How to Know If Your Ex Has Moved On – Top Signs

Couples and partners could always work things out in the relationship if they have got a commitment to each other. When things aren’t working because of any of the reasons; no matter how hard you have tried. When there is no chance of saving the relationship, then it is significant to get yourself free and move on in your life for the peace of your mind and soul. Today, we’ll discuss the top signs on how to know if your ex has moved on in their life or not.

How to Know If Your Ex Has Moved On – Top Signs 

Some of the top signs how to know if your ex has moved on in their life are as follows;

Tells You Clearly “It’s Over”

If he or she says in clear words that it is over, and they’re moving on in their life and you should do the same. There is no chance of getting back together and no reconciliation, and they say that. In such a case, you should believe them. You shouldn’t close your eyes to the obvious facts and become blind intentionally. If he or she says it is over, then it is over.

Moved Away

Moving away for a better opportunity for your loved ones, friends, and family is understandable. When people are in love, their focus is on becoming closer to their loved ones. If your boyfriend or girlfriend has moved away from you after the breakup, and he or she is making no effort to be closer to you or bump by accident. It means you’re not a priority in their life anymore, and they have intentionally added the distance between you and them to finish things up.

No Contact At All

If he or she is not answering your calls or replying to your text messages; no comments or likes on social media. In fact, they have reached the point of blocking you and unfollowing you. It means he or she clearly wants you out of his or her life, and no question about it.

Broke up On Social Media

If he or she has unfriended you on Facebook, blocked you on WhatsApp and Snapchat, and unfollowed you on Twitter and Instagram, it means they want you out of their life. It is not solely a powerful sign to ponder upon, but it is there along with other signs, then you should take it seriously that they want you out of their life.

New Relationship

If your ex is moving on into a new relationship, whether it is the new lover or the rebound with the previous love; he has posted it everywhere. It could mean that he or she wants to make you feel jealous, or they’re serious about their relationship and that’s why they’re spreading it everywhere. If they’re spending a lot of time together exclusively, then it means that he or she is moving on.

Avoiding Places Where You Are

If he or she is intentionally avoiding bumping into you like not attending a friend’s birthday party and asking everyone to make sure that you won’t be there. In such a case, he or she doesn’t want to see you and wants to share the same place with you. It means that they’re closing all the doors that could bring you guys back together. However, it also means that he is intentionally trying to avoid you and not to hang out with you.

Returned All His/Her Items

If he or she has returned all of your stuff back or taken their back without talking or saying anything to you; it means that they have got no plan of getting back to you anytime soon. Returning yours or taking their stuff back means that the breakup is final, and there is no point in holding on to the idea of reconciliation.

Encourage You To Date Others

If he or she is talking to you like they want you to be happy in your life and you should choose the one that would make you happy. It means that they don’t want you to hold on to anything relevant to them and rekindle the fire of love with you. However, it means that they’ve moved on in their life and they want you to do the same thing.

Avoids You

If he or she avoids looking at you or talking to you, and ignoring you like you aren’t even there. When you aren’t over your ex after the breakup, then you feel happy and excited to see your ex. However, if he or she avoids you in every possible way, then it means that they don’t want to rekindle any type of fire between you and them. In such a case, there is no point in engaging, waiting, or holding on to the belief that things would change.

No Blaming You

All the struggling relationships and breakups have got one thing in common the blame game; hoping that the other partner would apologize for it. If he or she is not blaming you for anything; or doesn’t want your apology, then it means that they have forgotten about you and moved on in their life. You’re their past and they’ve moved forward in their life.

Shows No Signs of Happiness

You can easily tell the difference when someone is actually happy or faking it. If he or she is acting natural and not showing any sign of happiness, then it means that they don’t want you to know how they’re doing in their life. If you ask them, they won’t say anything because it is none of your concern.

Always With Someone Else

Whether it is the grocery store, restaurant, club, or friends get-together; your ex is always accompanying their new girlfriend or boyfriend. You won’t see him or her alone; they’re always together, then it is a perfect sign that he or she has moved on in their life.

Conclusion: How to Know If Your Ex Has Moved On – Top Signs 

After an in-depth study of top signs on how to know if your ex has moved on; we have realized that getting over the breakup is a very difficult experience in life. If you’re going through a such phase in life, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned signs and suggestions to make a better decision.