How to First Move on Your Crush – Tips 

There is someone in your neighborhood, class, and workplace that you really like, and just seeing him or her would make you feel excited. But you don’t know how to get closer to your crush and break the tension. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to first move on your crush.

How to First Move on Your Crush – Tips 

Let’s discuss some of the key tips on how to first move on your crush are as follows;

Remain Calm & No Stress

Nervousness is a common feeling when you’re around your crush because you feel fearful and worried about whether you would make a good impression on your crush or not. You feel stressed because you don’t know how your crush would perceive you. However, these all are good reasons to feel stressed out, but you have to make a peace with your stress. You should give yourself a dose of motivation and feel confident about yourself.

Confirm Availability Status

Before making any move, first of all; you should confirm his or her availability status. You can do so by checking it online or asking any of your mutual friends. It would be a waste of time and energy when you’re pursuing a person that is already involved in a committed relationship.

Check Vibes

It is important to check the connectivity and vibes of your crush before making any plans of getting into the relationship. You need to make sure how you feel around him or her, whether you feel comfortable around him or her; or you don’t feel good around your crush. However, energy vibes and gut feelings are the types of things that you can’t explain in words. You should probably back off if you don’t feel good around that person. You don’t have to push yourself to be with your crush.

Initiate the Conversation

In order to break the ice, you should start the conversation with your friend. It could be about anything like you can talk about a common mutual friend, or colleague, sharing a joke, or workplace things. If you know his or her hobby or interest, then you can move the discussion to his interest and let your crush start speaking.


Once he or she starts speaking, you should find an opportunity to compliment your crush. We all love to receive compliments about ourselves. You should compliment him or her about their achievements, physical appearance, style, looks, and personality. In order to be effective with your compliment, it has to be genuine and deep. Your compliment would make him or her feel good and happy.

Sharing Smile

As they say that a happy face is a smiling face. When you look and talk to your crush, you should put a smile on your face, it would make him or her feel comfortable. However, when they see you smiling, it would suggest that you’re enjoying their company.

Making Eye Contact

As they say “eyes tell you what’s in your heart” and you shouldn’t underestimate the significance of powerful eye contact. Maintaining happy and joyful eye contact would show your honesty and confidence level; they both are very attractive characteristics.

Affectionate Touch

Affectionate touch comprises leaning towards your crush, touching his or her shoulders and hands while talking or laughing, or their back. You should only do it while talking or laughing, and avoid throwing yourself at them completely. After the affectionate touch, you should observe their response; whether he or she is playing along with it or feeling hesitant.

Observe Body Language

The signs, gestures, posture, facial expressions, and how you look at things would speak on your behalf. Your body language is a reflection of your personality. While talking to your crush, you should pay close attention to their body language and facial expression, it would tell you about their interest. Whether they’re looking at the window or the phone when you’re talking, or they’re looking at you smiling.


You should feel free to flirt with your crush. It could be in the form of a wink, flirting smile, or funny question and conversation. While flirting with your crush, you should avoid pushing the boundaries and limits of him or her.

Clearing Your Interests

It is important to keep in mind that your crush can’t read your mind and what’s in your heart. You should clarify your intentions about your interest and what you’re looking for from the start. You should say it in plain and clear words to your crush, and you should avoid forcing your crush to agree with you.

Don’t Take Rejection Hard

If he or she doesn’t like the idea of you being together with him or her, then you should back off and accept the rejection. I understand that it is not easy to feel rejected, but at least you tried and learn something by letting yourself out there. You can use the same experience to your advantage next time, and it would lead you to the success of meeting the person of your choice.

Conclusion: How to First Move on Your Crush – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to first move on your crush; we have realized that starting a relationship is a very subtle art and fun process. You should remain casual and enjoy the flirting fun, and follow and practice the abovementioned tips and guidelines.