How to Express Gratitude – Benefits & Tips

Many poets and philosophers have always considered gratitude a very charming and beautiful attitude in life. We all are grateful for various things in our lives, why not express our gratefulness. Today, we’ll discuss how to express gratitude; the benefits of expressing it, and tips to do it.

Benefits of Expressing Gratitude 

Expressing gratitude plays a significant role in our lives in terms of our physical health, spirituality and spiritual health, and mental health and psychology. Some of the main benefits of expressing gratitude are as follows;

Social Benefits

Gratitude is the key element when we talk about developing and maintaining our social relationships. It serves an important social function of promoting our relationships with others that share our preferences, likes, needs, and dislikes. Most importantly, the expression of gratitude is such a social behavior that makes others feel worthwhile and valuable. It decreases the feelings of uncertainty whether they like and appreciate us or not.  


Expressing Gratitude also develops positive feelings in you, and it has a great link to your emotional health and overall well-being of a person. Studies have shown that when you share gratitude consistently, then it creates energy, determination, attentiveness, enthusiasm, and alertness in you.


The expression of gratitude has links with the psychological well-being of a person in terms of happiness, managing stress, resilience, and developing positive emotions. We all have a different definition of happiness, and we all want to be happy regardless of our definitions. It’s a good life if you pursue happiness via gratitude.

Physical Health

The expression of gratitude plays a significant role in your physical health psychologically, and it makes you participate in the healthy activity that would improve your health.

How to Express Gratitude – Tips 

Now, let’s discuss how to express gratitude. Some of the main tips are as follows;

Helping with doing Chores

It’s difficult to maintain a balance between professional life and family. You don’t get extra time for yourself; all of your time is consumed in performing various chores like setting up clothes, preparing a meal, laundry, and other tasks. However, if any of your friends offer you help in running errands, then it would be a great gesture of gratitude. If you see any of your friends over-occupied and struggling with it, then you should volunteer yourself for his help.

Picking up Flowers & Giving to Friend

A fresh bouquet of bright and radiant flowers is a wonderful gesture of gratitude. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money on the purchase of costly and unique flowers. You should pick up any blooming flowers from the garden and offer them to your struggling friend, and it would put a smile on his/her face.

How to express gratitude

Ask: Anything You Can Do

You shouldn’t just ask people for help as a cliché and don’t return their calls afterward and forget about them. Some people are truly struggling in their lives, and they would gladly welcome whatever they can get. Therefore, you should be honest with your offer of help, if they accept your offer, then follow up on it.

Call to Say Hi

You would love to hear the voice of any friend over the phone now and then, and it’s much more than a generic forward message of good morning or holidays. An unexpected call may baffle them in a good way, and they would appreciate your effort. You should avoid doing so by having any hidden motive. If both of you have got limited time on the call, then share some pleasant moment and end the call and schedule it for the next time.

Send an Email

If both friends have got a busy schedule at different timing, then sending an email is a very good option. You should put all of your thoughts and memories in words and send them to your friend. Your writing tone should be conversational and informative.

Impromptu Visit

Perhaps you may have heard from friends and acquaintances to pay them a surprise visit. If their offer is sincere and they truly want you to pay a visit to them, then you should do so. It would allow you to spend quality time with them. When you go over there, then it would let them know that you care about them and you were listening to them when they requested you.

Have a Lunch

If you’re feeling stressed out, then cooking and preparing a meal may seem like a heavy chore. Some people in your life would love that when you offer them a tasty meal. It could be your lover, life partner, friend, neighbor, or someone. The meal doesn’t need to be expensive or cost; a simple way to share your gratitude.

Actively Listen

Sometimes you’re so much occupied with your own thoughts that you don’t pay heed to whatever the person is saying or has said. You can fix this habit by paying attention mindfully and actively listening to them. Along with paying heed, you should show your presence with your body language and expression. It means you respect and admire them, and it would be one of the greatest gifts you can ever give.

Add Others in the Plan

There may be some people in your network that are living a lonely life and they would love the company of friends gets together. It won’t take much effort to invite them to accompany you and have a cup of tea or coffee or go for a short walk. When you invite others into your plans, then it means you care about them and you want them to be a part of your life.

Kind Words

The simple and easy way to share your gratitude is by using kind words and saying thank you. If you speak the kind words honestly, then it would act as a healing balm to relieve the pain of others. It would be equally effective when you speak kindly to sickly and depressed people.

Conclusion: How to Express Gratitude – Benefits & Tips 

After an in-depth study of how to express gratitude; benefits and tips; we’ve realized that sharing gratitude is a beautiful gesture and it plays a significant role in our lives. If you want to share your feelings, then keep in mind the abovementioned tips while doing so.