How to Keep Your Husband Satisfied – Tips 

Emotional and sexual satisfaction plays a significant role when you’re involved in a long-term matrimonial relationship. You are wondering how to make sure the satisfaction level of your partner in order to live a happy and fulfilling relationship. Today, we’ll discuss tips on how to keep your husband satisfied both emotionally and sexually.

How to Keep Your Husband Satisfied – Tips 

Some of the main tips on how to keep your husband satisfied are as follows;

Tell Him You Want Him

Recent research studies have shown that “feeling desired” plays a significant role in the satisfaction of the vast majority of men in a relationship. In fact, some participants said that it is equally important just like other basic needs like food, drink, and sleep. The simplest way to do so is to tell your man that you want him either via face-to-face conversation or through text messages. For instance, you can call and text him and tell him “I have been thinking about your all day long.”

Romantic Touch

Remember the first time when you started dating and you couldn’t get your hands off of each other? It is advisable that you should put some energy into the relationship by touching your man now and then affectionately and romantically. It could be in the form of holding his hands, embracing him from behind, kissing him, flirting expression, and cuddling in the bed. The small affectionate gestures would help you to keep the passionate energy alive in the relationship.

Sexual Intercourse

Along with feelings desired and showing affectionate gestures, sexual satisfaction is highly important for men. Your men would have no idea that you want sexual intercourse if you don’t ask for it or show your interest in it. If he is initiating it, then you should show interest in it by sending him your sexy photo, texting him, and playing along with it.


Quickie is a term for your strong urge for sexual intercourse. It is important that you should have a quickie with him to show him how badly you want him and surprise him with it. However, if you don’t know how to do it; then it is very simple, just start and things would start unfolding themselves.

Dirty Talk

The dirty talk would allow him to see that you want him and desire him, and it would turn on his mood. For instance, you can tell him “I love it when you touch me, have been thinking of you, or watch pornographic videos if you both feel comfortable.”

Express Yourself

If he is making you excited and good, then you should express your feelings and emotions to him that you like him. For instance, you can show him by grabbing him, tightening muscles, heavy breathing, or verbal expression. The expression of your feelings would allow him to see that feelings are mutual and you both are enjoying each other. You can tell him how he should touch him and make him feel excited.

Experiment New Things

There is a variety of techniques, positions, and toys that you can use to make your sexual experience pleasurable and enjoyable. For instance, you can try out role-playing, and different positions of penetration, and actively participate in it in order to make your partner feel good.

Pillow Talk After Sex

Studies have shown that pillow talk after sexual intercourse develops warm and fuzzy feelings of trust and love among couples and partners. It allows partners to share their deepest feelings and thoughts. Ultimately, it improves their emotional satisfaction level with each other and with the relationship. A research study in 2020 showed that couples that do pillow talk turns out to be happier and sexually and emotionally satisfied.

Open Communication

Open communication about your experiences and how you want things would improve your overall sexual satisfaction level in the relationship. When you talk about your sexual experiences, it leads toward more sex. However, I understand that sex talk is a forbidden topic in many cultures across the world. You should tell your partner that it is okay to discuss such things among married couples and there is no harm in it.

Constructive Criticism

No one likes to listen to their weaknesses. If you have to discuss some critical things, then follow the constructive approach. You can do so by complimenting him first and then requesting him something else. For instance, you can say “I really love the way you touch and hold me, but I would appreciate it if you use your tongue as well.” If your husband passes criticism about you, don’t become defensive; just try to see things from his point of view. Your empathic approach would improve his sexual and emotional satisfaction levels.

Share Fantasies

If you have got some fantasy that you want to try with your partner, then you should ask for his non-judgmental permission and then share it with him. For instance, if you have got a fantasy of a “hot nurse” or “hot tutor” and want to play with him, just let him know to play along with it. In fact, many men love playing with sexual fantasies. It is possible that sharing your sexual fantasy would make him share his, and you both fulfill each other’s fantasies and satisfaction level.

Schedule Sexual Intercourse

In order to increase the frequency of sexual intercourse, you should schedule sex in your calendar as a must-do thing. It would let him know that sexual intimacy is the priority for you in the relationship just like other things. You have to make time for it just like other things. If you keep it casual and keep on postponing it, then it would become out of the picture.

Physical Exercises

It is advisable that you should develop a habit of performing exercises, physical exertion improves blood circulation. Better blood circulation would improve your sexual experience. Exercises make you fit both physically and mentally. When you’re fit and healthy with muscles, it would improve your overall sexual experience.

Maintain Your Passions

Being involved in a relationship doesn’t mean that you should quit all of your personal activities like passion, hobbies, and interests. It is important for your emotional well-being that you should maintain your passion along with the relationship. A balanced life would lead you to live a better and more satisfying life. When you spend some time away from your partner, it would develop more desire in you and in your partner.

Sex Therapist

If you have tried everything, but things aren’t working out, then you should consider visiting a sex therapist or couples therapy. In case of complicated relationship issues, it is important that you should take professional help. If you have got some medical issues that are causing sexual dysfunction, then your therapist would prescribe tests and recommend you to the relevant doctor.

Conclusion: How to Keep Your Husband Satisfied – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to keep your husband satisfied; we have realized that living a healthy and satisfied marriage life requires a lot of work. If you’re planning to make your partner happy, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and suggestions.