How to Dirty Flirt Over Text – Tips 

It is no doubt we’re living in the world of smartphones and digital media platforms, and we all send and receive text messages all the time. But crafting the right message to turn on the mood of your girlfriend or boyfriend is still a great mystery and art. Today, we’ll try to solve this mystery of how to dirty flirt over text.

Sending the right text messages would make her or him feel comfortable talking to you; it smoothes things out and fills the air when you find an opportunity to meet each other in person. Your goal should be on creating sexual tension and having fun. If your focus is on sexual text messages, then they would know that you only want to sleep with them and they won’t take you seriously. You should be playful and act mysterious.

Some charming and attractive boys and girls think that they can flirt with anyone, and the other person would welcome their flirting. Or they’re under the wrong impression that people would approach them and start flirting with them. However, they’re wrong with their assumptions, they make mistakes, and waste a lot of their and your time.

How to Dirty Flirt Over Text – Tips 

Some of the main tips on how to dirty flirt over text are as follows;

Ensure Mutual Attraction

There is no room for error and misinterpretation while approaching and start flirting with your potential partner. The only way dirty flirt texting would work is when both partners like and have an attraction toward each other. You have to double make sure that he or she likes you and shows interest in you in the form of emojis, comments, heart and kissing emojis, and texting you all the time.

Don’t be Lazy in Opening

You should avoid starting with lazy and formal texts like hey, hi, what’s up, or you up. They’re lazy, careless, and less appetizing. It puts all the conversational response and interest on the other person; it is good if they reply to it with interest or they won’t. However, the ball is out of your court with formal texting. Your opening should compel them to reply to you with the same enthusiasm. For instance, you can start with “hey charming face” or “hey sexy pants.”

Setting the Tone

If you’re opening the text subject with the Ukraine war or the pandemic crisis, then you’re not creating the sexy vibes and playful response in your partner. If you want the other person to show interest in you, then you have to set the right tone of playful, fun, and sexy vibes. For instance, you can send them a picture or song, and tell them this reminds me of you.

If both of you have a history and know each other very well, then you should share a picture with an inside joke. The point is to let the other person know that you’re thinking about them and care about them. It would make the other person feel special.

Nude or Not?

If both of you are feeling comfortable and have the impression that both of you could share with each other. Sending a charming artistic picture or half nude picture of you with a right or playful caption does not fall under the category of breaking the category. However, it depends on how you have set up the tone of the message. If you haven’t developed the frankness and connection of sharing everything, then sending nude photos won’t make a good impression. The receiver should be ready mentally to receive nude photos from you.

Asking Questions

Asking questions about their life and themselves are a great way to show interest. It can be a bit boring to start with the text of “how are you” or “how are you doing.” But you can ask them by sending their latest photo or any other activity. It means that you care about them and could read things behind the lines. After receiving their answer, you can offer suggestions and recommendations.

Horny Questions

You can also ask them a few intimate questions if both of you have developed the connection and right tone of attitude. For instance, “what we’re going to do if we are together” or “you plan of doing one we meet in person” and other similar questions.


Being romantic is a great way to get someone off their feet and make them excited. If the attraction is mutual, then everyone loves romance. You should tell him or her straightforward words “you like romance.” It would set the intentions straight, and they would be wondering about various types of things in their mind in a good way.

Flirt Nicknames

You can use various types of flirting nicknames for your partners like beautiful lips, charming faces, sweet cheeks, sultry temptress, sugar bun, stud muffin, or something. But you have to be sure that your partner likes the nickname that you’re using. You can use any type of horny and sexy nickname for your partner, but it has to be acceptable to your partner.

Gifs, Pic, and Memes

If you have come across any funny, charming, attractive, or playful meme or picture, then you should share it with your partner. It would say a lot of things on your behalf, and you don’t have to say anything especially if you have got the same types of interests.

Creating Sexual Tension

You should try to create some sexual tension between you and your potential in a playful manner. For instance, you should text her or him “let’s do it, I mean hang out, but not sex.” When you text let’s do it, then he or she would wonder about sexual intercourse. You should clarify a few seconds later that you meant to hang out. Indirectly suggesting something would open up the door for sexual tension.

You can also do it by turning something sexual once he or she mentions something. For instance, if they text about 6 inches of snow, then you can say 6 inches can be satisfactory. That’s how you can turn something serious into sexual.

Let Her Open Up

You have to make them feel comfortable while texting you. They should feel free to say or text any type of thing by knowing that you won’t judge them back. It only happens when they know you very well, and then they would open up sexually and mentally.

Respect Her Privacy

You have to let them know that it is okay for them to open up about their feelings and interests, and you would accept them whoever and whatever they’re. It doesn’t mean that you have to agree with all of their fantasies. It would only imply that you acknowledge their thoughts and ideas without judgment. The best way to encourage someone to share something about their life is to share something private first.

Conclusion: How to Dirty Flirt Over Text – Tips 

After an in-depth study of how to dirty flirt over text; we have realized that dirty flirt texting requires a lot of soul searching, confidence, and the right approach. If you’re planning to do it, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and guidelines.