How to Know When You Need to Breakup 

Every relationship is different, sometimes you feel loved and other times you feel trapped. When the time comes to it, then it makes you feel that you should get out and never look back. The decision you make whether to stay in the relationship or break up depends on various factors. Today, we’ll discuss the top reasons how to know when you need to breakup.

How to Know When You Need to Breakup 

Some of the top reasons how to know when you need to breakup are as follows;

 Wanting Your Partner to Change

Everyone has got their own personality and character, and they believe in their own values and belief system. If you want your partner to change their values, beliefs, and personality traits, because changing them would require great hard work, willpower, and growth; then it means that both of you are not on the same page. In such a case, you should ask yourself whether you would stay in the relationship or not if they don’t change themselves the way you want them to be.

You Can Do Better

You don’t feel satisfied in the relationship and your mind is always finding out the areas where your needs and expectation aren’t fulfilled. If you missed it the first time, then it is absolutely normal and okay if you have got some standards for your relationship and partner. However, if your existing partner doesn’t come close to your standards and expectations, then it makes you feel that you can do better. In such a case, you should respect your wishes and boundaries and find a person that meets them.

Fighting A Lot

Consistent fights, arguments, and conflicts are destructive and harmful to the growth of your relationship. When you say something, it makes you feel walking on eggshells, with isolated feelings after the fight, they show contempt and disrespect your views, harshly criticizing you, and you always play defensive; then you should ask yourself whether it is the right relationship for you or not. However, when you feel like your basic respect as a human being is in jeopardy, then restoring a healthier relationship would be a great challenge.

Can’t Be Vulnerable

Expressing your vulnerabilities and insecurities requires a great effort, and you can’t afford to share your vulnerabilities with everyone. When you take a step to open up to them, your partner won’t open up and don’t dive deeper with you. If it happens a few times, then it would make you feel awkward and unfulfilled feelings. You should find a person that is more emotionally available to you and willing to share their weaknesses, insecurities, and vulnerabilities with you.

Accompanying Friend Over Partner

Your plans don’t include your partner in them. If you are intentionally spending time with friends and avoiding your partner, then it means that you don’t want to reconcile with your partner. However, when you spend time with your friends; it makes you realize that you miss your single life like fighting with a stranger and staying awake late at night, then it is a huge wake-up call for you.

No Physical Intimacy

Sexual and physical intimacy allows couples and partners to connect with each other emotionally and spiritually. When you don’t want to be physically intimate and the idea of sexual activity with your partner makes you feel repulsive; then it is a very bad sign that you are not feeling satisfied by being physically intimate with your partner.

Don’t Like Their Friends

It is normal for couples to meet their partners’ friends and family members. If you find your partner’s friends and family members a toxic influence and your partner doesn’t recognize how they are mistreating and disrespecting you. However, if your partner considers them a great influence, and you don’t feel like it, then it is going to be a problem in the long term.

Partner Makes You Angry

There are a lot of things that your partner does, and they would trigger anger in you. If your partner is telling you a story and a dumb joke, it would make you scream with anger and frustration, then it is a severe sign of your disgust. In such a case, you should sit down with your partner, and have an open and honest discussion about the relationship in terms of your likes and dislikes.

Feeling Bored & Stuck

It doesn’t matter how cool and exciting things you do together like rock climbing, dragging, road trips, walking, hiking, or painting; but the companionship of your partner would make you feel bored and stuck. If this is happening in the relationship, then it shows your disgust for your partner and the relationship overall. However, if you are visualizing your life without your partner, it is better that you should move on in your life rather than stay in an unfulfilling relationship.

No Tagging On Social Media

Your partner is very active on social media and sharing everything about their life online except being you and having a relationship with you. It is possible that they are open about their personal life but not about their relationship and partner. However, it is better if you ask them why aren’t talking about having a relationship with you; whether they feel embarrassed having a relationship with you or not feeling satisfied.

Not On the Same Page

A relationship requires 100% effort from both partners. It won’t work if one partner is always ready to do something and take action, and the other isn’t. It makes you feel like both partners aren’t on the same page, and the relationship has been facing challenges from the start. You can’t force someone to do particular things in the relationship with you. If your partner isn’t keeping up the pace with you, then you should move on with someone that vibes with you on the same level.

Being Clingy

Some people employ the love bomb as a narcissistic method and they keep you away from meeting your friends and family members and living your life. Controlling and clinginess are types of traits that aren’t cool, and they won’t fascinate you if your partner is doing so out of love. Everyone should have the freedom to live their life without interference from anyone. If your partner is jeopardizing your free will, then you should date someone else.

Desiring Other People

When you are with the right person that vibes with you, then your heart and mind only find your partner attractive, and no one else. Thoughts about being with the right person and visualizing a happy relationship are normal feelings. However, if you are building a relationship with someone who is visualizing having sexual intercourse with anyone except their partner; then it is a very bad sign.

Marrying Them Baffles You

It is normal for couples and partners to make future plans and set goals and objectives. If you are with a person that you don’t find a relationship type, marrying them freaks you out. However, if you talk to them about marriage and long-term relationships, their focus is on living in the moment. It means that they don’t find you the right fit for the relationship. Either way, you should find someone else that has the same goals as yours.

Not a Priority

The right partner would give you the top priority in their lives. There is a vast difference between a committed person and someone who is busy and doesn’t have time for you. You should know the difference. If your partner is always not there when you need them, then you should find someone who would give you time and priority.

Conclusion: How to Know When You Need to Breakup 

After an in-depth study of the top reasons how to know when you need to breakup; we have realized that choosing the separate path at the right time is a subtle art. If you are wondering whether to breakup with your partner or not, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned reasons and decide accordingly.