How to Flirt with Older Women In Person – Tips 

It is possible that you may develop an attraction to a bit older woman than your age. Anything can happen in love and war. You should avoid thinking about your sexual desire towards her, instead focus on attracting her to you. Today, we’ll discuss the top tips on how to flirt with older women in person.

How to Flirt with Older Women In Person – Tips 

Some of the main tips and steps on how to flirt with older women in person are as follows;

Common Interests

In order to bridge the gap and break the ice, first, you should find the common interest to release the tension that is holding her back because of the age difference. Instead of going on a formal date, you should start seeing her and talking to her in the yoga class, exercising in the gym, joining the same workshops, reading club, and attending the same theater.

Respectable Dress

You should dress up relevant to your age; you should avoid older or younger guys’ dress, it should suit your age. For instance, if you’re in your late 20s, then you should wear any type of dress shirt rather than a t-shirt; jeans are good rather than fluffy trousers, and avoid wearing too many accessories.


Older age brings a lot of challenges and changes in the body shapes both in men and women, and it is harder for them to maintain their looks. You can gain the attention of your older woman crush by passing genuine compliments, and avoiding flattery and exaggeration. They’re in the form of how she got your interest and attraction, and the things you like about her. You should refer to her as a girl rather than a woman. Some of the compliments are;

  • You’re the most attractive girl I have ever seen
  • I consider myself a fortunate guy by sitting with the hottest girt in the room
  • You look charming in this dress

Be Polite

Perhaps you would have watched in the movies that older women go to the club, look for guys, and then take them home. Just like any other fictional story, it only happens in the movies. You should avoid behaving like a bad boy in front of your crush, especially if you want her attraction. Be kind, well-mannered, and polite in front of her; because she wants to feel good and have a good time rather than get in trouble by seen with you.

Remain Calm

When you raise your voice, try to become the macho man in the party, then it would put all the light and focus on you. It is a very good strategy if you want the attention of other girls of your age, but a bad strategy if you want the attention of an older woman. Often, older women like those younger guys that remain calm and cool rather than being loud, because noise suggests their immaturity.


Whether it is a casual meeting or a formal one, women love it when you break the ice and start the conversation. After that, you should give her charge of the conversation, and carefully listen to her. They have gone through various types of experiences, and they want a guy who could listen to her rather than a talker. You should show that you can be a fun-loving guy along with a good listener.

Have Fun

Older age drains out all the fun and silliness. You should do a little fun and a silly thing to remind her of the youth that she has been missing in her life. For instance, you can go for ice cream later at night, it would be fun for her because she hasn’t experienced it. You should do any type of new thing that she hasn’t had in her life.


Older women have been through relationships and marriages, and it is possible that they have forgotten chivalry in life. Their boyfriend and husband didn’t treat them the way they wanted, and it resulted in the form of breakup and divorce. The chivalry of the gentlemen would attract their attention. You can do so by standing up when she comes, pulling out the chair for her, and opening the door for her. These small things make her feel special and the center of attention, and it would make your date special.

Don’t Mention Her Age

You should avoid mentioning her age, and doing so would put her mood off. The word “age difference” would trigger negative thoughts in her mind, and used her words carefully. Especially, if it comes to it discussing age, then you should steer the conversation away from it.

Acting Mature

If an older woman likes you somehow, then you should immediately show interest in your behavior and act maturely much better than your age. For instance, you can easily impress a woman in her 30s and 40s with your sound career plan, car, and house if you’re just 28. These things show your maturity level.

Don’t Focus on Sex

Perhaps you would have watched it in the movies that older women want sexual intercourse with young guys. If you want the attraction of an older woman, then you should leave behind this thought. You should accept the fact that your relationship with an older woman is more than just lustful desire. Only then you can attract her attention.

No Bragging About Sexual Experiences

She is not going to mind if you accept the fact that you don’t have a lot of sexual experiences. It is absolutely normal because sexual experiences come with age. You should avoid bragging about your sexual encounters and the number of women you have been with. She is older in age, and she would easily recognize the lie when she finds it.

Conclusion: How to Flirt with Older Women In Person – Tips 

After an in-depth study of how to flirt with older women in person; we have realized that flirting with older women requires a completely different approach than younger women. If you’re planning to date an older woman, keep in mind the abovementioned tips and suggestions.