How to Deal with Frustration – Tips 

If someone tells you to stay at home and don’t go out, the period of self-isolation could make your mind go crazy. Being stuck in a place or among people where you don’t feel comfortable is a highly frustrating experience. However, when things don’t work out the way you want them to be, then it makes you feel annoyed. Today, we’ll discuss how to deal with frustration, and tips to deal with it.

What is Frustration? 

Frustration is a state of feelings when you experience either being annoyed or upset in a certain situation. It’s a normal and natural response to situations and circumstances that are out of your control.

The exact feelings and expressions of frustration are difficult to describe in words, and their experience comprises annoyance, disappointment, and anger. Frustration and anger aren’t productive emotions. We can’t control the way we feel things, but we can change our responsibility towards it.

How to Deal with Frustration – Tips 

We all experience frustration in our routine life now and then. If you have to channel your negative feelings and energy, then you should do in the following ways;

Washing your Face

Washing your face with cold water doesn’t just make you good and refreshing. In fact, it develops a mammalian diving reflex that slows down your breathing and heart rate. If you want to lower the physical signs and symptoms, then you should disrupt the feedback loop of your brain and lower the emotionally frustrating response.

Be Organized

You should channel your energy into streamlining your life by future planning and cleaning your room. When you channel your energy into developing something productive, then it would remove your frustrations level. You’ll achieve something whatever you’re looking for.

Listen to Music

Listening to music has got a great impact on your brain and mind. You should find happy and relaxing music and convert your frustrating emotions into enjoyable emotions. Dancing would make an extra impact.

Be Creative

Creative art like writing, poetry, painting, drawing, and crafting is a great way to express your emotions. You can use other art forms to express your emotions into something productive.


Research studies have shown that gardening offers many health benefits in terms of decreasing stress and anxiety. If you don’t have outdoor space in your house, then you should have indoor plants that have got a great impact on your mental health.


Our mind gets overwhelmed by emotions now and then, and it needs to reset and rest. You should take a short nap of 20 minutes and put your mind to rest. After the rest, you’ll be ready and refreshed to start the day with a new perspective.

Distract yourself

Dwelling on your feelings won’t help you in any way. Therefore, you should distract your attention by detaching yourself from your anger. You should perform any activity that needs your full attention.

Play with your Pet

Playing with your pet is the best way to find support and comfort. Studies have shown when you’re in contact with animals, and then it lowers the blood pressure and stress level. When your dopamine and serotonin level is high, it would make you feel calm and relaxed.

Give yourself a Treat

Sometimes you should give yourself a treat by leisurely sitting on the couch, eating your favorite snacks, and watching a movie. If you do that, then it’s completely okay and understandable. But it shouldn’t become a routine habit and waste your valuable time.

Manage Expectations

The negative feelings overwhelm us when we have high expectations from others. You should understand the fact that you can’t predict the behavior of anyone. What you can do is to change your mental framework and don’t hold others accountable to meet your standards, it would only hurt you by doing that.

Spend Time Outside

You should go for a short walk in the park, around the block, or in your backyard. Even getting a refreshing air for 60 seconds would refresh your brain and mind. It’s better if you ground yourself by sitting or standing bare food on the ground in order to connect with Mother Nature.

Write a Journal

If you’re facing frustrating feelings and you don’t what is causing it or why it’s happening. You should write a journal in order to process your emotions and situation. It’s the right approach to deal with the situation and calm down your emotions.


If you keep your angry feeling inside, it would aggravate things. Therefore, you should share your feelings with a trusted friend. The emotional outlet should be brief and for a short time, and you don’t have to dwell on it for a very long time. After fifteen emotional outlets, you should change the topic and talk about the positive things.


If you want a less exhausting workout, then practicing yoga is a very good workout for the movement of your body. Various yoga poses offer a lot of mental and physical health benefits like calmness, back pain, or stress and anxiety level.


Physical exercising is a healthy activity to push adrenaline, release energy, regulate stress levels, and elevate your mood. If you can perform the physical exercises, then you should go for a run. If you want to do it under the guidance of an instructor, then you should get the help of a local gym trainer or online.


Meditation is a great exercise to connect with the inner-self. It allows you to develop a space between your emotions and thoughts and be aware of it. You should consider guided meditation if you’re new either online or in person, however you feel comfortable.

Muscle Relaxation

High emotions could make our muscles tense and our body responds to them accordingly. If you’re relieving the physical tension in your body, then it would relax your muscles. You should lie down comfortably and release the muscular tension slowly by inhaling and exhaling.

Breathing Exercise

Perhaps you’d have noticed that your breaths are short and shallow. When taking deep breaths, the brain gets a sufficient amount of oxygen and it would help you to calm down. The best way to do that is to breathe in for four seconds; hold it in for four seconds, and then exhale.

Conclusion: How to Deal with Frustration – Tips 

After an in-depth study of how to deal with frustration; we’ve realized that frustrating emotions could jeopardize your routine life activities. If you want to control your emotions, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips in your life.