How to Find Your Purpose in Life 

It may sound interesting and nice of finding and living a purposeful life. If you haven’t done soul searching and thinking about the purpose in life, then you would have some ideas about objectives in life-based on the society and family where you grew up. It could be achieving a certain type of position in society, earning money, getting married, and having kids. Today, we’ll discuss how to find your purpose in life.

When you achieve society and family-driven goals and objectives, they don’t offer you a sense of fulfillment that should have come with the idea of purpose in life. The idea of purpose isn’t specific; rather it’s the process of making an impact on the world.

Sense of purpose guides you in your daily routine life. Especially when you’re facing challenges and setbacks in your life, sense of purpose offers you direction and stability in your routine life. In order to live a healthy and happy life, it’s significant to have a purpose.

What is the meaning of Purpose in Life? 

It’s been a well-debated question for a very long, and the fingerprint of every person is unique and different, and so is the purpose. Everyone has different types of interests, skill sets, experiences, and talents to light them. Your purpose is relevant to your interests, and they give you a reason to be alive and get out of bed every day in the morning. When you are facing the challenges and difficulties of life, it motivates you to keep moving.

Your purpose is for the long term, not the short term, and you won’t to its end probably. If the sense of purpose is strong and it could bring you down. That’s why it’s important that your purpose and interests should have relevance, and it would offer you joy when they’re aligning. However, it’s more practical when your passion becomes a profession and purpose, and it should be sustainable over time.

Significance of Finding the Purpose in Life

As I said that it’s important to have a purpose in life, and it’s important because of the following reasons;

  • Studies have shown that it helps you to live longer
  • Decreases the risk of chronic disease
  • Better mental and physical health

Sense of purpose means that you have feelings of connection with other people, and you can find your true purpose in life when use your gift to serve others. It is possible that your purpose keeps on changing throughout your life, and the growth and development would help you to have a connection with your purpose.

How to Find Your Purpose in Life – Tips 

Some of the main tips on how to find your purpose in life are as follows;

Self Care

There are many ways to describe the idea of self-care and it could be like writing a journal to channel your emotions, practicing deep breathing exercises, and walking into the forest. Your mind is creative when it is calm and relaxed. You can serve and benefit others when your mind is wandering here and there.

Perhaps you would have observed that you have the most creative ideas while bathing and taking the shower. In such moments, your mind is open and receptive to new ideas.

Self Acceptance

When accepting the flaws and limitations of your personality, allows you to be gentle and kind to yourself when you make mistakes. We all are capable of makings mistakes, and you shouldn’t be hard on yourself when things go wrong. It would also mean self-awareness and self-compassion. However, you accept yourself as you are, and you would present the best version of yourself in every situation.

Join a Cause

Everyone is passionate about something in one’s life like the environment, animal welfare, and social justice. When you join the cause, some of the tips that you should keep in mind are as follows;

  • Accompany those people that inspire and motivate you
  • Do what interests you and you’re passionate about
  • Developing community
  • Giving back to the society

For instance, you plan to raise funds for the research and development of providing children access to green spaces, or solution to a particular disease. When you join the cause that you’re passionate about, it allows you to live a purposeful life.

Reading Habit

Reading books (both fiction and non-fiction) allow you to broaden your horizon and learn new things. Studies have shown that reading fiction books are good for your creativity and imagination. Fiction books allow you to put yourself in the shoes of the character and empathy and think that how you would react. However, reading also helps you to connect with the people of different cultures living in different time spaces.

Spend Time with Inspirational People

When you accompany such positive people that are living a purposeful life, it would have a positive impact on you and inspire you to develop such a mindset. In fact, you can discover your objective while accompanying them. You should look beyond your friends and family members and ask yourself what type of people you should spend time with. You should evaluate relationships in your life and make sure that you’re accompanying the right type of inspirational people.

Part of Community

You should become an active member of society in order to feel a sense of connection and find a purpose in life. When you know your purpose, you would realize that many other people share similar type of values, interests, and passions. However, when you join a community, it allows you to connect with others in order to achieve a common goal and objective.

Find your Passion

Your purpose in life lies around your interests and passion, and it’s not easy to find, and sometimes we are blind to it. If you can’t find it, then you should ask those people who know you very well. It’s possible that you would be following them without realizing it. For instance, if you’re helping young people unofficially in the community, then it means mentoring is your passion.

Pain into Purpose

We all face difficulties and challenges in life and overcoming them shapes our character and personality and brings out our unique strengths. While going through the struggle period, they reach out to many people for help. After solving the puzzle later in life, then you would realize that helping others that are struggling in life is your purpose.

Some people become social workers, influencers, life, motivational speaker, or career coach. The others impact the lives of many people through music, painting, and poetry.


Studies have shown that when you combine altruism with gratitude, it strengthens your sense of purpose in life. Another study has shown that practicing gratitude develops the same type of reward response in your brain as prosocial behavior. When you practice gratitude in your life, it makes you be kind and generous

Give back

Giving back means helping others, while doing so you help yourself, and it amplifies your sense of purpose in life. You should volunteer yourself in society and offer services that make you feel happy and resonate with you. You can spread the positive vibes of happiness by doing the act of kindness.

Create your Vision

When you have a personal vision statement, it helps you to maintain balance in life and manage stress. It guides you towards finding your purpose, recognizing your core values, and knowing the important things in your life. It helps you to make a decision relevant to your values in order to achieve your goals.

Growth Mindset

You should have a growth mindset and link it with your purpose. You should work on yourself; keep on growing, and becoming the better version of yourself. Some of the main traits of a growth mindset are as follows;

  • Accept the constructive criticism and feedback
  • Persevere regardless of struggles and fears
  • Accept challenges as opportunities

Conclusion: How to Find your Purpose in Life 

After an in-depth study of how to find your purpose in life; we have realized that having a purpose gives your direction and stabilizes your life. If you want to work on finding it, you should follow and practice the abovementioned guidelines.