How to Breakup With My Boyfriend in Person 

Breaking up with a person that you have lived with and engaged in a relationship with for some time is difficult; you would feel nervous. Before doing so, you should analyze the reasons that are causing the break and know what you are going to say to him. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to breakup with my boyfriend in person.

How to Breakup With My Boyfriend in Person 

Some of the main tips on how to breakup with my boyfriend in person are as follows;

Meet in Person

You have faced a lot of hurtful conflicts and disagreements in your relationship, and the best strategy is to end the relationship in person and face-to-face. If you are in a long-distance relationship, then you should plan a video call; if it is not convenient, then talk to him in a long audio call. You should avoid breaking up with him over text or instant messaging because it is more hurtful. If your partner is abusive, then calling and emailing is a much safer option.

Private Place

It is better if you could arrange a meeting in a private place, where you would have the privacy to easily express your emotions and feelings. You can go your separate ways once you finished talking to him. Meeting in the park or any other public place would be a much better option, rather than meeting in the house where things would become emotionally awkward and he is unwilling to leave. You are not sure how he would react and behave after learning about the breakup.

Schedule Time & Date

Speaking of meeting in person, you should allocate a particular time and date when you both are available for the meeting. The best time of breaking up is at the end of the day or early in the morning when he has the full day or night to process his emotions. Ideally speaking, you should break up with him on Friday evening when he has got the whole weekend to process his emotions.

Avoid Hasting

We say a lot of things that we don’t mean in the heat of the moment, arguments, and conflicts. You should avoid breaking up with him while fighting because you would lose him permanently. It is possible that you may want to reconcile and resolve things after some time, but it won’t be possible if you breakup with him on bad terms.

Not Taking So Much Time

Along with not rushing into things, you should avoid holding on to the conversation for a long time. You should avoid dragging the breaking up conversation for a long time, and he would hear it from someone else.

Know What to Say

You should paraphrase the thoughts and words in your mind whatever you’re going to say to him, or rehearse it in the company of any trusted friend. It is important to anticipate his questions and concerns in advance and get your answers ready for them. When you prepare yourself in advance, then it allows you to remember the important points and avoid saying things in haste that you would regret later on.

Come to the Point

Breaking up is difficult and hard, but the conversation doesn’t have to be long. Lengthy conversations would baffle his mind and he would confuse breaking up sentences with other things. You should tell him in clear words that you have made up your mind and come to the main point as quickly as possible without engaging in unnecessary details.

Be Clear & Direct

Since breakup is a very painful and sensitive matter, you should be firm with your verbal clarification. There is no room for double meaning and diplomatic statements. You should be direct and clear with your statement, and tell him clearly what you want and that you have made up your mind. It is better to tell him in clear words that the relationship is not working and it would be best if you go separate ways.

Avoid Lying To Console Him

Your boyfriend would feel sad, in pain, or start crying; but you should avoid lying to him and giving him false hopes in order to make him feel good. If you tell him that you are breaking up because you have to pay heed to the other pressing issues, then you are leading him on and giving him false hopes that things would go back to normal after the crisis.

Listen To Him

After listening to the breakup news, it is possible that your boyfriend would like to say something and share his views. If he is speaking and talking about something, then you should be respectful and carefully listen to him. However, if he starts begging and pleading to change your mind and make your stay, then you should firmly tell him to leave.

Finish Conversation Positively

When it comes to wrapping things up, you should end the conversation with a positive note that you would always remember the good things about him. Saying good things at the end would make him feel better and relaxed that you are breaking up on good terms, rather than fighting and arguing.

Stop Contacting Him

After breaking up with him, you should cut off all ties with him. It means unfriending and unfollowing on social media, blocking their cell number if it comes to it, and not texting and replying to them at all. When you remove and delete him from all the platforms, then it removes all the temptations of reaching out to him.

Gather Support

Breakup is difficult and hard whether you initiated it or your partner did; it is equally hurtful. In order to grieve and heal yourself, you should reach out to friends and family members, accompany them and spend time with them. The moral and emotional support you receive from them would help you to go back to your routine life as soon as possible.

Follow New Routine

Breaking up with your boyfriend would create a space in your life, and it would badly impact you if you simply avoid it. In order to fill the empty void, you should develop a new routine, start exercising, reading books, and engaging in other activities to occupy your mind and remain busy.

Conclusion: How to Breakup With My Boyfriend in Person 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to breakup with my boyfriend in person; we have realized that breaking up is a very painful and hard experience. If you are planning to breakup with your boyfriend, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and guidelines.