How to Deal with Fear

Many people create plans to change their life at the beginning of the years. Some of those plans work out, and the others don’t. There could be a number of reasons for their failure, and one of them is fear. Some people are fearful of success, and others are fearful of failure. Today, we’ll discuss how to deal with fear. 

What makes you afraid? 

There are many things that make you afraid like fear of failure, fire, fear of the unknown, meet new people, fear of public speaking, and etc. This fear of failure doesn’t let you do everything right and you make mistakes. It’s important to keep in mind that the level of fear varies from person to person. 

What fear feels like? 

When a wave of fear stuck a person, then his mind and body start working at a much higher rate. Some of the main feelings are as follows; 

  • Tense muscles 
  • Dry mouth 
  • Cold and cold sweats 
  • Can’t eat and swallow things
  • The feeling of frozen at the moment 
  • Feeling dizzy 
  • Difficult to focus on anything 
  • Lose stomach feeling 
  • Perspiring a lot 
  • The feeling of weak muscles 
  • Very fast breathing 
  • Irregular and fast heartbeat 

How to deal with fear-Tips & Suggestions 

It’s to address the main question of how to deal with fear, some of the top suggestions and ways are as follows; 

Learn from others for Motivation 

There are many things in our routine lives that we won’t think of doing for ourselves, but we’re willing to do it for other people. Once Hyrum Smith, co-founder of FranklinCovey asked a lady during the show that she considers the possibility of crossing the standard metal beam from the top of the skyscraper building. Her reply was negative. 

He posed the question again what if you would get a million dollars. She still said no. Finally, he asked what if a person is holding your baby on the other building and threatens to drop the baby if you don’t cross it. The change in circumstances changed your answer. 

Change Strategy 

There is a proverbial saying “if you want to succeed, then try, try again.” If you look at it critically, then it’s insane to use to same technique over and over again, and expect different results. However, if you’re being fearful of trying it again because of the past failure, then you should find out the reason why it failed. Once you do, then you should use a different methodology to change the result. 

Positive Attitude 

Consider what if the success is guaranteed, then what things you would do it differently. It’s probable that you would use more than one technique. You would also work harder than anyone else. The point is that the reason successful people are at the top is that they have the positive attitude of succeeding, using different methods, and not quitting when others have given up.  

Follow Others & Find Recipe 

You should question your methodology that whether you’re following the technique of someone that has succeeded before, or you’re following a completely new strategy. It’s better if you search out the formula for success. Check out any of the books on the topic of your area, and find out the formula that meets your requirements. 

Find Help & Support 

If you’re afraid of something, then you don’t have to do it alone. You should look for support or a mentor that would help you to get you through this. For instance, students have teachers and trainers, and athletes and sportsmen have coaches. A friend even without expertise relevant to your field is a great help to face the fear and not be alone. 

Sense of Proportion 

How big of a thing that is making you fearful. Sometimes, a fear of success or failure gets hold of your senses that you don’t realize the value of other things. You should ask yourself the worst thing that could happen after facing the fearful thing. The reality could be bad, but the fearful image you’re keeping in your head is worse than the reality of happening. 

Visualize Success 

Sportsmen and athletes perceive the image of success hundreds and thousands of times before actually achieving it. This visualization in your mind boosts your spirit and makes your body move. You can follow the same strategy in whatever you’re doing. 

Use Peer Pressure 

It’s possible that you may have done something with friends that you wouldn’t have thought of doing it alone, like jumping off the bridge into the river. Such type of peer pressure could be a good influence or a bad one depending on the situation. Therefore, you should accompany such people that would push you to face your worst fear. 

Role Play 

According to a study, public speaking is one of the sources of fear in the US and it’s even before the fear of death. If your fear is relevant to public performance, then role-playing is a very good activity. As they say, practice makes you perfect. According to Gallo, it’s ideal if you practice it a minimum of 10 times. 

Educate Yourself 

The reason people are being fearful is because of the unknown. If your fear is relevant to the limited information, then you should get the education and information, so that you could better understand the situation. 

Think in the Long Term 

If you’re a business person and you’re fearful of the limited monthly turnout, then you should look at the situation in the long term. Like 3 months and 3 years from now. I know perceiving the situation in the long term won’t fix the problem, but it would change your perspective and makes you see things objectively. 

Talk about your Fear 

When you avoid your fear, then it aggravates within you. If you want to handle the fear, then you should talk about it. However, you should put it down in words, and say it out loud. 

Do something & Stay there 

People usually appreciate those who have a quick decision mechanism, deliberate planning, and moving towards the action. It’s important to mention it here that hast actions have ruined many things. Therefore, when you’re facing a fearful situation, then don’t just make a haste decision. You should wait and take the right course of action. 

Embrace Fear 

Fear is our survival instinct and it is not inherently good or bad. It makes us be active and take the course of action that we need for our survival. Therefore, you should accept fear as being the source of the guide. 


Breathing plays a significant role when you’re going a fearful situation. The repetitive short breaths have a negative impact on your body and may cause panic and anxiety attacks. Therefore, you should have control over your breathing by taking a long deep breath while facing a fearful situation. Slowly inhaling and exhaling calm down your body. 


Mindfulness allows you to recognize your fear. When you know your fear, then it becomes easier for you to manage it. However, it’s a passive activity. You should sit back, relax, take a tour of memories, think about it, and it would help you to get out of the miserable state of mind. 

Nature as Therapist 

Counselor and support group is good, but it won’t always be there for you. Instead, you should use nature as your therapist by going for walk, enjoying the beauty of flowers, insects, and birds, and sit for a while in the park. Accompanying nature can help you to decrease fear and anxiety level. Remember, nature is the best medicine and counselor.  

Conclusion: How to deal with fear 

After an in-depth study of how to deal with fear, we’ve concluded that fear plays a significant role in our lives, good/bad depending on the situation. If you’re going through a fearful situation, then follow and practice the abovementioned suggestion to manage your fear and anxiety.