How to Flirt With Someone – Tips 

Scientifically speaking, flirtation is the process of sending signals of sexual attraction to your potential mates. It comprises direct and indirect signals, body language, and specific gestures. Along with human beings, many other animals also perform the activities of seduction. Today, we’ll discuss the top tips on how to flirt with someone.

In today’s modern cultures, flirting means sending signals to the person that you find attractive and letting them know that you want to move forward. Often, it comprises lighthearted fun activities and invites the other partner to connect with them over a deep emotional level. If flirtation is mutual, then it makes both partners feel good and excited.

How to Flirt With Someone – Tips 

Once you set your mind towards the potential mate, then it automatically brings physical changes in your body to attract the attention of your potential partner. It would make your lips swell to show fertility, flush cheeks, and pump pheromones to attract the attention of the other partner. Some of the main tips on how to flirt with someone are as follows;

Getting Closer

When you like someone, then you lean towards them to show your interest and attraction. It is understandable when you’re in a group of people, gathering, and party; there you have got interested in one particular person out of all. Here, you can show your interest and attraction by leaning toward them. Subconsciously, it would pull them toward you if the interest is mutual, and then you can let them know that you want more.

Tilting Head

Tilting your head toward someone is a very good sign of engagement and interest. If you’re talking with someone, then you should gaze, tilt, and move your head towards them and let them show your interest in them. You should make sure that you aren’t looking over their head and around the room, it is a sign of a lack of sensitivity and interest.

Pygmalion Effect

If you have got an attraction towards someone, then complementing is the best way. A research study on social rewards by Professor Norihiro Sadato showed that receiving compliments and praise is a great way to boost the morale of the person. In fact, it works better than receiving cash rewards. All we want is a good compliment to make us feel good about ourselves.

Studies have shown that praise and compliments light up in that area of the brain where we receive money. The Pygmalion effect is when you describe someone in positive words like you’re a good person, you performed well, or an intelligent person; they feel obligated to live up to that standard.


Mirroring is a phenomenon when you copy the behavior and body language of someone nonverbally. It can be in the form of mirroring the voice, leg position, hand gestures, and body posture. It is not about copying only the body language, and that is it. The concept of mirroring has to be subtle.

Researchers studied the behavior of people during slow motion, and they discovered the microsynchrony of small movements. It is difficult to see those small movements with the naked eye like body jerks, stretched lips, tense fingers, and nodes of the head. You can match them when close friends are talking.

If you’re mirroring the person with that you have interest and attraction, then your mirroring movements should be subtle.

Art of Subtle Touch

Studies have shown that human beings have the capability to decode touch. Our instinctive responses tell us what types of touch we received like sympathetic, gratitude, love, disgust, fear, and anger. According to an estimate, 48% to 83% of decoding of touch is accurate.

  • Fearful touch has got associated with trembling
  • Disgusting touch links with pushing motions
  • Angry touch has an association with squeezing and hitting
  • Sympathetic touch has links with patting stroking

Speaking of flirting touch, you should follow the 5-in-15 rule. It means that you should touch your potential partner 5 times within 15 minutes. However, if you want your touch to be natural, then you should touch them while joking, smiling, and laughing. Eye contact has got more flirting power when you’re meeting someone. For intimate touches, you should touch closer to the hips, hands, and head.

Rule of 3

Flirting means raising your energy and communication vibes; a good sense of humor is the best way to flirt. If you don’t know how to make jokes, humor is very easy to learn, and you should follow rule 3. It starts with developing a pattern, and it ends with something unexpected. However, it means developing expectancy, dividing it, and then offering something completely abnormal, and it results in the form of laughter.

Powerful Eye Contact

A research study comprises 48 singles, and couples that have looked into each other eyes have got a higher rate of feelings. It means the eye contact has got the spark of attraction. However, when you’re making eye contact with a person, then it sends the signal that you have got their attention.

If you’re in a room full of people, then you should try to make a few glances at your potential partner, and then you would notice that they would look back at you. If you’re exchanging eye contact, gaze at them and smile, it is the best way to introduce yourself. However, if your eye contact seems a bit harsh, then you wink at them, it is a friendly gesture.

Eyebrow Flash

If you’re glancing at someone, then you should notice whether they have glanced back at you or not. The up and down eyebrow flash is a great sign of attraction, it means that you have got an attraction towards someone. However, the eyebrow flash happens because of the following;

  • Signaling the friend
  • Taken by the surprise
  • Meeting the friend

The eyebrow flash is a gesture of greetings in different cultures across the world. If you want to add a fun element to your conversation, then you should make eye contact and flash your eyebrows.

Conclusion: How to Flirt With Someone – Tips 

After an in-depth study of how to flirt with someone; we have realized that flirting is a subconscious subtle art. If you want to do it, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and suggestions.