How to Know If Your Ex Still Loves You – Signs 

It is very difficult to go through a series of emotions after the breakup. The negative emotions are at their peak because of the broken promises, painful actions, and words. However, it is not easy to develop an emotional connection with someone; it is hard to let it go after developing it. Today, we’ll discuss some of the top signs on how to know if your ex still loves you.

How to Know If Your Ex Still Loves You – Signs

Let’s discuss some of the main signs on how to know if your ex still loves you, and they’re as follows;

Exhibiting Signs of Emptiness

Whenever you get to see him or her and read his or her posts on social media; they would always talk about loneliness, gloominess, and emptiness inside them and talk to the world in such a manner. It suggests that he or she wants your attention, desires, and wants you back in his or her life.

Talk a Bit Longer When You See

You can easily recognize the happy and joyful feelings when someone is happy to talk to you and gives you his or her time. They always want to talk to you and want you to stay a bit longer. You can easily sense the feelings and vibes whenever you see each other randomly or talk on social media. It makes you feel that he or she wants and desires you.

Contacting You Now & Then

Your ex contacts you on special occasions like birthdays and holidays like Christmas, and it makes you feel that he or she is looking for excuses to talk to you and your friends and family. It is a very subtle way of exhibiting the feelings that you have inside of you without giving a lot of signs.

Nostalgic Talk

When you get a chance to talk to each other, she or he would mention the happy moments when you were together. They would further say how both of you ended up like this and how you could have handled the situation differently. It implies that he or she regrets the breakup. It is also a way to check out your reaction and whether there is a chance of getting back together or not.

Liking Your Posts

If your ex is still following you on social media platforms, and he or she likes and comments on your posts in order to show their presence. It means that they have got a soft spot for you in their heart and they want you back in their lives. However, it also suggests that you’re always in his or her mind.

Try to Patch up

Your ex always regretfully talks about the mistake of not saving the relationship, and how both of you could have been happier together. Whenever you get to talk, they would always say how much things have changed and how much they have worked on themselves to become a better person. However, if your ex wants you back in his or her life, then it is a great sign.

Talking with Your Friends & Family

He or she is still in contact with your friends and family members that are important to you like nothing has changed. If your ex is openly talking about his or her relationship with you with your family members, it means that he or she has got feelings for you. However, if they have been inquiring about the details of your relationship life since your breakup, it is a clear sign of their interest.

Exhibiting He or She Misses You

One of the top signs that your ex could exhibit is to say out loud verbally that he or she still misses you or the things about you. When she or he says that they miss your company while walking or watching a movie or talking to you; then it is indirect of saying that he or she wants you back.

Backed by Friends & Family

If they still have got friendly ties with your friends and family members and talk a lot about you and your relationship status; it is their way of saying that they have changed. In other words, they’re building a better image of themselves among your social circle, so that you should him or her potential option.

Help you out

When your ex helps you out in performing various tasks and tells you that he or she is always there for you; it suggests their availability and priority for you. It means they’re putting an effort to restore their relationship with you and want to connect with you.

Reaching out When You Have Problems

Whenever you face a problem, then you would talk to the person that you like and trust. It means that both of you have got a shared common history, and you understand each other better than anyone else. However, if your ex still contacts you during a difficult time, it shows his or her trust and confidence in you, and she or he gives you priority during such time.

Single for a Long Time

Even though a lot of time has passed since your break up, she or he is single and hoping that things would change, somehow both of you would get back together. If he or she has not moved on in their life, it is a sign that they’re longing for you.

Less Social

If your ex is not participating in social life and other worldly activities, it means that they’re going through depression. It means that you were the most important person to them in their life, and their life has stopped to that point of breakup.

Glued Eyes

Whenever you get to see your ex, then you would find their eyes teary and glued. Teary and glued eyes are a great sign that they’re missing you in their lives.

Conclusion: How to Know If Your Ex Still Loves You – Signs

After an in-depth study of top signs on how to know if your ex still loves you; we have realized that getting over break up is the most difficult experience. If you’re going through a such phase, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned signs to know the feelings of your partner.