How to Find Happiness – Tips & Guidelines

 Happiness usually has got association with success, wealth, and health, and other endeavors in life. Remaining happy in everyday life is a difficult thing to keep up with. Happy moments appear briefly in our lives, but they go away by the worries and issues of working life. Today, we’ll discuss how to find happiness in life, and offer you some important tips, guidelines, and suggestions to practice it in your life. 

What is Happiness?

Happiness is a state of mind when you have positive emotions and pleasant feelings. Some people may define happiness as a state of intense joyfulness, but such a state of mind is difficult to achieve in everyday life. In short, we can say that there are different levels of being happy ranging from contentment to high exhilaration.

The focus of many people is on achieving and feeling exhilarating experiences in their daily life. But it doesn’t happen often, and it results in the form of disappointment. Therefore, your focus should be on contentment.


Contentment is a state of mind when you feel satisfied with your current state. You can feel such a mental state when your body and mind are in a comfortable state, and you’re practicing mindfulness.

We experience various types of emotions in our daily life. Therefore, it’s important to find contentment regularly in your routine life. After completing the work, you should sit back, relax, sip some tea or coffee, make your body and mind feel comfortable, and feel good about accomplishing your routine task.

How to Find Happiness – Tips 

Let’s address the main questions how to find happiness, some of the main tips that you should practice in your life are as follows;

Stop Chasing

As I said that earlier that people have associated happiness with aspirations and achieving goals and objectives. When you connect joyfulness with rewards, then it doesn’t remain feelings and emotions as they are that you should experience daily. Therefore, you shouldn’t consider happiness like other goals and objectives. Joyfulness is emotions and feelings that you should experience when they come on your way.

Remove Barriers

You should avoid putting external goals and objectives before joyfulness. When you do that, then it makes you think that external events would cause blissfulness, rather than looking inward to yourself and feeling happy.

You should reframe your mind, and think about the things that make you feel happy regularly in your routine life, instead of connecting joyfulness with long-term goals. The joyful feelings can come from cooking, cycling, painting, and spending time with family, friends, and loved ones. You should allow yourself to feel happy by doing these things.

Look Inward

The happy feelings you’re searching for in your life are inside of you. It requires a lot of time and effort to develop such a habit. You should regularly check in with yourself and recognize your feelings. If you’re feeling stressed, then manage your stress, and better take care of yourself and your health.

If you require mental health support, then you should seek out such groups and communities in order to connect with like-minded people and share your thoughts and feelings.

How to find Happiness in life

Establish Self Esteem

Once you start taking care of yourself, then you would recognize your issues and resolve them. The problems you’re facing in your life, decrease your self-esteem level. You should treat yourself with the same level of respect and support the way you treat others, this is a very simple solution to deal with self-esteem issues.

In simple words, we can say that you should be your boss, your friends, and your companion. You should be kind to yourself and treat yourself with respect. Most importantly, you should allow yourself to be vulnerable, recognize your weaknesses, and work on them towards improvement.

Live in the Moment

While focusing on yourself and taking care of yourself, you should look around in the current moment, and try to connect with your deepest emotions. Even the world’s leading top tech giant companies like Google and Facebook also encourage their employees to practice mindfulness as much as possible. However, when you live in the current and present moment, then you feel happy.

Appreciate yourself

You should recognize the good qualities of yourself and your accomplishment, and appreciate yourself. When you do that, then it makes you feel happy and put a smile on your face.

Focus on Improvement

Many research studies have shown that being employed and married makes you feel happy and satisfied. They have a reverse impact on your life when you lose your job or end a relationship. In short, we can say that if you want to be happy, then you should accept the fact that something good would happen in your life. If you don’t want to wait, then you can make things happen.

Surround yourself with Happy People

Studies have shown that when you surround yourself with happy people, then it makes you feel happy. According to another study, if your friend lives within the proximity of one mile, then it makes your friend happy and amplifies your joyfulness by 25%. It boosts the blissfulness of spouses by 16%, siblings by 28%, and next-door neighbors by 70%. Surprisingly, your colleagues and coworkers have no impact on your joyfulness.

Recall Joyful Memories

An Australian study on 300 adults showed that you recall the memories that were challenging, made you a strong person of today, and problem-solving moments, then it brings positive feelings and emotions and lowers the stress level. However, when you think about the life-changing moments that made you a better person of today, then it boosts your energy, morale, and mood.

Self Transcendence

A South Korean study in 2019 showed that prioritizing spirituality into your life makes you feel happy for those people who value the social relationships of neighbors, family, and friends. It further showed that happiness doesn’t have any association with materialistic things, rather than it has relevance with self-transcendence and thinking of bigger than yourself.  

Close Open Files  

If you’ve got some pending works in your mind, then you should shut it down. As long as they are there in your mind, then you can’t feel happy. They would drain out all of your energy and peace of mind. If some pending work comes to your mind, then you should intentionally change your focus.

Live into your Values

Your values define your beliefs and they could be like creativity, equality, and freedom. When you live your life based on those values, then it makes you feel happy. However, when you recognize your core values and beliefs, then it motivates your spirit and energy in terms of where you want to be in your life.

Be Happy through Flow

There are such moments when nothing can distract you or take away your attention, it’s a flow state. It usually happens when you’re playing the game, watching a movie, cooking, or dancing. However, you’re happy in such a state of mind, and it requires a great effort to enter into such a flow state to the fullest possible way. If you can do that, then it means that you have got a deep appreciation for whatever you do.

Help Others

The opposite of competition is helping others and sharing things. Instead of fighting over things and trying to win, you should work in a team and help others towards a common goal. However, when you’re open to change and sharing things, then it amplifies the satisfaction level.

Conclusion: How to Find Happiness – Tips & Guidelines 

After an in-depth study of how to find happiness; we’ve realized that finding joyfulness in life is more of an inner work than looking outside. If you’re searching for it in your life, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and guidelines in your life in order to be happy.