How to Know Your Partner is Cheating On You 

There is nothing more upsetting and hurtful in the relationship than the infidelity of your partner. When something is up in the relationship, then you would start observing some signs and odd things. But you can’t be sure until you have some solid proof and evidence. Today, we’ll discuss the top signs of how to know your partner is cheating on you.

How to Know Your Partner is Cheating On You 

Some of the top signs how to know your partner is cheating on you are as follows;

Talking About Something New

Infidelity is a slippery slope. When something is up and your partner has the attraction, then they would be talking about the new friend, colleague, business partner, or new project. However, it is possible that there is nothing going on, but it could be a sign of infidelity when your partner has an excitement about something new. The new connection and flirtation are harmless in the beginning before it turns into a serious relationship. You should be careful about the new connection.

Emotional Distancing

In an emotionally balanced and charged relationship, couples and partners share and express their emotions and feelings. When your partner is developing emotional intimacy with someone else, they would find an excuse to go away from you emotionally. However, it doesn’t prove the infidelity, but it points out the problems in the relationship.

Sudden Affectionate

In order to deal with their guilty conscience, they would start performing affectionate gestures for you suddenly and that is unusual of them. It could be cooking, cleaning, laundry, and doing other household chores to make you feel better. The guilty conscience is motivating them to be kind and affectionate to you in return for the infidelity they are committing behind your back.

Focus on their Appearances

If your partner has become extra cautious about their appearances like hairstyle, physique, dress, and perfumes, then it means that they are planning to impress and attract someone else. Sometimes, the most obvious and possible explanation is the right one. For instance, if they are not getting ready and dressing up for you, then it means they are doing it for someone else.

Spending Time Outside

Along with their appearance, you would also notice that they have become suddenly very busy with their work. They are spending a lot of time away from you outside the home like late night shifts, business meetings in the holidays and weekends, and gathering with new colleagues and friends that you don’t know. However, it points to the most obvious fact that your partner is making time for someone else. If they aren’t cheating and are truly busy with their work, then you are in a very unfortunate situation.

Accuse You of Cheating

The guilty conscience of the cheating partner would also force them to flip the conversation and accuse you of cheating on them. It is their way of deflecting the guilty conscience by putting the blame on you. However, they can get away with this manipulative approach temporarily, but they can’t always blame you for it and get away with cheating.

Big Transaction

If you have a joint bank account or somehow look at the balance sheet, you would random big transactions. It would show the big purchases of your partner that are unusual for them because they haven’t done anything for you or the house. If it is a cash withdrawal, then you can’t track the money. It would only mean that they are buying things for their other partner that isn’t you.

Weak Storyline

The storyline and explanation tell you of their busy hours, meetings on the weekends, and their other out visits; they don’t make sense to you. It is because they are available for everyone else, but when it comes to spending time with you, they are busy.

Awkward Timing

You would also notice the awkward schedule of coming and going of your partner. For instance, they are randomly going in the middle of the night or getting late at home. In short, you don’t have any idea of their whereabouts and their schedule of their coming or going; you don’t know about their activities lately.

Focused on Their Things

They also become highly cautious about their things like cleaning up their cars daily, using new air fresheners, or changing the locks and passwords of their mobile phone. If touch their things without their permission, they would become highly agitated and angry. They won’t text or receive the calls in your presence, they would go outside to text and make calls.

Fight If You Ask Them

Such suspicious activities would make any sane person cautious. If you confront them about their activities, they would become angry and start blaming you for useless things. They would blame you for being crazy or watching too many TV shows, out of your mind, and you don’t understand the things they are going through in their lives.

Catching Their Lies

You would start seeing the contradiction in their storyline and catching up with their lies. For instance, they tell you to do something, but they would do the opposite. They take a lot of time for grocery shopping because they have to go to work for an urgent assignment. When you ask their colleagues, they don’t know anything about the big meetings.

Hollow Sexual Intimacy

Sexual intimacy plays a significant role in bringing partners closer and developing a healthy bond among couples. When you don’t have an emotional connection with your partner, sexual intercourse would only feel like a physical act and you don’t feel any connection with it. You would also notice that their mind and attention aren’t on you.

Your Intuition Tells You

Their awkward routine and activities tell you that something is going on in their life, even though you don’t have any proof to find them guilty. But your intuition tells you that are guilty and cheating behind your back, and your intuition isn’t wrong and you should trust your gut feelings.

Conclusion: How to Know Your Partner is Cheating On You 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to know your partner is cheating on you; we have realized that infidelity in the relationship is a very painful experience. If you are going through a similar situation with a cheating partner, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned signs.