How to Hook Up With Your Ex – Step-by-Step Guide 

It is important to keep in mind that hooking up with your ex could be a risky business because it would make you feel hurt. It is no doubt a thrilling experience to hook up with a person that you already know and are used to date. However, dating your ex is one thing, and just hooking up casually is a completely other things. Today, we’ll discuss a step-by-step guide on how to hook up with your ex.

How to Hook Up With Your Ex – Step-by-Step Guide 

Some of the main steps on how to hook up with your ex are as follows;

Be Spontaneous

If you want to hook up with your ex and have some fun with no strings attached, you have to play spontaneously like you meet some new girl or boy in the club. If you call her out of nowhere, then it would send a wrong impression. She would think that you want more than just hook up. It is better if you visit her in the club like you’re seeing her by chance, and then ask her if you want to hook up.

Give it a Time

Even though you have had a mutually decided break up with no hard feelings on either party; you should always give time, and let the dust settle down. If you immediately float the idea of hooking up right after the break-up; it would further complicate things. When sufficient time has gone, you see your ex as a new person unlike before, then it is a good time to hook up if she agrees to it.

Tell Her You Want to Hook up

When you run into her after a gap of some time, you should tell her in clear words that you want to hook up since you have already known each other. While doing so, you don’t need to flirt like you missed her or like her new dress or smile. You don’t have to rekindle the old feelings; simply ask her bluntly about my place or her place.

Clear Intentions

Before starting physical affections, you should clarify the intentions that you only want to hook up with no strings attached. You should tell her in clear words that you aren’t looking for a relationship; the goal of hooking up is to have some fun without involving any feelings. You don’t have to be a jerk by telling your intentions after the hook-up, do it before.

On the Same Page

When you’re hooking up with your ex, then it is highly unlikely that both partners are on the page. Usually, one of the partners is still feeling hurt and wants to get back together. For instance, if she has dumped the guy and got over him, but he is pretending to be fine but feeling hurt and wants to get back to her from inside. If both partners are fine and on the same page, then hooking up with your ex is fine.

If either one wants more than just fun and hook up, or under the impression that it would lead to a relationship, then hooking up is not good. That’s why you have to double-check that both partners are on the same page.

Only Hook up

Don’t take it harshly, hook up should only mean hook up. If he or she wants to go somewhere like a hotel, restaurant, dinner, and walk with her partner; then it doesn’t sound like only a hookup. In such a case, you should tell her in clear words that you only want to hook up and nothing else.

Hook up with Gaps

Hooking up doesn’t have to become a routine. When you hook up with your ex every night, then it becomes a relationship. It would suggest that you aren’t seeing other people or having fun in your life. When you hook up regularly, then it amplifies your chances of getting hurt again.

Don’t be Too Comfortable

Hooking up with your ex doesn’t have to become too comfortable. You don’t have to stay in your ex’s house under your sweatpants and eat snacks. However, it implies that you’re feeling comfortable with a relationship and not just a hook-up; that is not good.

Stay in Control

If hooking up with your ex is convenient, then you don’t have to let the hook-up disturb your life. You should develop and maintain a balance between your life and the hook-up. You don’t have to let decide all the terms and conditions by avoiding and disturbing your life routine. It doesn’t mean that you have to tell her what to do and what not; just find a mutually beneficial solution.

Privacy of Your New Relationship

You should keep your hook-up private without informing your friends and relatives. If she wants you to accompany her to the party, then it is not hooked and it would further complicate things. You should also make it clear that you only want to hook up privately. It is a relationship of girlfriend and boyfriend; if it becomes public.

No Love Dove

You should know the difference between dating, flirting, and hooking up. You don’t have to send love signals like you her smile, texting late at night, sharing your life routine, and talking all the time. Hook-up means that you should limit yourself to physical intercourse only and that is not. If it is becoming more than sexual intercourse, then it is a relationship.

Stop Hooking Up 

Developing Feelings

Hard to admit when you hook up with your ex; your feelings would always come to the surface. It is nearly impossible to avoid your feelings and emotions of the past while hooking up with your exs. However, when you start feeling pity for why things never worked between you two, then you should get out of the hook-up as soon as you can.

If you Like Someone Else

If any of the persons start developing likeness for someone else, then that person should stop the hookup. It suggests that you have got a potential romantic relationship waiting for you that you should pursue it pursue actively; instead of hooking up with your exes. It would open the room for new possibilities.

When It Becomes Routine

You should stop hooking up when it becomes routine and disturbs your other life activities. If both partners find it difficult to keep things casual and maintain a balance in their lives, then it is not a good sign. When the thrill and excitement of the hook-up are not there, then it is time to stop hooking up.

Fighting Started

When you’re fighting more than talking and hooking up, then it is becoming more like a relationship, and partners should stop at this stage. It means that you’re back in the relationship stage that you have already ended before; there is no point in starting it all over again.

Not Fun Anymore

When you don’t enjoy the hook-up anymore and it has lost the fun element, then it means you should stop hooking up. You ask her clearly if she is open to the relationship or not if everything seems fine and you feel good in doing so.

Conclusion: How to Hook Up With Your Ex – Step-by-Step Guide 

After an in-depth study of how to hook up with your ex; we have realized that hooking up with your ex is highly risky. If you still want to do it, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and suggestions.