How to Get Her to Like Me – Tips 

It is difficult to make a girl like you, but there are things that you can do to increase your probability of making her like you. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to get her to like me.

How to Get Her to Like Me – Tips 

Let’s discuss some of the main tips on how to get her to like me, and they’re as follows;

Look Clean & Good

In order to attract the attention of a girl, you should remain hygienic and clean. It is in the form of wearing clean clothes (non-sweaty), brushing your teeth regularly and good breath, bath with good soap, and shampooing your hair regularly. When you look clean and hygienic and smell good, it would attract the attention of your crush.

Develop Interesting Hobby

You should develop interesting hobbies and passions that you love to do in your spare time. It could be in form of sports, board games, music, painting, book reading, collecting cards, or something else. Girls usually like those boys and men that are passionate about something in life. Men without hobbies and passions are considered boring, now the choice is yours.

Be Confident

A very interesting tip for boosting your confidence level is that you shouldn’t compare yourself with other people. Everyone is different and the beauty of the world is in diversity, and you should feel proud about being different. However, when you’re around her, then you should feel confident about yourself and feel comfortable. The more you are comfortable and relaxed about yourself, the more you would behave naturally around her. Your confidence and relaxed attitude would make her feel comfortable around you.


It is important that you should develop a habit of being chivalrous, kind, and polite with your attitude and behavior. When you’re kind and chivalrous with other people, it would become a part of your personality. It could be in the form of saying thank you, please, opening the door for others, helping others, talking politely, and listening to them sympathetically. These small things would reflect in your attitude, and she would love you for your chivalry.


Whenever you find an opportunity to exchange eye contact with her, then you should put a smile on your face. Your smile should be friendly and welcoming, rather than forced or creepy. It sends the signal that you’re a confident, friendly, and easily approachable person, and she would feel comfortable coming over to you. However, if it is convenient, then you should confidently approach her and introduce yourself in a friendly manner with a smiling face.

Discuss Common Things

When you start talking to her, you should ask her about her interests and hobbies in order to get to know her. If you find any common topic that is both of your interests, then you should discuss common things. It would allow you to smoothly talk to her; you should avoid interrupting when she is speaking, and wait for your turn to speak when she stops.

Ask Her Question

In order to show your interest in her, you should ask her questions about her life and activities. While talking to her, you should try to maintain friendly eye contact with her, and paraphrase her words to show her that you’re carefully listening to her. If you’re talking nonstop and smoothly, then ask her more friendly and cute questions about her life and let her speak.

Good Sense of Humor

In order to lighten up the flow of conversation, you should use your sense of humor and jokes to make her smile and feel good. Speaking of humor, you can tell her funny stories and make her smile and laugh. If she is smiling and laughing, then it means that she likes your company. The funny stories could be about anything like your pet, an incident in the workplace or school, or your friends.

Be There For Her

I reckon that you have developed a connection at this stage, and you’re seeing her and talking to her daily. If you see her sad, missing, upset, or angry, then you should ask her, listen to her, and affirm her feelings. However, if she asks for your advice and suggestion, then you should give them to her, otherwise don’t give them to her. Just be there for her, your companionship would offer her your support. When she starts talking, then you should carefully listen to her.


When you don’t get to talk to her, then you should text her and ask her how she is doing. It is like texting over the weekends, holidays, or vacations; it would let her know that you haven’t forgotten about her and you want to be in touch with her. The more attention and care you would pay to her, the more she would come closer to you and trust you.

Tell Her Secrete

In order to win her trust and confidence, you should tell her to secrete about your life that you haven’t told anyone. It could be about anything like something you have done in your childhood or any other embarrassing story about your story. When you share your story, tell her that you haven’t told anyone and it is a secret, then she would feel trusted and honored. It would also allow her to share things about her life as well.

Accompany Her Friends

At this stage, you have reached the level of girlfriend and boyfriend. If she feels comfortable introducing you to her friends, then you should be kind and friendly with her friends. When you accompany her friend and be nice to them, then she would love and appreciate your gesture.

Flirt With Her

Since you both are feeling comfortable with each other friendship and company, now it is time for you to flirt with her. It could be in the form of leaning closer to them, touching her hands while giving her something, patting her shoulders while smiling, or laughing. The affectionate touch and flirting smile and eye contact would attract her attention. While flirting with her, you should respect her boundaries, don’t tease her, and push her too much.

Ask Her Out

You should clearly tell her your interest and that you like her smile, company, and being with her. If she shares the same interest back in you, then you should ask her out for a drink, tea, coffee, or dinner. While going out, you should ask her suggestion about where she would like to go and the things she likes to do; it would give you an idea of what you should do.

Conclusion: How to Get Her to Like Me – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to get her to like me; we have realized that attracting someone’s attention is a very subtle art and it requires a lot of thoughtfulness. If you’re going through the same phase in your life, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and guidelines.