How to Flirt With Older Women Over Text – Tips 

Some people may find talking and flirting with older women. In fact, the reality is that it is very simple and easy. If you know the nature of the other person, then you can keep the conversation going. Today, we’ll discuss how to flirt with older women over text.

How to Flirt With Older Women Over Text – Tips 

Some of the main tips on how to flirt with older women are as follows;

Setup Playful & Flirting Tone

Starting the text with a simple “hey” or “hi” would send a boring signal for women of any age both young and old. You should become a little creative and text her in a thoughtful and unique manner. It makes her think that you have been thinking about her. If you have known each other, then you should text or refer to something with an inside joke. It suggests that you value her connection and remember things about her.

Let Her Speak, Ask Questions

If your older woman crush has got a lot of rich life experiences, then you can ask all the details about her. It would allow you to get to know her. It is better to ask her open-ended questions about her career, profession, and the places and countries she has visited.

For instance, you can ask her about her first job, and the best position or role she loved. You can also ask her about her experiences like a rollercoaster, ball rolling, or skydiving. You should also ask her about her favorite dish, weird things she has ever tried, spicy things, and red pepper.

Sending Half Nude Selfie

If she is a few years older than you, then it doesn’t mean that she won’t like your charming and attractive pictures. You should text her about your smiling selfies, and it is probable that she would send you back her selfies. If you have been texting each other for a while and you both feel comfortable sharing things and texting; then you should take the risk of sending her your nude or half-nude pictures.

Along with sending your nude or half-nude pictures, you should ask her about her feelings and likeness. If you don’t know each other very well, then you should avoid sharing your personal photos.

Genuine Complement

If she has started something and she is doing well, then you should send a text to her genuine compliment about her physique, appearance, or looks. While complementing, you should mention the genuine details and be specific with them. For instance, you can say that your blond hairs are incredible, you’re strong and fit. For a professional woman, you can complement her professional achievements like you’re an excellent lawyer or doctor.

Let Her Open Up, Asking Flirting Question

Older women can be a little more defensive than younger women. In order to flirt and be playful with them, you have to make some effort of knowing their mood. You can send them a little flirting, naughty, and cute messages and find out her response. For instance, you can ask her about the dress she is wearing, how she would think of you, and the mystery of her cuteness.

Playful & Fun Teasing

You should send her some type of teasing, playful, and funny text messages to show her that you feel comfortable talking to her. Exaggerate about things while teasing, so that she knows that you’re joking. You should say something cute and sweet to lighten up the mood. For instance, I can’t drink anymore, you’re too much wine for me.

Right Flirting Emojis

Sending the right emojis would break the tension and keep the conversation friendly and lively. Along with sending smiling emojis, you should experiment with new types of emojis like devil face or eggplant emojis to make things fun. Emojis are very much more straightforward than texting. For instance, if she asks you about your dinner plans, then you should say “I can rather eat you” with a devil face emoji or the other emoji with the tongue sticking out.

No Multiple Messaging

It is important to keep in mind that flirting is a two-way street. It could only become successful if both partners show interest and cooperate with each other. If she wants to have fun with someone, then it doesn’t mean that she is thirsty for you. Therefore, you should avoid sending her multiple texts, it would suggest that you’re desperate to talk.

If you forgot to say something, then you can always text her when she’s online. If she is away, send her only a short text, and talk about all the details when she is online again. You should avoid sending “hello” or “you there” texts when she’s cleared away.

No Dirty Texting or Sexting

Some women that you have just met and aren’t showing any type of interest in you, then you should stop. If you’re texting her and she is responding well with interest, then you should go for it. The key to flirting with older women is their responsiveness. For instance, if she is texting you back and forth and cooperating with you, then it means that she is interested in you. If she is taking a lot of pauses while replying to you, then it means that she doesn’t comfortable talking or texting you.

Conclusion: How to Flirt With Older Women Over Text – Tips 

After an in-depth study of how to flirt with older women over text; we have realized that flirting with older women takes a lot of courage, boldness, and patience. If you’re planning to do it with someone in your timeline, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and suggestions.