How to Deal with Depression

Depression is a state of mind where you feel an emptiness inside of you and it makes you feel sad, upset and drains all of your energy. I know that we all get such feelings now and then, and they go away within a few days. For a depressed patient, such feelings don’t go away. Today, we’ll discuss how to deal with depression.

How to deal with depression – Pro Tips 

When we say how to deal with depression, then it’s not easy to break the cycle of the depressed state of mind. However, there are steps that you can take to overcome depression and get control over your sense. Some of those steps are as follows; 

Sufficient Sleep 

One of the common side effects of depression is that it badly impacts your sleep. When you don’t get eight hours of sleep every day at night, then the symptoms of depression start aggravating. Therefore, you should set a schedule of going to bed at the same time and waking in the morning. When you set a balanced routine of getting sufficient sleep, then it keeps you fresh the whole day. 

Exercise and Walk 

Many studies have shown that physical exertion and exercise are the best techniques to fight depression. However, if you don’t feel like exercising and leaving your bed, then you should make your mind for a stroll and short walk. When you start walking and then do exercises from there. 

Carefully Eat & Drink 

Simple formula, what you put into your body, impacts your feelings. The important thing to remember is that there is no such thing as a magic diet and medicine that could treat your depression. 

Therefore, you should add grains, vegetables, and meat to your diet. You should avoid stimulating drinks like alcohol, soda, coffee, and caffeine. You are starting to feel better when you say no to industrially processed food, preservatives, and sugar. If you have financial means, then you should consult with a dietitian. 


Stress and anxiety act as a catalyst and they could amplify your depression level. Therefore, you should learn deep breathing, yoga, and meditation techniques to calm down your mind and stress level. When you do that, it brings a sense of joy and balance in life. 

Be Grateful 

When you do something that you like and make you feel happy, then it boosts your energy and improves your mental health. Therefore, you should take some time to be grateful for the things you have in your life. Many research studies have shown that gratitude has a positive psychological impact on our mental wellbeing. However, sending written gratitude notes is equally good. 

Volunteer Work 

If you want to hunt down two birds with one stone, then you should participate in the volunteer work. On the surface, volunteering your services means that you’re helping out a friend. In reality, volunteer work is boosting your energy, amplifying your mental health, and lowering your stress level. 

Try New Things 

Your mind becomes monotonous and dull when you do things over and over again. You should do something completely new and different; then it would challenge your neurons. Many research studies have also shown that new things improve your social relationships and your mental wellbeing. If you want to enjoy the benefit of your mind, then learn new things like cooking, sports, dancing, creative art, etc. 

Accompany Loved Ones 

Depression compels you not to accompany your friends and relatives, and you give up on your relationships one by one. When you meet your friends and loved ones face-to-face, then it lowers the depression level. if you can’t afford to meet them face-to-face, then chat with them over video/audio call. 

Your friends and family care about you and you aren’t a burden on them. You should talk to them, whenever you’re in the mood.  


Mother Nature is the best medicine against depression. Studies have shown that those who spend time in nature have better mental health. When you expose yourself to sunlight, then it amplifies your serotonin level and that puts you in a better mood temporarily. 

Therefore, you should spend some time in the park, accompany trees, flowers, and walk there for a while. You should go out hiking on the weekends. Such activities allow you to connect with nature and gain some energy out of it. 

Listening Music 

Studies have shown that music has a great impact on our moods and bringing positive emotions. It helps you to lower the signs of depression. However, the impact of music is multiple when you listen to it in a group setting like a band. Just listening to music is equally beneficial in depression. 

Do Enjoyable Things 

Depression creates such mental fatigue that has a very deep impact. To fight back, you should do something that makes you feel happy and has a soothing impact on your mind. It could be in the form of biking, walking, hiking, painting, or playing music. When you perform such activities, then it boosts your energy and changes your mood. 

Develop a Routine 

Depression disturbs everything in your life. If you want to take control of your life back, then develop a simple routine of your life. Like waking up on time, same time for lunch/dinner/supper, and going to bed on time. It doesn’t mean that you have to plan every minute of the day. Following the loose and structure, routine every day allows you to be in control of your life. 

Rewarding yourself

You should acknowledge and recognize all of your achievements, big or small regardless of their size or number. The point is that you should recognize your accomplishments, whenever you achieve something in your life. When you do recognize your success, then it amplifies your morale, and that is a positive step in fighting depression. However, it’s much better than negative self-feedback. 

Achievable Goals 

When you’re developing the goals, then you should set such goals and objectives that are easily achievable. Long, difficult, and lengthy goals could be stressful and difficult to manage. Like taking the trash out, answering only the time-sensitive emails, and fixing the pile by colors. When you complete all the small goals and objectives, after that you should move towards the bigger tasks. 

Do the Opposite 

We all have a negative and critical voice inside of us that creates self-doubts within us. You should use logic, recognize that voice, and do the opposite. For instance, your inner voice tells you not to go to the party, and then use logic that going to the party is much better than sitting at home. That’s how you should recognize negative thoughts and deal with them. 

Focus on the Details 

Any recollection of the negative event could trigger depression. At that time, our mind focuses only on one negative point, instead of every other thing that was positive. Therefore, you should stop generalizing things, and focus on the good things. In fact, you should write down all the positive points, and then all the negative things. 

After that, you should make the comparison, and give weighting to such a list that has better good points. 

Today doesn’t Predict Tomorrow 

Your moods and emotions of today don’t predict tomorrow. If you aren’t successful today, it doesn’t mean the ending of opportunities in the future. However, you should remind that some days are good, and other days are challenges. You should have a positive outlook on the future. 

Constructive Work 

You can control your feelings and emotions temporarily, but it has a negative impact on your mental health in the long term. If you’re feeling down, then feel those emotions and try to get out of such a state of mind. You should consider writing down your emotions into words; it is a good way to express your emotions. It would make you feel better after. 

Meet where you are 

Millions of people are fight depression. You may not know their emotion and feelings whatever they’re fighting in their lives. Therefore, it’s important that you should pay attention to your mental health and accept your state of mind. The main element of self-treatment while going through depression is to love yourself. 

Clinical Treatment if Needed 

If it makes you feel that things are getting out of hand and you don’t know what to do anymore in your life. You should reach out to a professional therapist and consult with him/her. 

Conclusion: How to deal with depression 

After an in-depth study of how to deal with depression, we’ve realized that depression is such a mental state where you don’t know your feelings. If you’re going through such mental fatigue feelings, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned suggestions.