How to Deal with Anger

Feeling angry under certain circumstances is normal. In fact, it has a positive impact because it pushes to solve problems and go through difficult issues. When anger becomes out of control, then it becomes a severe problem and it results in the form of physical altercation, outburst, or aggression. Therefore, it’s significant to keep your anger under control, so that you don’t say or do anything that would have far-reaching consequences. Today, we’ll discuss how to deal with anger and offer you various anger management techniques. 

How to Deal with Anger-Suggestions 

It’s time to discuss anger management techniques so that you learn how to deal with anger. Some of them are as follows; 

Looking for Creative Ways 

When you’re angry and upset, then you should channel your anger towards doing something productive like poetry, gardening, exercise, and other artwork. Strong feelings and emotions play a significant role and act like a goosebump for creative people, and it helps them to decrease angry feelings. 

Sharing your Anger

If you’re feeling angry, then it’s okay to share your emotions in the right way. For instance, you should talk with a trusting and loyal friend with confidence, and he would reply to you calming response. Remember that out bursting and shouting would resolve anything. The only way you can calm down your stress and angry feelings are by having a mature talk. 


Empathy means that you should put yourself in the other person’s position and try to comprehend his/her predicament. While doing so, helps you to understand the whole situation and lowers down your anger. 


It requires a lot of courage and stamina to forgive someone, especially the person who has wronged you in the past. If it’s too much for you to forgive that person, then you should forgive them in your imagination, even so, it lowers down your anger. 

Writing a Letter

You should write an email or a letter to the person who has made you furious and then delete it. The point is to express your emotion in any form, and then delete it, so that no one could see it. 

Set Timer 

When you’re angry, then you shouldn’t say anything that comes to your mind the first time. Instead, you should give yourself some time to reply, and then say something. While doing so, helps you to calm your anger and answer reasonably. 


You should take a moment to be grateful for everything you have in your life, especially when things aren’t working for you. When you do that, then it shifts your focus on the things that you have in life, rather than what is not. Resultantly, it calms down your mind and lowers your stress level. 


Laughter is a very good technique to lower your anger. You should shift your focus to funny things like social media memes, watching stand-up comedy, or playing with kids. All of these things diffuse your anger. 

Talking with Friends 

You shouldn’t keep things to yourself and bury them in your heart because they would explode sooner or later. Therefore, you should share your angry feelings with a trusted friend in confidence, and it would help you to see things from various perspectives. 

Changing your Life routine 

If traveling and the work route make you furious, then you should use an alternative route that is comfortable. It would take a lot of time to find a new route or a better commute. When it finally happens, then it would make you less upset.  

Stop Sign 

The stop sign is a universal symbol that people use when they’re angry in order to calm down their minds. You should set various boundaries in your mind and visualize the stop sign in your mind, it means you should stop listening anymore and walk away from the situation. 

Practice your Response 

In order to stop yourself from bursting out, you should prepare and practice your response in your mind that how you would reply in certain situations. It’s a great technique to come up with many possible solutions and practice them. 

Immediate Solution 

Your friends are going to visit you and your kid has created a lot of mess in the room just before their arrival. You should shut down the door, and keep him/her out of your sight. It’s a quick and temporary technique of calming your anger. 

Journal Writing 

When you’re angry and you don’t want to say things out loud, then you should gather your thoughts and write them down on paper. While doing so, calms down your stress level and lowers your furious emotional feelings. 

Doing Something 

You should use your energy and emotions in the right way by involving city officials in the matter and starting the petition. This is the best healthy and productive way to use your energy and emotions. 

Taking Time 

You should take a break, give yourself a “me time,” sit down, and relax your mind in order to neutralize your emotions. When you schedule your life routine away from others, then it helps you to regain control over your senses. 

Stop Talking 

When you’re angry, then you desperately want to shout out your infuriating words. If you do so, then it would do more harm than good. You should keep your mouth shut like glued. When you remain quiet, then it would you to gather your thoughts. 

Playing Tunes 

Music is the best medicine against stress and angry emotion. You should play the music, and let your thoughts carry away with music. It’s also helpful if you start humming your favorite music. 

Mental Escape 

If something is frustrating, then you should go to the quiet room, close your energy, and imagine relaxing and soothing scenery in your mind. After that, you should focus your mind on the details like birds, mountains, waterfall, colors, and sounds. The more you go into the details, the more it would relax your mind. 


In an angry situation, you should strengthen your legs, arms, and shoulder, and put your body in a relaxed posture like a yoga position. You don’t need fancy equipment for this, and it relaxes your mind. 

Repeat the Phrase 

In order to calm down your mind, you should start repeating certain words in your mind like relax, calm down, and everything is going to be okay. When you say it over and over again, then it makes a good impact on your mind. 

Walking & Exercising 

You should perform physical exertion, country walk, hiking, biking, and other activities to lower your angry emotions. When you do physical exercises, then it calms down your angry feelings. 

Deep Breathe 

Your breathing becomes quick and speedy when you’re angry. Therefore, you should reverse the process and start taking deep breathes from your nose and mouths. Deep inhaling and exhaling reduce your anger. 

Count Down 

When you’re angry, then you should start the reverse count down from 1000. Our mind isn’t accustomed to doing that, when you do that, then it slows down your processing and defocuses your mind. 

Conclusion: How to Deal with Anger 

After an in-depth study of how to deal with anger, we’ve realized that infuriating remarks put us in a very bad position sometimes. If you practice the abovementioned techniques in your mind, then it would help to manage the angry emotions.