How to Get a Guy to Kiss You Without Asking – Tips 

There is a dream guy that you really like and you want him to kiss you. But he is not making any type of move on you, and it makes you feel frustrated and angry and you don’t know what to do. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to get a guy to kiss you without asking.

How to Get a Guy to Kiss You Without Asking – Tips 

Some of the main tips on how to get a guy to kiss you without asking, and they’re as follows;

Nice Breath & Smell Captivating

Before making him kiss you; you should make sure to brush your teeth, wear light perfume, and use a gum or mouth freshener. When you are heading into a party, where you would meet your dream guy and potentially kiss him, then you should re-check all of these things. They would amplify your chances, and make his mind to do so; otherwise, the bad breath would push him away from a distance.

Find Lonely Place

If you have been talking, then you should set up a place or stage where you can get him alone. For instance, if you are meeting at a party or watching a movie, then you should ask him to come outside or to another room. You can play the hide-and-seek game, and lead him to a separate room or place. If you are surrounded by other friends and people, then it would kill your mood. When you are along with him, he would make the move on you.

Be Confident & Open

In order to make him feel relaxed and calm down, you should be friendly, open, and confident. Your smiling face and welcoming gesture and body language would encourage him to make a move on you. It is important you should laugh at his jokes, admire and appreciate him, and make him feel valued and important; it would make him feel good. For instance, you can say that this color looks good on you, love your eyes, and smile.

Come Near Him

While talking to him, you should come closer to him and reduce the space between you as much as you can. You should find any opportunity to come closer to him, then you should get near him. If you are sitting outside, you should tell him that you’re feeling cold, it would make him wrap you around his arms. You should tell him that he has got eyelashes on his cheeks and touch his cheeks while getting closer to him. The closer you are, it would amplify your chances of making him kiss you.

Affectionate Gesture

Along with coming closer to him and minimizing the distance between you two, it is important that you should also find a way to touch him affectionately. It is like touching his hands while walking side by side, tapping on his shoulders and back while laughing and complimenting him. The affectionate touch would break the physical barriers between you two, and it would make him feel comfortable touching and holding your hand’s arms. The more he is comfortable around you, the more likely it is that he would kiss you.

Highlight Your Lips

In order to make him kiss you, you should make sure to highlight your lips with tantalizing lipstick. It is because chapped, cracked, and dry lips are boring and they would push him away. Charming, shining, and moist lips would automatically attract his attention to your face and lips. A classic technique is to bite your lips while looking at him, smiling, and making eye contact; it would make him do it.

If you are out having dinner, then you should eat something that would bring his attention to your lips. For instance, you can eat something juicy and ice cream that would draw his attention to your lips. Be careful while doing it, because it would create a mess on your face and clothes.

Flirting Eye Contact

It is important that you should try to maintain flirting eye contact with him. The signal you can send through eye contact, you can’t send it any other way. For instance, flirting eye contact means not staring at him; just gazing at him smilingly, looking down and away, and then looking up into his eyes again smiling. If he maintains eye contact with you, then it means that he would kiss you.

Keep Flirting

You should also flirt with him while texting and talking face-to-face about anything. While teasing and flirting with him, you should make sure that your flirtation is light, fun, and humorous. For instance, you can tease him that he hasn’t kissed you yet. You should make sure to admire his muscles and strength while teasing him; it would encourage him to kiss you.

Increase His Confidence

In order to make him kiss you, you should increase his confidence level by complimenting him about his looks, physique, and how sexy he is. Once his morale and confidence level are up, then he would have the courage to make a move on you and kiss you.

Request Him To Kiss You

If he hasn’t been reading and receiving all of your tips, and you two are good friends could openly talk to each other about anything. In such a case, you should directly tell him that you have wanted him to kiss you. However, you should only follow the direct approach if you know each other very well. Otherwise, you should set the stage, come closer to him, read the signs, and go on and kiss him.

Conclusion: How to Get a Guy to Kiss You Without Asking – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to get a guy to kiss you without asking; we have realized that flirting is a fun and cute activity and it should stay that way. If you’re experiencing a similar situation with your dream shy guy, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and guidelines.