How Men Flirt – Top Signs 

Flirting is a subtle art and it is difficult to know whether the guy is flirting with you or simply being nice to you. When a guy likes you, then it is possible that he would give you the cold shoulder and send some mixed signals. Today, we’ll discuss the top signs of how men flirt.

How Men Flirt – Top Signs 

Some of the main signs of how men flirt are as follows;

His Usual Behavior

Before thinking of anything, first, it is important to keep in mind that some guys have charming and charismatic personalities, and they flirt with all the ladies. You have to find out whether he is only flirting with you or he treats all the women the same. If he is talking to you the same way he talks with every woman, then he is not flirting with you because being flirtatious is his nature.

Professional Friendliness

It is the nature of some professions to be flirtatious with ladies like bartenders, salesmen, or waiters. If he is one of them, then you should pay a lot of thought to his flirting demeanor. However, if he really likes you, then he probably won’t flirt with you in the professional environment because he doesn’t like to get in trouble by flirting with you on the job.

Touching Limits

If a guy really likes you, then he finds a way to be closer to you and touch you. Like he would do so by handing you the pencil, or note, lean towards you while talking, touching your shoulder while talking, or sitting close to you. These all are the signs of flirting.

Laughing At Your Jokes

If he likes you, then you would laugh at your jokes and smile when you’re talking. He would probably laugh when you’re not trying to be funny. It is possible that he is trying to hide his nervousness by laughing, and he is simply feeling excited about your company.

Borrowing From You

When he flirts with you, then he would find ways to borrow things from you like notes, copies, movies, books, or music. He returns one thing and then asks for another, it means that he is finding excuses to talk to you and stay around you. He would make you feel like he shares all of your interests and makes you start talking.

Acts Like a Gentleman

If he likes you, he would try to be a gentleman around you. Some of the courteous gestures are like opening the door, pulling out the chair, and giving you a jacket when you feel cold. However, if he is doing these things only for you and not for the other girls, then he is flirting with you.

Teasing You

If the guy is teasing you in a light manner about your looks, dress, laughter, and your walking styles. It means that he likes and this is just his way of flirting with you. However, if the guy is giving you the hard time by pointing out the flaws in you all the time, it means that he is paying attention to you, and pointing out your weaknesses is his way of flirting with you.

Common Interests or Lying

It is good if he has got the same common interests in terms of food, books, movies, and drama; but the interests are different on some points. If he gets a little more excited about your interests and hobbies, then it means that he is using common interests to develop a bond with you by making her like him.

Small Gifts

When a guy offers you small gifts like a brand new pen, a bouquet of flowers, chapstick, or any other things, then these are the signs of flirtatious signs. It means that he is paying a lot of attention to you and knows the things that you’re missing in your life. However, he doesn’t like to scare you by offering some type of grand gift.

Making Fun of Your Male Friends

If he is making fun of other guys with whom you talk and hang out, then it is a classic sign of flirting. If his remarks are negative and mean, then it is possible that he is jealous of them. However, if he asks you about the qualities of other guys that you hang out with, it is an obvious sign of flirtation.

Blushing Around You

If he is blushing around your company; his face and cheeks become red as soon as he or you talk about something personal. You should observe his color tone and how it changes when he talks to you, he is flirting with you if he blushes.


Perhaps you would have noticed that he compliments you often about your looks, dress, appearance, smile, laughter, and everything about you. It is important to keep in mind that complimenting is a great way to connect with you and show your interest in you.

Eye Contact

The other thing you would notice is that he makes eye contact with you while talking, it shows his interest in you. The eye contact would linger for a while, and then he would look away. He tries to make eye contact with you repetitively.

Looking At You

When we like someone, our body speaks the language unintentionally that we don’t have control over. For instance, his open body posture, arms, feet, and shoulders are directed toward you; they show his interest in you. If he is talking to someone else, but his body posture is directed toward you, then it shows his interest in you. Unconsciously, he does so because he wants to become closer to you.

Fixing His Hairs

One thing guys are most obsessed about their looks is their hair. If he likes you, then he is cautious about his looks and appearance and how you’re going to perceive him. While talking to you, you would see him rolling his fingers on his hair and head. It suggests that he is nervous around you and flirting with you.

Open Face Talking

Another unconscious and biological sign are when you like someone, then you have got open eyes, slightly raised eyebrows, flatted face, and parted lips. These signs suggest that he has got interested in you and your appearance baffles him and freaks him out a little.

Low Pitched Voice

If he likes you and has a crush on you, then he would lower his voice while talking to you. For instance, if his normal voice tone is a bit higher pitch but he speaks with a lower tone while talking to you. You should check it out next time when you meet, he is speaking with a lower-pitched voice, then he likes you and flirts with you.

Confiding With You

If he is sharing the personal details of his life with you like his relationships, pets, favorite things, likes, and dislikes; then it means that he flirts with you. It simply means that he trusts you, and that’s why he is confiding with you.

Conclusion: How Men Flirt – Top Signs 

After an in-depth study of top signs of how men flirt; we have realized that flirtation of men can be tricky sometimes. If you as the girl are wondering whether the boy is flirting with you or not, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and suggestions.