How To Announce Your Engagement On Social Media – Tips

Once you have decided to become engaged right after your partner has said yes to you. It is now time to make an announcement on social and let the world know that you have tied the knot. Social media posting is easy for some people and you may have seen hundreds of them, but setting up your engagement post and using the right captions can be challenging for others. If you are wondering how to announce your engagement, what to write, and what to avoid; then you are at the right place. Today, we’ll discuss the top tips on how to announce your engagement on social media.

How To Announce Your Engagement On Social Media – Tips 

Some of the main tips on how to announce your engagement on social media are as follows;

Engagement Photo Shoot

Instead of sharing random pictures of you and your fiancé on social media, you should have a proper engagement photo shoot. The photoshoot doesn’t have to be expensive and lavish, you should grab a friend, you and your partner put on the best dress, go to some well-lighted and scenic place, go down on your knees with a ring, and ask your friend to take pictures of you with their iPhone or any other smartphone. A formal announcement with nice photos in a controlled setting allows you to set the tone for the beautiful wedding.

Community & Modern Approach

We are living in a world of social media, the internet, and technology, and it has allowed us to connect with friends and family members living in various parts of the world. Announcing your engagement on social media is a modern approach to telling the community and society; like people used to read and see such engagement announcements on social media. Social media channels are the modern platforms of old newspapers, and they allow us to capture the moment and share it with the much larger community of the world. Therefore, you should try to do something great and memorable.

Reflection of You

It is possible that you may take a lot of photos, and you are now wondering what type of photo to share. Some people prefer to share smiling face photos, and others are camera shy and they only share the photo of the ring. For instance, if you are doing an engagement photo shoot, then you have got various options for the photos like hometown, mutually loved hotel, first kiss place, or first date or meeting.

Facebook Official

The best strategy for announcing it on social media platforms like Facebook is to change your FB status by changing from dating to engaged. Synchronizing the status change on two profiles would have a bigger impact on your social circle. In order to create a splashing impact, you should consider attaching the pictures and post along with the status change.

Create a Live Event

Social media platforms offer you a lot of flexible options when it comes to making an announcement, and you can do so in the form of FB life and Instagram stories.

  • FB live streaming allows you to come before the camera and tell your friends, family members, and followers about your engagement. You can tell them in the form of a story and people would respond to you in the comment box and you can talk to them back and forth.
  • The Instagram story helps you to create a post and point to the highlights after publishing; it would appear on the top of your profile. People could easily see it when they visit your profile

Announcement as an Invitation

You can’t afford to send a formal invitation card to all of your friends, acquaintances, and followers on social media. Rather you should write an announcement post and invite all your friends and acquaintances to participate in your celebration party. It is a perfect idea and it becomes a choice whether they should come to your wedding or not.

Tell Friends In Person

Before announcing it on social media, it is important that you should tell your friends, siblings, and other family members in person rather than surprising them with the FB post. Telling people through social media posts is an impersonal approach and it would create a wall and distance between your friends and closed people. Therefore, you should put your engagement announcement on hold before discussing it with parents and family members. Once you break the news and they find out through social media, they won’t forgive you for it.

Focus On You & Your Spouse

Your social media friends, acquaintances, and followers care about you and your life, and they don’t care about the cost and the money you have invested in your event. When it comes to sharing your engagement news on social media, your focus should be on the love bond between you and your finance and how you have met and popped the big questions. You should avoid disclosing financial details with strangers on social media.

Avoid Sharing Every Detail

Social media platforms are public and people could see your likes, comments, replies, posts, and captions whatever type of activities you are doing online. Therefore, you should only share the main news on social media, and discuss the personal details with family members in person. Most importantly, your social media post should be short, simple, and precise; rather than lengthy and indirect.

Be Ready For Their Reaction

You should be ready to face all types of reactions once you announce your engagement news on social media. It is because not everyone would congratulate you on your wedding, some of them would make a complaint for not inviting you or telling you in person, or some even laugh about it. Therefore, you should be ready to face all types of criticism and know how to deal with it.

Respond Graciously

A lot of people would comment on your engagement post, some of them have attended the event and others haven’t. Therefore, you should take the moment to respond to all of them graciously for participating in your event.

Conclusion: How To Announce Your Engagement On Social Media – Tips 

After an in-depth study of the top tips on how to announce your engagement on social media; we have realized that crafting social media announcement posts is a very subtle art. If you are planning to write an engagement announcement post, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and guidelines.