How to Hook Up with a Guy – Guide, Tips, Safety Measures 

It is completely normal and okay if you have an attraction toward a guy. He could be the person from your class, school, college, or neighborhood. You get to see him now and then, but you don’t know how to hook up with him. Today, we’ll discuss a step-by-step guide on how to hook up with a guy; tips, and safety measures that you should keep in mind

How to Hook Up with a Guy – Step-by-step Guide 

The step-by-step guide on how to hook up with a guy is as follows;

Place in Mind before Starting It

You should have a particular place in mind before planning anything out. A hotel room is the best option after your own place. If you’re selecting your place, then make sure you keep it clean and tidy.

Wear something Attractive

While going to meet him, you should put on some modestly revealing clothes. But you should avoid the “hooker looking dress” like leopard print, leather, or fishnet dress.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Drinking is okay if you keep it under control. I completely understand that you’re feeling nervous, but drinking is not the solution drink safely. However, it is better if you avoid alcoholic drinks at all, and simply tell him that you’re allergic to them. Sulfite is a common type of allergy to alcoholic drinks.

Take Him Alone

If you’re meeting at a party and you want to give him your undivided attention and listen to him. You should ask him to go outside in a quiet place where you can clearly hear him out. It is because when your hands are in front of each other, then it makes things awkward.

Double Check He’s Right

Research studies have shown that there is a great connection between hook-up and self-esteem issues, anxiety, and depression. You should make sure that you aren’t doing sexual intercourse to fill the emptiness inside of you. Your focus should be on making your life fulfilling and happier.

Become Closer

You should sit and stand closer to each other while talking so that he could smell your perfume and see the fabric of your dress. While looking at him, you should make sure to maintain lustful eye contact.

Sit in His Lap

If everything is going smoothly, you should sit on his lap and keep playing and talking with each other. By sitting on his lap, you’re sending him a clear signal of what you want and where you want him to be.


Once you get closer and start kissing, then you should show your passion and let him know how passionate you are. It would give him an idea of what he should expect.

Give Hands Control

At this stage, you should let your hands start talking and let your hands touch to send him the signal about what you want. A firm grip of your hands would send a clear signal.

What You Want, Tell Him

If he is misreading your signals, then you should tell clearly in words what you want and what you have in mind. Men find suggestions from the girl very attractive, you should do so. For instance, you can say “I’m feeling tense; and I would appreciate a bit of rubbing and massage.”

Safety Measures

Say No, In Case

If you don’t feel comfortable at any point, then you can say “no” and end the closure. There is nothing wrong with doing that. You should avoid the guilt of someone taking control of you.

Don’t Drive Drunk

If any of you is drunk, then you should avoid drunk driving. It is because you don’t want your hook-up to end up in the ICU or the ambulance.

Confide with friends Before

It is important to keep in mind that you don’t know how the hook-up would end up. As a safety precautionary measure, you should confide in your best or trusted friend about where you’re going to be, and who you’re hooking up with.

Eyes on Drink

You should never let your drink or glass out of your sight; your eyes should always be on your drink. Make sure that he opened up the bottle and poured the drink before you. Even though he is good and trustworthy, you can’t trust everyone else at the bar.

Use Protection

If you’re planning to have sexual intercourse with him because everything has worked out so well; you should always use protection. You shouldn’t listen to him if he wants to do it without protection. Safety and protection are always your top priority, and it is for both of you.

Keep Phone With You

You should always keep your phone with you, and keep checking out the signals and internet data. All the emergency numbers like friends, cab service, or police should be there in your mind.

After Hooking Up 

Wake up First

You should wake up first and leave the room as soon as you can before things could get awkward.

Play Cool

You don’t have to become embarrassed about hooking up. Instead, you should play cool and don’t take the hook-up too seriously. You should remain calm and enjoy your life.

Clean Yourself Up

You should get yourself together and clean up your makeup. If your hairs are curly and become smudged, then you should comb your hair and make yourself presentable. It is better to clean up the mess that you have made with your hook-up at night quietly before waking any person up.

Get Out Quick

If you’re at his place or in the hotel, then you should make an excuse of going back to your place and get out now. You should make sure to clear out and get out before things could become awkward.

No Apology

You don’t have to apologize about hooking up and feeling bad about yourself. Life is all about trying and experimenting with new things, and we learn something new from every new experience.

Goodbye Kiss

A short goodbye kiss would help you to leave some good memories. If you have a good experience and you want to meet again, then you should leave your phone number.


  • Have a chapstick and mint with you all the time, you may need them at any time
  • Hooking up is a fun activity, you should stop if you aren’t enjoying it
  • If he is not making you feel comfortable, then don’t hook up with him
  • Talk to him first, if he is kind, then hook up with him; don’t hook up with jerks
  • If you’re feeling nervous, it would send the signal that you won’t hook up with him
  • Your focus should be on the future with the person

Conclusion: How to Hook Up with a Guy – Guide, Tips, Safety Measures 

After an in-depth study of how to hook up with a guy; a step-by-step guide, tips, and safety measures; we have realized that hooking up is a fun activity. If you don’t feel comfortable with him, then you should leave immediately by making any type of excuse.