How to Make a Guy Jealous – Tips 

As they say that everything is fair in love and war; making him jealous of you and then letting him get back to you under your terms and condition. Today, we’ll discuss some of the main tips on how to make a guy jealous.

How to Make a Guy Jealous – Tips 

Let’s discuss some of the main tips on how to make a guy jealous as follows;

Ensure He Likes You

In order to achieve success in your plan of making him jealous, first, you have to make sure that he has feelings for you. If he doesn’t have any type of interest in you, then your plan won’t work. However, if he is dating you, making eye contact, and flirting with you, but you aren’t sure whether he has feelings for you or not, then you try to make him jealous.

It is difficult to know the feelings of the other person with certainty if you don’t ask him about his feelings. If he likes you, he would look at you, smile, make eye contact, stare at you in the crowd, or intentionally try to ignore you. However, if you play your card of making him jealous, it would help you to make your point whether he has feelings or not.

Look Charming

You can’t make him jealous if you have got messy hair and sweatpants. In order to attract his attention, you have to make an effort of wearing a nice dress and look pretty. When you look pretty and charming, then you can easily attract his attention with your flattering dress and nice hairstyle.

Let Him See You Having Fun

You should have fun, feel free, dance at the party, visit new places, accompany and laugh with friends; make sure that he sees you having fun without him. Pay heed to all the activities you’re performing, and let him see that you’re having a great time in your life. Just behave naturally and don’t overact, it would make him jealous and crazy about you.

Remain Busy

If you’re busy with your hobbies and interests that make you feel good, it would definitely make him feel jealous. It is a very effective technique especially when you’re targeting your ex-boyfriend. Becoming busy in your life would suggest that you’re doing great and you don’t need him at all. If you don’t become busy in your life, then thought of him and breakup would drive you crazy.

Flirt With Others

Flirting with other guys is a classic technique, it always works, and it would drive him crazy. Usually, men have a competitive nature; when other guys show interest in you and go on a date with you, it compels them to get back to you. While doing so, you have to make sure that he sees you dating and flirting with other guys. You should avoid sending a bad impression and making it obvious, it is better to be within your limits of flirtation rather than crossing it.

Lightly Avoid Him

If you become face to face with your crush, then you should avoid him by saying hi to everyone except him. He would immediately react to it if he likes you, but he won’t care if he has no feelings. For instance, if he calls or texts you all the time, then you should reply to him once or twice. If he says hi; you should avoid saying hi back to him.

Accompany Male Friends

If you don’t feel comfortable going on date, you should consider your male friends. It is safe to hang out with your male friends, but it would make your ex-boyfriend and crush jealous. However, if you completely block and avoid him, it would make him feel jealous.

Don’t Answer His Calls

You don’t have to make yourself available to him all the time. The idea of making him feel jealous is to avoid his calls, don’t answer his text messages, and completely neglect his presence. You should answer him once in a while and tell him that you’re busy and have got other plans.

Active on Social Media

As I said earlier that you don’t have to do overacting, just behave naturally. You should become active on social media platforms, and share pictures of partying, having fun with male friends, dancing, and completely enjoying yourself. When he sees you having fun in your life without him, it would make feel annoyed and jealous. The key here is to post it two or three times a week, and you don’t have to overdo it.

Don’t Be Obvious

Believe it or not, men can tell the difference between the girl being real or faking it. You have to be subtle while flirting with other guys in the form of a light smile, eye contact, and a touch. Your ex-boyfriend and crush are noticing these things; when you’re natural in your acting, it would attract his attention more. However, you don’t have to become obvious in your flirtation, just remain mysterious in your approach, so that he can’t tell the difference.

Don’t Be a Total Jerk

In your quest of making him feel jealous, you only have to avoid and ignore him, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be a total jerk. If you’re passing mean remarks, using abusive language and words for him, or saying bad things behind his back; then it would turn him off completely.

Talk To Him Briefly

If your jealousy techniques work, and you end up talking to him, then you don’t have to give him all of your time. You should talk to him briefly, and then tell him it is your gym time, friends gathering time, or getting late for the class. You have to give him a hint that you’re busy in your life and have got other things going on in your life, even though you like talking to him.

Don’t Share Your Plans

If he asks you out, just smile and tell him “it is great talking to you, but I have to do some homework, meeting with aunt or uncle.” If you have to go, just tell him “it is getting late” rather than saying “I have to go somewhere.” While talking, you don’t have to become an open book and share everything with him; just give him a hint and let him keep guessing in his mind.

Don’t Extend Jealousy Period

You’re making him feel jealous because he has broken your heart; you want to teach him a lesson and then get back. After implementing the abovementioned jealousy techniques; driving his mind crazy and he starts realizing his mistakes and apologizes to you. However, once you start talking to him, you should start decreasing the jealousy techniques and give him a little break. If you don’t, it would send a bad impression like you’re the type of a girl that flirts with everyone and makes his mind suspicious.

Conclusion: How to Make a Guy Jealous – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on how to make a guy jealous; we have realized that jealousy is a very powerful feeling and could make you do anything. If you’re planning to do it, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips and suggestions.