How to Have a Healthy Sex Life In Your Marriage 

Physical intimacy plays a significant role in married life and it allows partners to connect with each other deeply. When couples and partners become involved in married life, then it becomes difficult for them to maintain sexual intimacy. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to have a healthy sex life in your marriage.

How to Have a Healthy Sex Life In Your Marriage 

Some of the main tips on how to have a healthy sex life in your marriage are as follows;

Proper Sex Schedule

You have to make an intentional effort for your sexual intimacy in order to make a deep impact, and it means that you need to set a proper schedule and maintain it. When you follow the proper schedule of sexual intimacy, then it makes partners accountable to each other. However, it decreases the risk of incompatible sexual drive among partners and lowers the risk of becoming involved in a busy life because they have already allocated time for it.

Fantasy Check List

If you have dreams and fantasies about sexual intimacy, then you should write them down on paper and ask your partner to do the same. It is significant that couples and partners should share their activities with each other in the fantasy list. You should keep in mind that putting your dreams on paper won’t become reality until you make them happen.

Roleplaying & Toys

In order to avoid monotony and staleness in your relationship in the long term, you should include new things in the bedroom like a new role and persona and sex toys. Experimenting with new things would occupy your mind towards new activities and allow you to connect with each other at the most intimate level. You have to make sure beforehand about the activities you are planning to do would work for you, and it helps you to avoid awkward moments.

Sharing Fantasies

When you express your sexual fantasies and dreams with your partner, then it opens up Pandora’s box of pleasurable activities. I completely understand that it is not easy to speak your mind with someone, but you never know that your dreams would fascinate your partner and it becomes a great way to connect with each other at a new level. However, it makes you feel excited when you share your deepest thoughts and your partner welcomes it.

Erotic Stores

Speaking of stories, you should read and share erotic stories with each other, it would help you to feel aroused and excited. They could be written, verbal, audio, video format, or some other form. They compel you to visualize dreams in your mind through words and stimulate various parts of the brain because your mind is the biggest sexual organ that triggers various functions, use it.

Prioritizing Foreplay

When couples and partners become involved in their monotonous routine life, they forget about foreplay and other pleasurable activities. Their mind focuses on doing it quickly and getting it over with. Resultantly, they don’t have pleasurable sexual activity anymore because of the lack of arousal and excitement. Seduction plays a significant role in building up arousal and sexual desire in you; because you can’t bake the cake without heating up the oven. Foreplay does the same in sexual intimacy.

Affectionate Touching

When it comes to building a healthy sex life, you should never undermine the significance of affectionate touch without involving intercourse. It comprises small things like cuddling while watching movies, holding hands while walking, rubbing each other’s back, kissing, and other touches. The affection touch would strengthen your connection and let your partner know that you trust them.


Many relationship experts say that when your sexual intimacy is decreasing, then kissing is the first activity that goes out of the window. If it is happening, you should introduce kissing back into your life, and do it often, and for a bit longer. Many research studies have shown that kissing is a type of affectionate touch that is fun and establishes trust in the relationship.


We all want to feel loved and desired by our lovers in our lives. Casual flirting with your partner would add an element of excitement to your relationship. Most importantly, flirting would bring back fun into your relationship just like you used to have it at the beginning of the relationship.

Physical Exercise

When you engage in physical exercises, then your mind and body release endorphins. It is such a chemical that improves your mood, puts you in a positive mindset, and lowers your stress level. In short, physical exercises have got a great impact on your entire body. When you are working to achieve a healthy mind and body, then it allows you to turn on easily.

Calm & Relax

The reason couples and partners stop engaging in sexual intimacy is because of the wide range of emotions and stresses, and they put off their moods easily. Removing the stress-triggering factors is not a realistic option like quitting your job, but you can employ some meditation techniques to manage your stress and remain calm. However, when you manage to overcome your stress level, then it brings positive changes in your sex life.

Establishing Trust

When trust breaks between couples and partners in the relationship, so does trust. If your relationship is facing trust and confidence issues, then you should fix trust issues before they jeopardize your marriage. However, open and honest communication is the key to building trust in the relationship, and you should ask yourself what you want in the relationship. If both partners are on the same page, then they can work out their problems and find a way to develop intimacy.

Managing Conflicts

If couples and partners are playing the blame game, holding resentment, not talking, and judging each other, then it would badly impact their sexual intimacy. The emotional baggage you are carrying in your mind, and the physical responsibility of taking care of your family would put extra pressure on you; they would decrease your sexual desire. Instead of taking shortcuts to deal with conflicts, you should take your time and resolve your issues one by one.

Not Measuring Love

Sexual intimacy has nothing to do with how committed and how much you love each other. In order to achieve pleasure and establish a deeper level of connection, you have to make an intentional effort. It is because love feelings and sexual intimacy won’t come from the sky, rather you need to make it happen.

Stop Judging

In order to keep your sexual intimacy open and healthy, both partners should feel safe. It means that neither of the partners doesn’t have to judge the other partner based on their sexual performance and activity. It is because you can perform sex in hundreds of ways and there is no need to judge your partner.

Beware & Learn

Before making any demands about what type of sex you like, it is significant that you should educate yourself and learn it first. If you don’t know what you like in bed, then you should learn, go to a workshop with your partner, watch porn videos, masturbate, and take advantage of any of the material available online. However, it is significant to know the type of things that would turn on and turn off your mood.

Open Communication

Open communication is the key to building a healthy and pleasurable sex life. Couples and partners should openly discuss their feelings and emotions about activities they like or dislike, and turn on and turn off their mood. However, when couples are aware of each other’s moods and behaviors, they can treat each other better


When it comes to building a healthy relationship or maintaining sexual intimacy in your married life, it is significant that you should establish a positive relationship with yourself. It means that you should know yourself and what you like and dislike, boost up self-confidence and self-esteem level. Your sex life would be better and more pleasurable if you are feeling good and healthy.

Conclusion: How to Have a Healthy Sex Life In Your Marriage 

After an in-depth study of the tips on how to have a healthy sex life in your marriage; we have realized that building and maintaining sexual intimacy requires intentional effort. If you are building sexual intimacy in your marriage, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and guidelines.