How to be Compassionate – Cultivating Tips

Compassion is a state when you feel the problems and struggles of the other person and take some steps to solve them. The main point here is to take actionable steps because true compassion means not feelings but helping others. Today, we’ll discuss how to be compassionate.

When you start practicing compassion in your life, then it reduces your negative feelings and intimates your relationships. When your mind becomes quiet, then you can receive the inner guidance clearly. However, people could feel the energy and vibes of your heart and personality when they meet you. You would have a fulfilling feeling when you make a contribution to the world.

How to be Compassionate 

Now, the question is how to be compassionate in your life, some of the main tips are as follows;

Practice Self Care

If you want to offer compassionate gestures to others, then first of all you should start it with yourself. When you put all the focus on yourself, then it doesn’t mean that you’re being selfish. However, it simply means “self-care” that you take care of your own needs. If a person has an abundance of energy, then one can serve others better. If you’re feeling good and exciting, then you can uplift the spirit of others and share your energy and vibes with them.

Presence Practice

Your focus should be on the present moment whenever you meet someone. You should avoid multitasking, looking at your phone or the TV screen, instead of paying heed to the person you’re with.

However, you should observe the body language of the other person, and try to develop and maintain eye contact with them, and not stare. You would feel compassion when you’re fully present.

Heal your own Trauma

If you’ve been through traumatic experiences and it hasn’t healed yet, then it’s probable that you would unintentionally traumatize others. Just like the abused children tend to become abusers when they grow up. However, if you require inner healing, then you should consult the psychotherapist, spiritual coach, or any professional that would help you to heal your inner-self. When you connect with your soul and heal yourself, then compassion comes to you naturally.

Listen Carefully

The road to compassion and inner healing is carefully listening. Often we don’t listen carefully, or listening becomes judgmental and biased. However, if you generously listen, then it creates a holly silence, and it allows you to hear the truth from the other perspective for the first time.

You know and recognize yourself in everyone while in the space of silent listening. Finally, it allows you to hear yourself, everyone around you, and even beyond them.

No Judgment

Intentionally or unintentionally, it has become our habit to judge and label things and people like good, bad, right, or wrong. What if we could let go of judgment, and believe in the fact that life is difficult and everyone is doing their best they can to survive. While releasing the judgment of others, you should also avoid self-judgment.

Practice Kindness

As Dalai Lama said, “my religion is kindness.” When I say kindness, it doesn’t mean people pleasing, seeking approval, or saying good things in order to make others feel happy. However, true kindness starts from completing yourself from within, where there is no differentiation between giver and receiver. Whether you’re offering gifts, forgiveness, or loving someone; then kindness offers a blessing on parties, giver, and receiver equally.

Move beyond Yourself

We develop a mindset while growing up that it’s all about us. The truth of the matter is that we all are the same and one. When you change your perception, then it impacts the way you see things. However, it doesn’t mean that you should sell low yourself in order to be polite, and that’s not compassion. It simply means broadening your horizon and awareness that connects all of us.

Put Yourself in Someone Else’s Shoes

Life and its circumstances aren’t easy, and everyone is doing the best they can in order to survive. You should be kind to others and accept the fact that everyone is fighting a hard battle.

Self Compassion

We all have inner critics inside of us that criticize us for our mistakes and wrongdoings. As long as the inner critic keeps on criticizing your imperfections, then you can’t be compassionate to others when they disclose their vulnerabilities.

Self-compassion means that you should be kind and tender to yourself, and fire your inner critic. While doing so, it allows you to find the nurturing and gentle force inside of you. It would allow you to align yourself to your higher self.

How to be compassionate

Feeling Joyfulness

Along with feeling the suffering and pain of others, you should also feel the joyfulness and happiness of others. You should stop feeling jealous and bitter about their success. If you’re feeling their pain, then you should celebrate their success. When you let go of competitive feelings, then it would allow you to build the best version of yourself.


If people have hurt you in the past, then you should let go of revengeful feelings. Your focus should be on healing your inner broken self. You can easily heal your heart when you forgive those who hurt you. You’re not doing it for them; you’re forgiving them for the peace of your own mind. If they’re sincere about their apology, then you should forgive them.


You shouldn’t avoid the wrongdoings that you have done in the past. If you have inflicted pain on others, then you should hear your conscience. When you realize your mistakes, then you should be compassionate to yourself.


Along with showing compassion, you should also be respectful. You should respect their individuality, decision-making, and their privacy. In short, you should be respectful to everyone.

Support their Dream

Our dreams and goals are the burning desire inside of us that makes us move in the right direction, so as theirs. Therefore, you should let other people know that you’ll be there for them and support their dreams and goals.

Conclusion: How to be Compassionate – Cultivating Tips

After an in-depth study of how to be compassionate, we’ve realized that feeling and showing compassion is one of the greatest gestures. It makes both parties feel great, the giver and the receiver. Therefore, you should follow and practice the abovementioned suggestions in your life.