How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message 

You still have a thing for your ex, and you want him or her back again in your life. The good thing is that texting provides you an excellent opportunity to connect with your ex in the simplest and easiest way without putting a lot of effort into it. Today, we’ll discuss a step-by-step guide on how to get your ex back fast by text message.

How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message – Steps 

Some of the main steps on how to get your ex back fast by text message are as follows;

Ask for Advice or Help

You should ask them for advice or suggestion about something for an expert opinion that he or she is good at. It makes them feel good about themselves when you use the word expert opinion. They would respond back immediately, hopefully. Some of the suggestions that you could ask are as follows;

  • Got a new puppy dog; when to start teaching tricks and how?
  • Not crossing the 76 stages in the game, any suggestion?
  • Selecting the subject for the next course; is your graphic design any better?
  • The laptop is restarting repetitively, how to fix it?
  • Bought a new piano; beginner lesson guide?

Attention Grabbing Sentence

If he or she replies back, tell them that you’re doing the same activity that he or she recommended, and it would start up the conversation flowing. Some of the follow-up questions that you can ask are as follows;

  • I’m at the park; your old working place
  • Finally trying the coffee that you recommended it
  • In the escape room that you always like and wanted to be there

Made Me Think Of You

Tell him or her that you have recently come across something and relate it to their goals, objectives, hobbies, passion, and interests. It would make them to reply you back and start the conversation between you two. Some of the co-relating ideas are as follows;

  • This meme on FB made me the thought of you
  • Watch your favorite game; reminded me of you
  • Was a soccer game, and thought of you playing it
  • Came across your video, and it put me back in the memory lane

Family Asked Of You

It is absolutely normal and okay if you aren’t ready to express your feelings that you miss abruptly by texting after a long time. It would take the burden off your shoulders. You can use your friends and family members to refer it to them like;

  • Aunt told me the old story when you rescued her puppy in the woods
  • My friend saw you at the hotel last night
  • Ali told me that you made it into the team, congratulations

Happy Memories Reminder

When you share an old beautiful memory with them, it would put them in a state of nostalgia. Make sure to share a laughing and joyful happy memory with them like;

  • Remembering making the last-minute goal on the football game last year
  • Have the memory when we were stargazing
  • Remember our candlelight dinner in the park
  • The memory of swimming with you in the open water lake

Send an Old selfie

It is better to send a selfie or a picture of you together, it reminds them of the good happy memories. You should select a cute photo of you together, and tell them how good you used to look together. Some of the good pictures that you can send are as follows;

  • Cuddling picture
  • Hiking picture
  • Beach or lake photo of your together
  • Smiling photo at a good place
  • Picture of you together at the friends wedding

Ask their Passion

In order to break the ice, ask him or her about their interest and passion. It would suggest that you remember the details about them. When it comes to talking about their interests and passion, you should ask for something that they have got a deep interest in and cared for in their life like;

  • Still writing the long story
  • Taylor Swift is still your favorite
  • Still using the organic beauty cream

Open Ended Questions

If your breakup was simple and easy because your ex didn’t have serious feelings for you back then. In such a case, you should talk about something positive and interesting in order to make them miss you. Some of the things that you can talk about are as follows;

  • Things come into your mind when you think of me
  • How you could have saved your relationship
  • Favorite things that you still like about our relationship
  • Your romantic life after our breakup

Apologize for Old Memories

It is better to apologize to them for what you have done intentionally or unintentionally during your relationship. It shows that you regret your mistakes and you plan to treat them better in the future. You can apologize in the following ways;

  • I apologize for hurting your feelings; I’m a changed person, just give me another chance
  • I realize that I’ve made a lot of mistakes in our relationship together; I’m working on myself for the betterment and things would be different this time

Show Vulnerabilities & Be Honest

It is not easy to express your feelings, but it is important to share them if you want him or her back in your life. Hopefully, they’ll appreciate your honesty and give you the chance if it is possible for them. You can share your feelings in the following ways;

  • I still love you
  • I’m glad that we’re talking, the breakup has made me so upset, and I miss you
  • Missing you a lot for the past few weeks
  • Can’t stop thinking about you, just give me another chance

Asking to Hangout

You want him or her back in your life, but you don’t think that it is the right time to ask them for a date. You should take it slowly and ask them to hang out with you and see how things go.

  • I’ve created a study group for the English class, we’re meeting in the café at 5, you can join us there
  • John has started a fiction book club, I thought you would be the perfect fit for this group
  • We’re going to watch a game this weekend, you want to join

Ask for a Date if It is Convenient

If you have got a great desire to go on a date with him or her, then it is important to keep in mind that getting back with your ex would take some time. It is better to connect with your ex first or on the first. You can ask him or her in the following ways;

  • Have got an extra ticking for the bowling match, want to come with me?
  • Miss your laughter, want to share some laughter and catch up for coffee this evening
  • Craving the Italian food, want to join me for the dinner at the new hotel

Conclusion: How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message 

After an in-depth study of how to get your ex back fast by text message; we have realized that getting your ex back through texting requires a lot of searching. If you’re planning to do it, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and suggestions.