How to Get Over an Ex You Still Love – Tips & Strategies 

It is very difficult to find a person of your mindset that you have a very deep and intimate connection with, and then letting go of that person is even more difficult. When it happens, you don’t know how to live your life without them, and it causes depression, anxiety, and stress, and people commit suicide in the worst-case scenario. Today, we’ll discuss tips and strategies on how to get over an ex you still love.

How to Get Over an Ex You Still Love – Tips & Strategies 

Some of the top tips and strategies on how to get over an ex you still love are as follows;

Shift Focus on Other Areas

Life is not all about love, romance, rainbows, and butterflies. There are various other areas of life that are important to you like friends, family, jobs, and careers that require your utmost attention. You should take the example of other successful people that take aside their love and romance, and go to the other side of the world for a career. That’s how you should divert your attention to other areas of life.

Leave His/Her Memories

If you’re serious about forgetting the memories of the person, then you should get rid of all the memories (pictures and videos) that remind you of him or her. As long as you keep those memories with you, it would be very difficult for you to forget your love.

S/He Comes Backs If Meant To Be

In order to make the break-up easier, you should tell yourself if both of you are meant to be together; then nothing can separate your apart and you would find a way to be together. You should trust the universe and leave things to fate and destiny wherever they may take you.

Fight For Your Love

If you believe in your love and think that he or she is the one and feelings are mutual, then you should fight for your love. By “fighting for your love” I mean that you shouldn’t give up on him or her, it doesn’t matter how stupid the argument is. However, there is no guarantee that you would succeed in retrieving the love or relationship, but at least you tried to save the relationship and you won’t regret it later.

Accept Breakup

Even after trying to save the relationship and get him or her back, your efforts didn’t work. Next, you should accept the fact that your relationship is over, and stop dreaming about restoration. I know it is difficult, but you have to stop pondering about it. It would make the break-up more difficult if you keep thinking about it.

Deactivate Social Media

Online stalking and consistently checking out the activity of your beloved would be a strong temptation. You would have a strong urge to be aware of the latest activity of he or her and what you have missed in his or her life. In order to move on in your life, you should cut off all the ties with your beloved. It is better if you deactivate your social media accounts for a month or two until you regain control over your feelings and emotions.

No Communication

It is possible that you would remain in contact with the friends and family members of your ex; hoping that they would change his or her. If your ex doesn’t like it and gets mad over the fact that you’re interfering with her or his life, then you should stop in such a case. Most importantly, it would be even more difficult for you to get over her if you keep on trying. You have to stop at some point if it is not working.

Express Feelings With Someone Else

You should have a trustworthy person in your life and share your feelings and emotions with him or her; the best person would be your closest friend or family member. It serves you as a therapy session because you need someone to listen to your side of the story rather than giving you advice.

Don’t Move On Hastily

You should avoid getting involved in the next relationship without fully recovering from the previous relationship. You need to work on yourself, do some soul searching, and find out the things that have caused the breakup. If you get back into dating and relationship hastily, it is highly probable that you would end up in a breakup cycle over and over again; because you haven’t done the inner work.

Avoid Loneliness

Breakups and heartbreak cause depression and it is devastating for your mental health. In order to avoid depression, you should surround yourself with the company of those people that you like. Instead of sitting at home and spending time in loneliness; rather than your focus should be on accompanying those people that understand you.

Become Physically Active

You should engage in physical exercises and team-based activities, it would help you to take off your mind from the emotional issues. Physical exercises also help you to fight off depression and other mental issues. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphin, a chemical that helps you to deal with pain.

Decide To Be Happy

Happiness is always your own choice, and you should choose to be happy. You should avoid the things that you don’t have control over and you can’t change. Instead of allowing depression and loneliness to suffocate you, you should focus on being happy and looking at the bright side rather than obsessing over the negative things.

Happy for Your Ex

True love is a selfless gesture and it doesn’t always end up the way you want it. If you love your ex, then you should avoid praying for bad things to happen to them. You should be happy for your beloved if he or she is happy in his or her life. It is because true love demands sacrifices, and it would be on your part. Universe has planned for you something better in the future.

Develop New Passion

In the meantime, you should develop a new passion, hobby, and new interest in order to work on yourself. It would help you to channel your emotional energy into something more meaningful and productive. It allows you to avoid depression and loneliness feelings.

Focus on Yourself

You should focus on yourself because you deserve happiness. Self-care means eating healthy food, avoiding drinking and smoking, practicing meditation and yoga, performing exercises, and having a sufficient amount of sleep. You have to take care of yourself because no one else would.

Conclusion: How to Get Over an Ex You Still Love – Tips & Strategies 

After an in-depth study of tips and strategies on how to get over an ex you still love; we have realized that breakups and heartbreaks are very difficult to recover. If you’re going through a such phase in your life, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and suggestions.