How to Know If Your Girlfriend is Cheating – Signs 

If you’re fearful that your girlfriend is seeing someone behind your back and not giving you enough time, and things feel off in the relationship. Today, we’ll discuss the top signs of how to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you.

How to Know If Your Girlfriend is Cheating – Signs 

Some of the main signs how to know if your girlfriend is cheating are as follows;

Angry At You

The mentality of cheaters is that cheaters justify their actions in their own way and believe that they are doing nothing wrong. They play the blame game by justifying that he wasn’t paying attention to me and they were right to do so. Speaking of attention, it has never been sufficient for them. If her temper has become short and easily annoyed, you should talk to her anyway about the things that you have been observing.

New Interests

Normally, partners fall in love and they take interest in each other’s lives and learn partner’s interests and passions. If she is developing new types of hobbies and passion all of a sudden, it means that she has started seeing someone else. However, it’s an element of falling in love where you want to take interest in your partner’s life. If she is watching new types of movies and TV shows or developed other types of interests, it means that she has met some new guy.

Mad at Asking Question

The off feelings and disconnection make you feel annoyed and frustrated, and you question her about cheating, then she becomes mad and angry. She would make you feel that somehow it’s your fault because you have the audacity to question her. The thing about liars is that they can go any length to prove themselves right and hide their secret. They would blame you and put it on you if it comes to it.

Catch Her Lying

Where she is and has been and her companion, you would catch her lying many times over and over again. Human beings have a remarkable capability to identify lies, deceit, and truth from many layers. If you know it in your gut that she is laying, then you’ll find out the truth sooner. It’s the nature of men and women not to accept their mistakes, and simply them.

Her Future

While discussing the future plans, you’ll notice that she isn’t using the word “we” and her plans only include “her.” When you mention the future of the two of you together, you won’t take it seriously and laugh about it by saying “you’re so cute when you talk like that.” However, the same thing goes both for men and women. One of the easiest ways to know the commitment of someone in the relationship is to ask them whether they include you in their future plans or not.

Won’t Accept Your Marriage Proposal

Both of you claim to love each other, but when you finally ask her about the marriage, then her response would shock and surprised that she wasn’t ready for the bigger commitment. If she has doubts about moving in together or getting married, it means that she has got a second plan with someone and you don’t fall in the category of her ideals. If she is having an affair, then you won’t think of marrying her because she won’t think of you as “relationship material.”

No Time For You

The relationship you thought would be fun and sweat turned out to be bitter and cold. If your girl doesn’t have time for you in her busy schedule and she plans and prefers to spend her day with others. There would always be excuses like extra time in the gym, traffic jams, dead batteries, flat tires, etc. When you hear excuses repetitively, it means that she is having an affair. When you become insistent in your request, she would call you needy and non-understanding. In other words, she is only busy with you.

Active On Phone

Nowadays, everyone seems to be busy and spending a lot of time on the phone. Here the difference is that she is accompanying you and choosing to text others, instead of communicating with you. The other sign of cheating is that she would hide things on her phone from you. However, if you see her pictures and selfies with other men, she would argue that they are nothing more than pictures with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. You should definitely become suspicious if she deletes browsing history, text messages, and other data.

Her Separate Friend’s Circle

When a girl starts having an affair, then she hangs out with her friends alone without informing you about her social circle and leaving you at home while meeting them. If she has been avoiding you while accompanying her friends, it means that something is off. Most importantly, you don’t know the details about her life, and she only tells you the general things. It’s to play the victim and innocent card and keep you out of her real life.

Getting Bored

She gets bored in the relationship. For instance, you eat dinner silently, she prefers to do something else rather than sit with you, and partners don’t talk for weeks. When the relationship reaches this stage, she would love to engage in an affair to find some excitement in her life. In fact, love is psychological and if you add excitement to the relationship, then you have to make an effort as you do it in the affair.


When a woman is having an affair, she would disconnect with you in the relationship in various ways like not making eye contact, looking on the shoulder, and acting differently. It’s because when she is disconnected from you, it becomes much easier for her to say goodbye and push you away. In other words, it’s her way to make herself and yourself ready for the breakup.

Conclusion: How to Know If Your Girlfriend is Cheating – Signs 

After an in-depth study of signs on how to know if your girlfriend is cheating; we have realized that adultery in the relationship impacts partners emotionally and psychologically to a great extent.