How to Know if Your Relationship is Worth Saving

Ups and downs come in the relationships; when everything is going well in the relationship, then it would make you feel like floating in the air. The next moment, it makes you feel like that you’re everything in the relationship alone. You ask yourself whether you should stay in the relationship or not. Today, we’ll discuss how to know if your relationship is worth saving.

Ask these Questions 

Before deciding to break up the relationship; you should sit back, calm down your mind and reflect on the whole relationship in your mind and think about what things are working, and what isn’t. Some of the questions that would help you to know whether you should stay or leave the relationship, and they’re as follows;

  • Are both of the partners making sincere efforts towards the sustainability of the relationship and care about the needs of each other from the conflict and disconnect?
  • Are they doing their best to meet each others’ needs?
  • Is your partner worth fighting and saving for?
  • What things you aren’t doing for the relationship?
  • What are the things that turn off your mood?
  • How does your partner make you feel and in the past?
  • What makes you think that you should save the relationship?
  • What have you got by getting into the relationship?

Both partners should separately answer these questions and be honest with themselves. Happiness and fulfillment in the relationship start with the individual self. Both partners should carefully analyze their contribution and efforts into the relationship, and how it has helped them to make a final decision.

Problems in the Relationship 

It’s very simple and easy to point a finger at the other partner in the relationship. If couples feel that their relationship is moving in the wrong direction, then they should have an honest conversation with each other. However, if they think that they should save the relationship, then they should make the efforts collectively. It’s important to keep in mind that open communication is the key to the relationship. You should answer the following questions;

  • Are they bringing out the best or the worst version of each other?
  • Do they need the help of any professional therapist?
  • What things could you change in the relationship?
  • Do they have any type of communication issues? They should listen and understand each other well.
  • What are the things that they can do it differently?
  • Are partners willing to fight for the relationship?
  • How have they reached this point?

It’s difficult to deal with relationships. We’ve been through various types of relationships since our birth and childhood. We’ve played various roles in those relationships like associates, teachers, friends, uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings, girlfriend, boyfriend, grandparents, and parents. The key point is that you shouldn’t give up easily and finish the relationship. If you have got a good quality partner, then you should fight for him/her.

How to Know if Your Relationship is Worth Saving 

Let’s discuss how to know if your relationship is worth saving. Some of the main signs of a good relationship are as follows;

Breaking up Sounds Terrible

Breaking up and ending the relationship means that you pack up your bag, leave the house, and don’t look. When you care about the relationship and your partner, then the thought of a breakup would make you feel sick. However, if it makes you feel bad, then you should work on the things that aren’t working and fix them up.

Love Time Together

Even though you argue a lot, but you enjoy the company of your partner and love hanging out with him/her; then it’s a clear sign that you shouldn’t end the relationship. Both partners should give each other time and enjoy each others’ company.

Determine the Problem

Both partners should sit back and try to find the root cause of the problem; whether partners don’t like each other, or something else. If it’s something else, then they should be angry at those things that aren’t working like job, family, and family relations.

How to know if your relationship is worth saving

Moving Away Makes you Sad

When you don’t have an interest in the relationship, then the idea of moving away from your partner won’t seem bad. When you think about your partner accompanying someone else, then it makes you feel possessive and sad. However, it means the connection, spark, and intimacy are still there in the relationship, and you aren’t ready to quit the relationship.

Unspecified Problems

It’s easy to idealize a relationship where everything is perfect, but things don’t happen the same way in reality. When problems and issues rise up in your current relationship, then fantasizing about the ideal partner and relationship is a normal feeling. However, your problems aren’t specific to the relationship.

Don’t Like Thinking about New Partner

When you’re ready to move on from your current partner and relationship, then you would start looking for a new partner around you. It doesn’t matter however charming, attractive, and wealthy candidates are out there and you won’t think about them, it means that you aren’t ready.

Mention Leaving When Angry

Partners and couples say a lot of things when they’re having a fierce argument, and they also threaten them with leaving and breaking up and becoming free. They don’t pay a lot of attention to such words when they’re calm down after the fight.

Silly Complaints

When your relationship is struggling, then things would start to aggravate. Therefore, you should sit back and analyze the whole situation, and you would think that your complaints and issues are silly and nonsensical, and they aren’t real. If partners are feeling hurtful because of something else, then they should address their issues.

How to Ignite the Spark Back 

Some of the suggestions for rekindling the spark back into the relationship are as follows;

  • Dress up, cook something for your partner at home, and have dessert with your partner
  • Shut down all the technological devices and give each other time, talk to each other, and listen
  • Plan a trip to a place where both of you want to visit
  • Revisit and recreate the first date
  • Hot bath for your partner
  • Handwrite a letter for your partner
  • Go on a date

Your attention is one of the biggest gifts that you can ever give to your partner. When it comes to saving the relationship, then it requires a lot of effort and commitment. However, if you truly want someone in your life, then you would do anything to keep them in your life. It would only happen when the partners have the connection and spark in them, and they discuss things out.

Conclusion: How to Know if Your Relationship is Worth Saving 

After an in-depth study of how to know if your relationship is worth saving; we’ve realized that saving the relationship requires a lot of effort. If you’re wondering about your relationship, then keep in mind the abovementioned signs and follow the resolving tips to rekindle the flame in your relationship.