible and decisive to pull it off in a short time because confused people can’t do it. it is because choosing the wedding dress, photographer, caterer, venue, and other things takes time.

Fun & No Dull

Many people think that four months of engagement before marriage is super fun and exciting because you spend your time moving and doing rather than planning and visualizing them. It is great for those that fascinated by the idea of elopement and action-oriented people. However, they are the type of people that would like to figure out things after marriage.

Long Engagements 

Huge Decision

Wedding planning is not a small thing and it requires a lot of planning. The carrier-oriented partners have to align their schedules so that they would have sufficient time to plan everything on time without disturbing their professional life. Long engagements are great for professional partners that have got many other things going on in their lives.

Perfect Wedding

Some partners want to make their wedding memorable because you don’t become married every day. If you plan on doing it once in your life, then you have to do it perfectly and ideally the way you want. It could be your ideal venue, good photographer, perfect band and music, and bringing all the ideal things in one place takes time. You are willing to wait for it because time gives you choices to make your wedding better.


When partners are planning a big wedding, they need time to allocate sufficient funds for their wedding day. They have to confirm with their VIP guests whether they are available or not. Some people love planning, managing, and organizing things about their wedding, and they want to take their full time. Such partners would like to enjoy the life of being fiancé and love receiving congratulations from people and telling people about their engagements.

Conclusion: How Long To Be Engaged Before Marriage 

After an in-depth study of how long to be engaged before marriage; we have realized that engagement is a period of fun and excitement time. Short and long engagements all depend on your planning, budget, and scheduling; if you think that you can pull it off in a short time, then you should do it; otherwise, take your time.

If you are still wondering about the engagement and haven’t decided about the engagement; then you should consider 9 monthly engagements. By the way, the term “9 months” is a lucky charm, who knows if something amazing would pop up, just kidding.