How to Deal with a Narcissist – Tips 

A narcissist is a type of person that doesn’t have empathy and has a self-centered personality. NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) is a serious mental health condition that needs the diagnosis and assistance of any professional psychologist or psychotherapist. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to deal with a narcissist.

Some of the traits that narcissistic people exhibit are as follows;

  • Not caring and recognizing the needs of other people
  • Using and taking advantage of others
  • Always requiring others to praise you
  • Having a very high and inflated sense of self-image

Things would aggravate, as the people with NPD condition have a very sensitive nature even to the slightest criticism when they have the high self-esteem.

How to Deal with a Narcissist – Tips 

Some of the practical tips on how to deal with a narcissist are as follows;

Make them See Who They Are

Narcissistic people are very good at showing charm and becoming good when it comes to it. You should try to resist their big promises and grand ideas. Usually, they’re good at doing it in the workplace environment.

Before attracting them or being influenced by them, you should pay attention to how they treat people when they aren’t on stage or on camera. If you find them disrespecting blatantly, manipulating, and lying to other people, then you should keep in mind that they would do the same for you.

You may hear them saying that your needs and wants are not important to them. When you bring up the subject, they would deny it. However, the first step to dealing with narcissistic people is to accept the fact that’s what they really are, and you can’t do anything to change them.

Break the Spell of Self-Centered

When a narcissistic person is around the circle, they would like to have all the attention on themselves. It doesn’t matter whether the attention is positive or negative, a narcissistic person would work very hard to gain the spotlight. You would find yourself in a situation where you would put aside your needs and wants to keep them satisfied.

If you’re waiting for them to stop or to have a break, such a moment would never come. It doesn’t matter how many comprises you make to suit their needs and wants, they’ll never be sufficient. If you have to deal with a narcissistic person, then you should never allow them to define your work and your sense of self. You should remind yourself of your goals, wishes, and strengths, and your personality matters.

You should give yourself the “me time” and take care of yourself. Remember that it’s not your job to fix them.

Speak Up for Yourself

There are some instances when walking away and avoiding it is the appropriate response, right. But it depends on the type of person and relationship you’re dealing with, whether it’s your spouse, parent, boss, child, sibling, or coworker. However, narcissistic people love making fun of others. If this is the case, you shouldn’t show them your annoyance; otherwise, they would continue to do so.

You have a right to speak up for yourself if someone close to you exhibits narcissistic traits. You should share your concerns in a gentle, calm, and kind manner, and tell them how their behavior and words affect you. What is acceptable and not, you should tell them clearly how you would like to be treated. You should be ready to accept the fact that they won’t either care or understand it.

Setting Boundaries

Narcissistic people have a self-absorbed personality. They think that they have the entitlement to make others feel how they like, go through your personal stuff, say whatever they want, and go wherever they like. They’ll take credit for the things that you have completed in your life just by giving your unsolicited advice. They would compel you to share personal details about your life in public.

Often, they would cross boundaries without realizing it, and they don’t care about their personal space. You have to inform them clearly about the boundaries that are important to you. They would pay attention to things when they affect them personally. If you’re talking about the consequences and threats, make sure they aren’t idle and you have the capability to carry them out. Otherwise, they won’t pay heed to you the next time.

Expect Resistance

When you speak up for yourself and you should expect the narcissistic person to respond. After standing up for yourself and setting the boundaries, they would come up with their own demands. In fact, they would make you feel guilty and manipulate you into believing that you’re controlling and being unreasonable. They would play the sympathy card with you, if you step back, they are not going to take you seriously next time.

Not Your Fault, Remember

Narcissistic person would never accept responsibility for their actions and admit their mistakes. Instead, they would pose their negative trait to you or someone else. It’s possible that their blame game convinces you, but you don’t have to be too hard on yourself. You shouldn’t let anyone control you.

Support Network

If you don’t have a choice to avoid the narcissistic person, then you should develop a support network and build a healthy relationship with them. A narcissistic person would drain out all of your energy when you spend a lot of time with them. Therefore, you should reunite with your old friends and make new ones, and spend time with your family members. You should expand your social circle and develop a new hobby, and accompany those people with whom you feel comfortable.

Insist on Immediate Action

Narcissistic people are excellent at making promises, and they promise you what you’re looking for and won’t do the things that you hate. In fact, they are sincere and honest with their promises sometimes. You should keep in mind that their promises are simply meant to end. After getting what they want, their motivation level is over, and you can’t count on their words anymore. If you have to make to deal with them, then tell them that you would only fulfill their request after they have done it.

Recognize NPD Person Needs Help

Narcissistic people don’t see their attitude and behavior as a problem, and that’s why they don’t think that they need professional help. Along with NPD conditions, they also experience other types of issues like personality disorders, mental health, substance abuse, and others. You can only offer suggestions to them to seek out the professional because it is their responsibility, but you can’t make them. 

Keep in mind that NPD is a mental health condition, and there’s no excuse for their abusive behavior.

Know when you Need Help

If you have to deal with a narcissistic person consistently, then it would have a negative impact on your mental and physical health. If you’re experiencing physical health issues, depression, and anxiety, then you should consult with a doctor or therapist. You should find support from your friends and family members, and you don’t have to go alone.

Conclusion: How to Deal with a Narcissist – Tips 

After an in-depth study of how to deal with a narcissist; we have realized that NPD is a serious mental health issue. If you are dealing with one such person, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips in your life.